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TFT Chemtech Comp: Beginner’s Guide to Playing it

League of Legends

TFT Chemtech Comp: Beginner's Guide to Playing it

Photo by Riot Games

In Teamfight Tactics, Chemtech compositions is popular and fun pick to play with. This is a beginner’s guide to playing a Chemtech comp in TFT.

The Chemtech champions in TFT consist of:

There’s multiple ways one can build a Chemtech comp. For example, full Chemtech, Chemtech & Assassin or Chemtech & Bruiser. Working with the other synergies of the Chemtech champions, you can put Cho’Gath for Mutant and Bruiser, Katarina for Assassin or Yuumi for scholar.

Additionally, obtaining the ‘Chemtech Heart’ Augment can add one Chemtech to your team and potentially build a 9 champion Chemtech synergy.

Building items for attack speed, health and armor are complementary to the Chemtech synergy. The Chemtech synergy gives Chemtech champions 75% damage reduction, 50% bonus attack speed, and regenerate 4% of their maximum health after health drops below 75%

Earlier in the game, obtain Singed and/or Twitch and look out for Giant’s Belt and Chain Vest. This will build tank items for Zac, and Dr. Mundo.

Twitch does will with attack speed items like Last Whisper and Runaan’s Hurricane. Both Lissandra and Vikor can use Ability items like Jeweled Gauntlet and Rabadon’s Deathcap or Morellonmicon

For placement on the board, Chemtech is somewhat flexible. Champions like Dr. Mundo, Zac, Warwick or Lissandra can be placed at the front of the board.

Out of the Chemtech Champions, Dr. Mundo, Twitch, Viktor and Urgot are essential for Chemtech comps. Since Viktor is a tier 5 champion, it may be hard to obtain him late game. Try saving your coins and ‘hyper-roll’ or continuously roll late game in order to increase your chances.

Chemtech can possibly be a very powerful comp to play with; it’s no wonder its a favorite for many.

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