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The best Apex Legends streamers to watch on Twitch

The best Apex Legends streamers to watch on Twitch

Since its release, Apex Legends has remained one of the highest-watched gaming categories on Twitch.

With thousands of different creators streaming Apex, it can be difficult to decide who is worth watching. Many offer potential viewers tips and tricks to improve their gameplay, while others offer family-like communities or simply high-level gameplay for viewers to enjoy.

That being said, here are some of the top Apex streamers.


Back in August, 21-year-old iitzTimmy decided to do a “Bronze to Predator” challenge in one Twitch stream. He succeeded, 54 hours later, having burnt himself out completely. But he achieved his goal in spite of exhaustion and was able to maintain a high level of gameplay throughout the stream. 

Timmy played Pathfinder the majority of the time, a legend no longer considered “meta” but still effective if played correctly. Timmy had nearly 150,000 concurrent viewers at the peak of this streaming marathon, a testament to his in-game ability and dedication to Apex Legends. Timmy now has 1.2 million Twitch followers and is definitely a must-watch for any Apex fan.


Lululovely is a 27-year-old Apex player signed to NRG. Her streams are consistently chill and focused around her gameplay. Lulu also has a cute dog who sometimes makes an appearance on her stream. Lulu is known for playing Caustic, but she flexes to any legend and has recently been playing a lot of Loba and Fuse.

In terms of content, she is known for having alt accounts with funny names, such as “inceldestroyer69.” She’s also known for wearing hoodies on stream and has a chat favorite with the word “hentai” on it. Lulu often solo queues, has an independent playstyle, and typically runs an R-99 with a shotgun. She currently has 1.1 million followers on Twitch.


Signed to team NRG, Acesu is known for his humble personality and his ‘eboy’ aesthetic. He wears earrings often and pulls them off quite well. Acesu’s fans find him to be down-to-earth and friendly. 

As a gamer, Acesu is very competitive and is widely considered to be a ‘god-tier’ aimer. He’s a beast with the wingman and takes the time to read his chat more often than other top Apex streamers. Recently, he’s been streaming games with iitzTimmy. Acesu has 1.9 million followers on Twitch.


Ninjayla is another great content creator who streams almost exclusively Apex Legends. In terms of legends and loadouts, Ninjayla plays a lot of Wraith and Loba and often runs an R-301 with another gun, like a shotgun or a heavy ammo gun. 

She’s a high-performing player who also manages to have tons of fun on stream, laughing and making jokes with her friends. Her personality really shines through in all of her streams. Ninjayla is currently a part of team Complexity and has over 100,000 followers on Twitch.

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The best Apex Legends streamers to watch on Twitch


NiceWigg is a part of 100 Thieves and often plays with other Apex streamers like Apryze. He’s  a controller player who is outspoken and honest with his community, offering hot takes like “Apex has become really cliquey lately.” NiceWigg is enthusiastic when people subscribe to his channel, taking the time to thank every person in a genuine, big way. 

NiceWigg is always keeping it real with the Apex community. Recently, at the start of the second split for Apex Legends season 9, NiceWigg quipped on stream, “First three days into [ranked] and everyone’s already crying.” In his games, NiceWigg is very competitive, runs a Longbow often, and plays Gibraltar. He has 436,000 followers on Twitch. 


Apex Legends streamer Daltoosh joined esports org TSM on Sept. 28. He’s known for his big personality and affectionately calls his fans “Tooshbags.” Daltoosh plays a lot of Octane and has over 500,000 followers on Twitch. He’s a controller player who games and streams during the week and golfs on the weekends. 


Sweetdreams streams exclusively Apex and is signed to NRG Esports. He streams ranked games and often plays Valkyrie, Caustic, or Octane. Sweet is known for his chill vibes and doesn’t get tilted easily. He chats with his teammates during games but also takes his matches seriously and shotcalls for his team. Sweet has nearly 450,000 followers on Twitch. 


Nokokopuffs is an Apex Legends streamer for those who like a funny guy that keeps it real. “Koko,” as his community calls him, is a talented player who is outspoken about Apex. He often points out issues he sees with various maps, in-game bugs, and the ranked system as a whole. His honesty and candor are refreshing, and his memes are top-tier. Koko has nearly 300,000 followers on Twitch and plays a lot of Octane.

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