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The 9 to 5 office job is at risk of dying out



The 9 to 5 office job is at risk of dying out as workers seek more flexible ways to earn a living post-pandemic, researchers have warned. 

And it’s not just employees who are looking to make big changes. 

According to a report from the Future of Work Institute (FoWI), those who hire them are increasingly looking to ditch full-time staff in favour of gig workers who can complete on-call assignments. 

The report, which looks at changes in the working landscape after the Covid pandemic, examines how many people forced into hybrid or fully-remote working models will look to avoid returning to the Monday to Friday grind once offices reopen. 

Alok Alstrom, founder of the FoWI, said: “This month many workplaces will be looking to bring staff back to the office for the first time since March last year. 

“Many people will have grown accustomed to the flexibility and various benefits working from home can bring, and we think they won’t be willing to give them up so easily.”

The FoWI research has identified ‘a new paradigm’ for traditional professional work since the global adoption of remote working. 

The report states how businesses have been forced to ‘rethink their workspaces, their talent pools, and what skills they look for in talents’. 

‘By shifting their workplaces to home offices,’ the study continues, ‘many employers are finding new opportunities in supplementing their resourcing needs with freelancers and contingent labour. Workers are following this trend as well.’

Mr Alstrom continued: “We’ve already seen how business models can be upended overnight so it’s naive to think all workplaces will go back to exactly how things were before. 

“Young people stream their TV shows when they want to watch them, they order their dinner to arrive when they want to eat it, and they can order many goods online with same-day delivery. 

“The on-demand culture is rising so quickly that on-demand working is the obvious next step. 

“Rather than being locked into working eight hours a day from Monday to Friday, the gig economy means people can pick up assignments or gigs when they want and complete them in a timeframe they choose.”

Data from leading global platform AppJobs shows the UK’s gig economy is on course to surge 300% in three years.  

According to the website, which helps workers find paid roles using multiple apps, in the first six months of this year they saw a 23% rise in the number of people connecting with opportunities.

The gig economy is a flexible way of working in which people are paid for each ‘gig’ they perform, rather than a specific daily or hourly rate. 

This means they can work across various apps doing different jobs and at a time to suit them. 

Mr Alstrom said: “The pandemic caused a rapid growth in e-commerce, e-service and delivery businesses. 

“Many people moved to the gig economy working for multiple platforms at the same time to maximise income and have full flexibility when and where to work.”

While AppJobs data did not show any significant correlation between unemployment and the gig economy, FoWI bosses say they think a desire for a work-life balance will lead a new wave of workers to the gig economy once offices fully reopen.  

Mr Alstrom said: “People around the world are feeling increased stress and anxiety over working environments, ‘always on’ availability, and balancing childcare with work demands. 

“As we enter the post-pandemic era, they will likely demand more balance in their workload or hybrid workplace models that allow them to work from home and the office. 

“If they can’t achieve this, it will inevitably mean choosing gigs rather than a traditional career.”

Employers may also see benefits, with the report adding: ‘White collar workplaces have the opportunity to leverage key aspects of the gig economy by accessing top talent to build a contingent labour pool. 

‘These pools of on-demand skilled workers can be valuable assets to special projects or to address specific needs within a traditionally employed team at critical junctures.’

AppJobs gives users the chance to find work, review apps they’ve worked with, get essentials such as insurance and tax support, and improve career advancement in the gig economy. 

AppJobs has founded the Future of Work Institute, sharing insights and collaborating with researchers to provide stakeholders within the labour market and gig economy with up-to-date data and stats. You can see their latest report here.

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Apple to test unvaccinated staff each time they enter office



Tech giant Apple has announced that from October 24, it will require its unvaccinated corporate employees to get tested for COVID-19 every time they enter office premises.

The new policy will be applicable to all Apple employees who decline to report their vaccination status to the Company.

Apple has also mandated rapid tests once a week for their vaccinated employees as well. However, employees of the Company’s retail stores will be tested for the virus twice a week, as reported by Bloomberg.

The employees of Apple will be provided with rapid testing kits so that they can take a test all on their own. The results will have to be self-reported by the employees via the internal app.

All employees have been asked to report their vaccination status by October 24. In the coming days, they will have to show proof of their vaccination.

The updated policy will be floated by November 1 and Apple has informed its employees of the same via an internal e-mail earlier. The Company hopes to open its offices to staff for at least three days, starting January 2022. However, it has said that it will announce ‘return to office’ for employees a month prior to actually implementing the decision.

The Company has been urging its workforce to get inoculated and had ramped up the optional testing programme.

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Ola Cars to expand workforce by 10,000, begin operations in 100 Indian cities in 12 months



Expanding into the vehicle commerce business, Ola Cars has revealed its plan to hire 10,000 employees in the coming 12 months. The Company will expand its operations in 100 cities and set up service centres across the country. At the time of the launch of the Company, Ola released a statement saying that it will be starting operations in 30 cities initially.

By foraying into the used cars business, the Company will soon establish itself as a complete mobility solutions provider.

The move is well timed because in five years’ time, the used car market is predicted to grow from the present 3.9 million units annually, to 8.2 million units a year, which is more than double the estimated figures for the new cars market over the same period.

Ola is eyeing $2 billion gross merchandise value (GMV) for its new vehicle commerce platform in the upcoming year. In its first month, the Company is selling pre-owned vehicles in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. It is further planning to start operations in Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kolkata and Indore by the end of this week.

According to Arun Sirdeshmukh, CEO, Ola Cars, the Company has already sold 5,000 cars in its first month of operation, and it is gearing to hire majorly for its sales team and service centres.

The Company will also look to open its platform up for new vehicles from other automotive brands as well. “Ola Cars will begin with pre-owned vehicles, and over time, will open up for new vehicles from Ola Electric and other automotive brands as well,” the Company had said in its initial statement.

The post Ola Cars to expand workforce by 10,000, begin operations in 100 Indian cities in 12 months appeared first on HR Katha.

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Bitcoin News: IWF kooperiert nun doch mit dem “coolsten” Diktator



Nachdem El Salvador Bitcoin vor einigen Wochen als offizielles Zahlungsmittel integriert hat, hatte der IWF die Zusammenarbeit mit dem lateinamerikanischen Land infrage gestellt. Nun hat der IWF beschlossen, die Kooperation mit El Salvador doch weiterzuführen.

Aber wie hängen El Salvador, der Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF), Bitcoin und der US-Dollar zusammen?

Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Die Zusammenarbeit geht weiter

Auf einer Pressekonferenz erklärte der amtierende Direktor der Abteilung Westliche Hemisphäre des Internationalen Währungsfonds, Nigel Chalk:

„Wir arbeiten aktiv mit der salvadorianischen Regierung zusammen und helfen ihr dabei, einige der Risiken und Nachteile zu durchdenken und zu bewältigen.“

Denn bereits vor der Bitcoin-Adoption hatte der IWF El Salvador vor den möglichen negativen Konsequenzen dieses Schritts gewarnt. Für den IWF sind die Folgen auf die Wirtschaft des Landes durch die Bitcoin-Adoption nicht absehbar und stellen somit ein hohes Risiko dar. Ferner geht es – wie so häufig – um die möglicherweise kriminelle Nutzung der ältesten Kryptowährung. Auf der Pressekonferenz erklärte Chalk, dass man auch in Hinblick auf die Terrorismusbekämpfung einem Risiko ausgesetzt sei. Doch mittlerweile weiß man, dass Bitcoin keine zwangsläufig von Terroristen bevorzugte Währung ist.

Marc Fuchs erklärt:

„Durch die Adaption von Bitcoin hat El Salvador einen Schritt in Richtung Unabhängigkeit zum US-Dollar gemacht. Der IMF könnte mit dieser Unterwanderung unzufrieden sein und gerät somit in einen Interessenkonflikt: Eine dem USD gegenüber rebellische Nation finanziell unterstützen oder auf Opportunitätskosten durch nicht eingenommene Zinsen sitzen bleiben.“

Bitcoin in 12 Stunden verstehen

Der Bitcoin Shortcut ist speziell dafür entwickelt, dir Bitcoin in Null Komma Nix zu erklären. Er ist so aufgebaut, dass du ohne jegliches Vorwissen Bitcoins Vorteile im Handumdrehen verstehst.

Du willst Bitcoin Experte werden?

1,3 Milliarden US-Dollar und ein Diktator

Der Präsident der Zentralbank von El Salvador, Douglas Rodriguez, erläuterte kürzlich, dass es um eine Kreditvereinbarung mit dem IWF in Höhe von 1,3 Milliarden US-Dollar gehe.

„Wir sehen keine Risiken. Vielleicht Aufwärtsrisiken. Bitcoin wird ein Zahlungssystem werden, ein System für finanzielle Inklusion.“

Nicht nur der IWF sieht die Bitcoin-Adoption kritisch, sondern auch einige Bürger. Für den Präsidenten Nayib Bukele sind die kleinen Proteste aber kein Grund zur Sorge. Denn in diesem Retweet rückt er die Größenverhältnisse in ein anderes Licht.

Richter Esli Carrillo erklärt, warum er Teil der Protestbewegung ist:

„Wir sind auf die Straße gegangen, weil wir uns in Richtung Autoritarismus… Diktatur bewegen.“

‘El Dictador más cool del mundo mundial’: The coolest dictator in the world.
Ein Bild von Twitter

Präsident Nayib Bukele beantwortete die Proteste mit einer Veränderung in seiner Twitter-Bio zu „der coolste Diktator der Welt“.

Der coolste Diktator der Welt nutzt aber nicht nur seine Twitter-Reichweite, sondern auch Instagram. Mit den Worten „ein paar Bilder auf Instagram haben eine größere Wirkung als jede Rede in dieser Versammlung“, machte der Politiker ein Selfie auf dem Podium der UN-Generalversammlung im September.

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Bitcoin News: IWF kooperiert nun doch mit dem “coolsten” Diktator“>Dieser Beitrag erschien zuerst auf

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