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TFT Set 12 PBE Release Date


The next Set of Teamfight Tactics is coming soon. So far, many have felt as if Set 11 was a step in the right direction with the new systems of three sets per year. It will be interesting to see how the middle Set of 2024 is received. With that, you are probably wondering, what is the TFT Set 12 PBE Release Date?

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TFT Set 12 PBE Release Date

The TFT Set 12 PBE Release Date will be on July 17, 2024.

This will be with Patch 14.14 after a longer break during the summer. Riot Games normally takes an extra week with a certain patch each year. This allows for their team to catch their breath in the middle of the year before what will ultimately be an intense end of the year with Arcane Season 2 releasing.

TFT Set 12 Release Date

The TFT Set 12 Release Date will be on July 31, 2024.

This will come with TFT Patch 14.15 and will be just over four months since the release of Set 11. For many this may have felt like a long time but in reality, we are getting a brand new Set instead of two Sets and two mid-Sets each year. Things do change quite a bit with new Sets and while we have each one for a month longer than in the past, the full on changes help quite substantially.

TFT Set 12 Gameplay

As of now, we have not seen any TFT Set 12 Gameplay.

This will be changing very soon. The TFT Set 11 Global Championship will be ending on July 14 and that is when you should expect the full release to happen. They will likely tease us with some new information before then. But for the most part you will have to wait just a bit longer to see what the theme will ultimately be and some of the champions and traits that will be releasing with it.

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