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The City of Lakeland, Florida Expands Deployment of Revvo’s Smart…

Revvo Technologies, a Silicon Valley based advanced smart tire technology and predictive data analytics company, today announced that it has partnered with the City of Lakeland, FL Fleet Management to provide tire data and status in real-time.

Tire management at The City of Lakeland is handled internally by the Fleet Management team with a single dedicated tire technician for heavy duty vehicle tires. The Fleet Management team led by Lakeland’s Fleet Manager, Gary McLean, is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of it’s fleet including over 40 Solid Waste trucks under management. “Our tire tech chases down tires everyday, especially inner tires, and unfortunately, sometimes on the road. Revvo will certainly help for that dreaded road call.” said McLean.

During an early trial with Revvo, Lakeland experienced two major events that demonstrated the value of Revvo’s connected tire solution at Lakeland. The first, within 48 hours of deploying Revvo, was an alert triggered for a tire on a solid waste truck for a puncture resulting in a leak. The alert came in overnight while all trucks were still in the yard, allowing for a timely repair. The second alert provided an advanced warning of a tire with predicted imminent failure, damaged while a truck was in service. This real-time alert resulted in a planned and efficient road service call, unlike typical reactive road calls when a truck is stranded. The truck was met by the service vehicle and received a quick tire swap, allowing for minimal downtime and efficient continuation of service.

“Revvo gives users not only full visibility into the condition of a part of the vehicle which can cause significant safety issues – the tire, but the ability to take proactive action instead of being reactive.” said Facundo Tassara, Head of Revvo Customer Success.

About Revvo

Revvo is a real-time remote tire management solution that provides visibility into the status and condition of a vehicle’s tires by making them smart and connected. This allows operators and drivers to increase vehicle uptime, optimize operational efficiency and improve safety.

About City of Lakeland, Fl Fleet Management

Fleet Management oversees the acquisition, maintenance, fueling, and disposal of the city’s vehicle and equipment fleet, totaling over 1,300 units. City of Lakeland’s vehicle fleet consists of automobiles, light, medium, and heavy trucks, construction and industrial equipment, utility and solid waste servicing vehicles, and other miscellaneous pieces of equipment to include water craft.

To learn more about Revvo’s tire management solution for fleets, please visit:

To learn more about the Lakeland’s Fleet Management, please visit:

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The City of Lakeland, Florida Expands Deployment of Revvo's Smart...

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