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TBC Classic: Server populations



The server you pick matters in The Burning Crusade Classic.

In retail World of Warcraft, you can get by on pretty much any server, despite its low or high population. Servers are seamlessly linked together, connecting battle groups, dungeons, and in some cases raids, guilds, and auction houses as one.

But in Classic, you’re heavily restricted to your server. You can’t play with friends from other servers or factions, or switch between battle groups. Once you’ve chosen a server, you’re stuck with it—unless, of course, you fork out $25 for a transfer. 

Choosing a server makes a difference in Classic, so picking one and sticking with it should be your first plan of action when playing the game for the first time. Here’s the full list of TBC Classic servers, their populations, and faction distributions. 

Americas and Oceania


US West PvP 2,397
Alliance 1,140 (48 percent)
Horde 1,257 (52 percent)


US East PvP 2,178
Alliance 992 (46 percent)
Horde 1,186 (54 percent)


Oceanic PvP 2,154
Alliance 735 (34 percent)
Horde 1,419 (66 percent)


US East PvP 2,094
Alliance 651 (31 percent)
Horde 1,443 (69 percent)


US East PvP 1,688
Alliance 800 (47 percent)
Horde 888 (53 percent)


US East PvP 1,487
Alliance 574 (39 percent)
Horde 913 (61 percent)


US West PvP 1,449
Alliance 525 (36 percent)
Horde 924 (61 percent)


US West PvP RP 1,287
Alliance 728 (57 percent)
Horde 559 (43 percent)


US East PvP 1,191
Alliance 807 (68 percent)
Horde 384 (32 percent)


US East PvP RP 1,163
Alliance 518 (45 percent)
Horde 645 (55 percent)


US East PvE RP 1,157
Alliance 140 (12 percent)
Horde 1,017 (88 percent)


US West PvP 1,092
Alliance 439 (40 percent)
Horde 653 (60 percent)


US East PvE 1,019
Alliance 1,019 (100 percent)
Horde 0 (0 percent)


US East PvP 961
Alliance 301 (31 percent)
Horde 660 (69 percent)


US East PvP 931
Alliance 0 (0 percent)
Horde 931 (100 percent)


US West PvE 929
Alliance 728 (79 percent)
Horde 200 (21 percent)


Oceanic PvP 816
Alliance 352 (43 percent)
Horde 464 (57 percent)


US East PvE 710
Alliance 659 (93 percent)
Horde 51 (seven percent)


US East PvP 689
Alliance 689 (100 percent)
Horde 0 (0 percent)


US West PvP 615
Alliance 175 (28 percent)
Horde 440 (72 percent)


US West PvP 615
Alliance 259 (47 percent)
Horde 292 (53 percent)


US West PvP 472
Alliance 189 (40 percent)
Horde 283 (60 percent)


US East PvP 394
Alliance 0 (0 percent)
Horde 394 (100 percent)


Oceanic PvP 379
Alliance 217 (71 percent)
Horde 89 (29 percent)


US East PvP 357
Alliance 357 (100 percent)
Horde 0 (0 percent)

Bloodsail Buccaneers

US East PvE 306
Alliance 217 (71 percent)
Horde 89 (29 percent)


US West PvE 300
Alliance 193 (64 percent)
Horde 107 (36 percent)


US West PvP 286
Alliance 96 (34 percent)
Horde 190 (66 percent)


US East PvE 277
Alliance 116 (42 percent)
Horde 161 (58 percent)


US West PvP 272
Alliance 127 (47 percent)
Horde 145 (53 percent)

Old Blanchy

US West PvP 239
Alliance 113 (47 percent)
Horde 126 (53 percent)


US East PvP 239
Alliance 0 (0 percent)
Horde 222 (100 percent)

Deviate Delight

US East PvP RP 161
Alliance 97 (57 percent)
Horde 74 (43 percent)


US East PvE 142
Alliance 74 (52 percent)
Horde 68 (48 percent)


US West PvE 102
Alliance 46 (45 percent)
Horde 56 (55 percent)


US Latin PvP 62
Alliance 20 (32 percent)
Horde 56 (68 percent)


US West PvE 58
Alliance 20 (34 percent)
Horde 37 (66 percent)


Oceanic PvE 20
Alliance 20 (100 percent)
Horde 0 (0 percent)



EU English PvP 2,543
Alliance 1,192 (47 percent)
Horde 1,351 (53 percent)


EU English PvP 2,145
Alliance 816 (38 percent)
Horde 1,329 (62 percent)


EU German PvP 2,119
Alliance 841 (40 percent)
Horde 1,278 (60 percent)


EU English PvP 2,025
Alliance 970 (48 percent)
Horde 1,055 (52 percent)


EU English PvP 1,719
Alliance 498 (29 percent)
Horde 1,221 (61 percent)


EU English PvP 1,677
Alliance 779 (46 percent)
Horde 898 (52 percent)


EU French PvP 1,601
Alliance 830 (52 percent)
Horde 771 (48 percent)


EU English PvP 1,541
Alliance 888 (58 percent)
Horde 653 (42 percent)


EU English PvP 1,531
Alliance 620 (40 percent)
Horde 911 (60 percent)


EU German PvE 1,318
Alliance 1,022 (78 percent)
Horde 296 (22 percent)

Pyrewood Village

EU English PvE 1,149
Alliance 943 (82 percent)
Horde 206 (18 percent)


EU German PvP 1,074
Alliance 0 (0 percent)
Horde 1,074 (100 percent)


EU English PvP 1,023
Alliance 297 (29 percent)
Horde 726 (71 percent)


EU German PvP 992
Alliance 429 (43 percent)
Horde 563 (57 percent)

Zandalar Tribe

EU English PvP RP 965
Alliance 610 (63 percent)
Horde 355 (37 percent)

Mirage Raceway

EU English PvE 951
Alliance 640 (67 percent)
Horde 311 (33 percent)


EU English PvP 880
Alliance 420 (48 percent)
Horde 460 (52 percent)


EU English PvP 829
Alliance 222 (27 percent)
Horde 607 (73 percent)


EU French PvP 817
Alliance 359 (44 percent)
Horde 458 (56 percent)


EU English PvP 770
Alliance 525 (68 percent)
Horde 245 (32 percent)


EU German PvP 740
Alliance 740 (100 percent)
Horde 0 (0 percent)


EU French PvE 724
Alliance 484 (67 percent)
Horde 240 (33 percent)


EU German PvE 724
Alliance 484 (67 percent)
Horde 240 (33 percent)

Dragon’s Call

EU German PvE 701
Alliance 304 (43 percent)
Horde 397 (57 percent)


EU German PvP 691
Alliance 300 (43 percent)
Horde 391 (57 percent)

Nethergarde Keep

EU English PvE 604
Alliance 457 (76 percent)
Horde 147 (24 percent)


EU English PvP 583
Alliance 173 (30 percent)
Horde 410 (70 percent)


EU German PvE 476
Alliance 311 (65 percent)
Horde 165 (35 percent)


EU French PvP 371
Alliance 128 (35 percent)
Horde 243 (65 percent)


EU English PvP 348
Alliance 108 (31 percent)
Horde 240 (69 percent)


EU English PvP 336
Alliance 175 (52 percent)
Horde 161 (48 percent)


EU English PvP 319
Alliance 0 (0 percent)
Horde 319 (100 percent)

Ten Storms

EU English PvP 154
Alliance 0 (0 percent)
Horde 154 (100 percent)

Hydraxian Waterlords

EU English PvE RP 114
Alliance 102 (89 percent)
Horde 12 (11 percent)


EU English PvP 72
Alliance 11 (15 percent)
Horde 61 (85 percent)


EU German PvE RP 38
Alliance 38 (100 percent)
Horde 0 (0 percent)


EU English PvP 20
Alliance 10 (50 percent)
Horde 10 (50 percent)

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PSG.LGD sweep Evil Geniuses, win WePlay Esports AniMajor



For the second straight Dota Pro Circuit, a dominant Chinese team defeated Evil Geniuses in the grand finals. PSG.LGD swept EG today to claim the WePlay Esports AniMajor title, $200,000, and 500 DPC points.

LGD battled through the group stage, earning a top seed and a spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs, where they defeated Alliance, Nigma, and T1 before ending their run with a 3-0 sweep of North America’s top team. 

EG, who also earned a spot in the playoffs through the group stage, tore through the lower bracket to reach the grand finals. Their run included ending NoPing e-sports, TNC Predator, and Nigma’s chances at directly qualifying for The International 10, and beating both Vici Gaming and T1 to reach the AniMajor’s summit. 

Despite being swept, EG kept things competitive in the final two games of the series after being blown out in game one. The NA team led for more than 40 minutes in game two but failed to close things out, losing the biggest fight of the series and dropping to 0-2. 

LGD finished third at the ONE Esports Singapore Major earlier this season, losing to EG in the upper bracket finals before being eliminated by the eventual tournament winners, Invictus Gaming. EG fell just short of beating IG at the previous Major and now take another second-place finish behind a top Chinese squad. 

Both LGD and EG were already locked in as the top two seeds for TI10 prior to reaching the finals and will now prepare to battle for their share of more than $40 million in Sweden starting on Aug. 5.

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Toronto Ultra take down New York Subliners 3-0 in Call of Duty League Stage 4 group play



The matchup between the Toronto Ultra and New York Subliners appeared to have all of the makings of a classic Sunday series in the Call of Duty League’s last day of matches before the CDL heads back to LAN. But Toronto had other ideas and closed out New York in a quick 3-0 series win. 

Toronto, after losing to Florida Mutineers in their first match of Stage Four group play 3-2, have rattled off four straight series wins with a 12-0 map count, ending Stage Four with a 4-1 record ahead of next week’s major tournament. The Ultra’s 4-1 record also secures first place in Stage Four Group B. Cammy and Insight led the way for Toronto, posting 1.21 and 1.29 K/Ds, respectively. 

New York came into today’s matchup with a 4-0 record, which included wins over Florida and the Dallas Empire, before the Ultra ended their undefeated group play record. The Subliners played relatively well and had a chance in all three maps, despite the 3-0 series loss. Unfortunately for New York, Toronto made plays at opportune times to shut the door on the Subliners multiple times. Asim was the only member of the Subliners to go positive with a 1.05 K/D. 

These two teams have solidified themselves as the top teams in the CDL not named the Atlanta FaZe. Heading into the major, which will be held in Dallas for the league’s first LAN event in over a year, both the Ultra and Subliners will be favorites to make a run to Sunday alongside FaZe. 

Both teams will be back in action for the Stage Four major tournament next week.

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343 Industries to host Halo Infinite multiplayer showcase stream tomorrow



Halo Infinite fans received a ton of new details out of Microsoft and 343 Industries during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase today. This included a deeper look at the game’s multiplayer, a brief teaser for the campaign, and more. 

Following the presentation, 343 shared a timeline of upcoming Halo Infinite-related content drops that will be released throughout the remainder of June, starting with a new deep dive called Halo Infinite: The Great Journey So Far” with the game’s head of creative, Joseph Staten.

With the deep dives already live, 343 is going to have a detailed multiplayer overview livestream on June 14 at 10am CT on the official Halo YouTube channel. This showcase will feature more multiplayer gameplay and have insights from the development team.

The multiplayer overview will be followed by another, more niche post on June 15 about character/costume design and cosplay called the Halo Infinite Mark VII Spartan Cosplay Guide. It will be hosted on Halo Waypoint and help fans who might want to make their own real life Spartan armor. 

343 will jump right back into the lore and design of Halo Infinite on June 16 with Canon Fodder, a deep dive hosted by Jeff “GrimBrother One” Easterling that will focus on the fiction behind multiplayer maps, vehicles, armor, and more.

To cap of June’s reveals, 343 will post its monthly Inside Infinite column on June 24, which will take a much closer look at the future of Halo Waypoint and what the 343 team has been working on, including members of the Live team to talk player engagement and customization.
Later this Summer, 343 also plans to run “limited pre-release technical previews” for Halo Insiders to help stress test Infinite’s multiplayer in the final stages before launch this holiday season. You can read more about the entire breakdown of the June program lineup on Halo Waypoint.

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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: When Does it Take Place?



Top Games

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Ubisoft gave players a glimpse into their upcoming Avatar game, Frontiers of Pandora, at the E3 2021 conference on Saturday, but the question of when the game takes place is still a mystery.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was first announced in February 2017, and is a first-person open-world adventure set in the world of James Cameron’s Avatar series. It’s set to release in 2022. The game received a trailer that displayed a combat scene between humans and the Na’vi, but little was revealed about where the game fits into the Avatar universe.

On the game’s page in the Ubisoft store, a description reads as follows:

“In this new, standalone story, play as a Na’vi and embark on a journey across the Western Frontier, a never-before-seen part of Pandora. Explore a living and reactive world inhabited by unique creatures and new characters, and push back the formidable RDA forces that threaten it.”

The description alone doesn’t tell players much about when Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora takes place, but we do know conflict between the Na’vi and the RDA forces began around 2134. As a “standalone story”, it’s possible the game won’t be closely linked to the events of Avatar or Avatar 2, and will instead take place closer to the time when the conflict began.

It’s impossible to say when exactly the game will take place before Ubisoft releases more information, so players should look out for more news and updates leading up to the game’s release in 2022.

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