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Teemo’s Blinding Dart gets significant buffs, Lux’s E given damage increase, and more in League’s Patch 11.21 preview

Teemo’s Blinding Dart gets significant buffs, Lux’s E given damage increase, and more in League’s Patch 11.21 preview

Captain Teemo is on duty, and in League of Legends’ upcoming Patch 11.21, it looks like Bandle City’s resident scout is getting some big buffs to his damage, alongside a plethora of champions.

In the most recent patch preview, Teemo’s Blinding Dart ability is getting its duration increased by 0.5 seconds per rank. At max rank, his blind will last a whopping three seconds. The missile speed of his Q is also getting buffed from 1,500 to 2,500, which means it’ll hit a lot quicker than before. Lastly, the cooldown on the ability is being reduced by a second.

Altogether, these changes should give Teemo more power during his laning phase, as well as the ability to surprise auto attacking champions in the later stages of the game. Three seconds is a long time to be blinded, especially during teamfights and skirmishes.

Lux, on the other hand, will be getting a handful of changes to her kit. First, her passive mark duration will last longer if a basic attack is in flight or her ultimate ability is being cast. This can ensure that the extra damage will be activated in a quick trade or teamfight.

Her E, Lucent Singularity, is getting 10 extra damage at all ranks, plus 70 percent AP compared to the previous 65 percent. Her ultimate is also getting a 20-second reduction to its cooldown at its first rank and a 10-second reduction at its second rank. As a whole, the cheery Demacian mage should be able to trade a lot more reliably with her passive. She’ll also be able to spam her long-range ultimate earlier in a game to help out teammates from a distance.

Meanwhile, Viego is getting some buffs to his Q’s total AD ratio, as well as an increase to his ultimate’s critical strike ratio, going from 75 percent to 100 percent. Xayah is getting a small movement speed increase and a Q cooldown decrease, while Jinx is receiving some small buffs to her passive attack speed, E cast range, and ultimate cooldown.

Patch 11.21 will go live on Oct. 20, according to the game’s official patch schedule.

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