Technologies Of Future: How AI Will Impact Online Relationships?
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Technologies of future: How AI will impact online relationships?

We’re living in a world that changes every day. Some of these changes come unnoticed at first, others arrive with a bang and seem that they are here to stay. Using an AI, artificial intelligence, to solve various tasks and situations seems to be of the latter. But however impressive it is in the automatization of technological chains of supply and transport networks, one of the most surprising and positive for people’s wellbeing usage of an AI technology is relationships – online dating, in particular.

The advent of AI technology

Artificial intelligence isn’t something new, nor is it fully developed yet. The first usages of an AI came in the early fifties of the XX century, when first machine algorithms for playing checkers were developed. It came a long way – now AI manages entire factories and even cities, when it regulates traffic, and uses the same basic principles wherever it is applied: gathers data on processes happening, compares them to a set criteria of success and optimizes routes to achieve the best results.

AI technology is a future of online dating

AI works the same for online dating. The problem set is matching people with similar views, tastes and possible sympathy for each other. Right now, it is mostly solved by communication – two or more people who like each other’s photos or dating profiles connect via text messages to test their initial connection and feel the “spark” that signifies liking each other. But when online dating AI is applied, all of that may be skipped and there would be no failed attempts to find a partner. In the imaginable situation of a couple looking for a girl an artificial intelligence in-build in a dating site would compare preferences of all three partners, sort out all who are okay with one of the people in a couple and not another, and deliver a perfect match.

Development of open relationships with AI

AI’s involvement in a personal relationship could go even further. People in an open relationship, i.e., consciously sharing their partner with multiple other people, mostly in a sexual way, might pick their additional lovers based on their own liking, of course, but an AI may provide an alternative. By researching all of the available data via deep learning, it may bring out the unexpected results, like new partners for both spouses who seek to relieve stress, finding someone who won’t express (or provoke) jealousy, and so on.

Impact for Serious Relationships

Considering that the divorce rate would get higher every year, as couples are drifting apart because of the conflicting values they haven’t discussed during the initial phase of sympathy, we may predict that using an artificial intelligence would be more than effective in solving this problem. Compatibility would not be a simple matter of “liking” – if it can be reduced to cold and hard numbers to calculate the sympathy, why can’t it be used to predict the chances people’s values won’t contradict each other and they would spend the rest of the life with each other? It may also offer recommendations on making a marriage successful, like introducing additional partners or proposing an open marriage, making an AI an effective digital family therapist.

Future with modern technologies

Further into the future, it’s easy to imagine the compatibility cards for each person calculated from birth, guaranteeing that no one would even be alone and will always turn out in a situation when their happiness is the utmost priority. There won’t be even a need for dating sites anymore, because a list of potential partners might be given to people at the moment their child is born. How does AI correspond with the concept of free will? Well, that is an entirely different question.

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