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Target Data Breach: PCI Scanning More Important Than Ever




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Retailers, like Target,  that accept bank cards are required to adhere to a strict set of standards for protecting the cardholder data, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIS DSS). It has been frequently asserted that there has never been a data breach found where the victim was PCI DSS compliant at the time of the breach.

Yet we have had significant data breaches in card payment systems, the recent breach of the Point of Sale System at Target department stores may be the largest ever. While there has been rampant speculation, we really do not know exactly what happened in the Target data breach yet. One thing is certain, however, Target must have passed their last compliance review in order to be accepting bank cards.

If a company can be compliant and still be breached, what good are the standards?

We do not know if the Target data breach will reveal flaws in the PCI standards, but the larger issue here is that PCI compliance reviews provide a snapshot at a point of time, while data protection is a never ending process. The bad guys don’t sit back and say “Gee, that business is PCI compliant so we will stop trying”. They are relentless.

The Target data breach is stunning because of the size of the organization and amount of data compromised, up to 40 million customers.  POS data breaches generally occur in much smaller organizations, especially “mom and pop” stores that can’t afford a large IT staff of their own.  They may even still view POS systems as essentially cash registers and not networked computers, which of course they are.

In fact, the most common reason a retail POS system is breached is that the business did not even add the most basic protection of  a personal firewall and antivirus scanner.  Every device connected to your network requires these first lines of defense.

Given the consequences of a breach, a business should work to be compliant and secure at all times, regardless of the review requirements.  In fact, the business needs to view data security as broadly part of their IT security requirements and endpoint management and not just a compliance process.

For example, many POS cash registers use Windows based systems, the most popular target for hackers. They attempt to spread malware onto them the same as they do for any Windows computer.

If that was the case in the Target data breach, it could have been prevented if they were using Comodo’s Endpoint Management System with antivirus with default/deny technology. All program files that cannot be verified as safe are run in a secure virtual operating system where it cannot harm the rest of the computer.

In addition, businesses would be wise to increase the frequency of compliance and threat detection scanning beyond the PCI requirements. Comodo offers 2 great services that provide PCI compliance scanning for your web site, HackerGuardian and Web Inspector.

HackerGuardian is an on-demand, vulnerability assessment scanning solution to enable merchants and service providers to achieve PCI scan compliance. After each scan, you receive a comprehensive vulnerability report detailing any security issues with remediation advice and advisories to help fix them.

Web Inspector provides the same PCI Scanning and much more. It scans your site daily for malware and continuously monitors for other threats.  Importantly, Web Inspector monitors blacklist sites that list compromised web sites. If you are listed, for any reason, on such a site search engines will block them. You lose customers because they can’t find your site.


Cyber Security

How do Safe Online Sportsbooks Protect your Data?




safe online Sportsbooks

There’s a growing trend to demand nothing but high-level security from online sportsbooks. From millennials to boomers, no one wants to use a betting website that exposes their personal and financial information.

How are sportsbooks responding? They have no choice but to protect their customers. Here are some of the measures they use.

Table of Contents

Compliance to Data Privacy laws

Since 2018, online sportsbooks have had to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law aims to protect EU-based sports punters against data violation. It also applies to all other Internet-based businesses, including giant social media companies like Facebook.

With GDPR protection, an online sportsbook must ask for consent before it collects your data. And in case of a breach, the company needs to alert data controllers immediately. On the flip side, you have a right to know what data is collected and even withdraw your consent.

The US doesn’t yet have data privacy laws. But that doesn’t mean there are no safe online sportsbooks. delves more into the topic. It also breaks down the exact date each state legalized sports betting, games allowed sports and the best bookmakers.

With that in mind, take time to read about a company’s data privacy policies before you create an account. Some businesses collect data for questionable reasons, like selling it for profit. But they don’t reveal this information until you read their policies.

Military-Grade and SSL Data Encryption

Military-grade encryption describes the technology used by the US government to protect classified information. It’s known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and secures your data in such a way that it can’t be hacked.

On the flip side, SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer. It encrypts data while in transfer from a computer to the website and back. That way, anyone who attempts to hack it only views scrambled data and not the real information.

The best betting websites combine these two data protection methods. They use AES to protect your data while in storage. And they use SSL to protect your information while betting on their websites and apps.

Partnering With Safe Banks

You can’t bet real money at an online sportsbook without going through a bank. It could be an e-wallet like PayPal, a debit card like Visa, direct bank transfer or Bitcoin. Regardless, you’ll often share your data with both sportsbooks and banking companies.

The best sportsbooks work with safe banking companies so that your data stays safe when depositing and withdrawing money. They work with up to 20 payment companies: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafe, Visa, MasterCard and Trustly, to name a few.

Bookmakers provide a variety of banking companies to ensure you transact where you feel safe. Gladly, many of these payment methods also prioritize customer security. Take PayPal as an example. Not only does it encrypt your data; but it also lets you pay betting websites without revealing your financial data.

PayPal keeps your financial data and only forwards your money to the sportsbooks. Another way the e-wallet protects you is through One Touch. This feature lets you log into multiple betting sites without filling payments forms repeatedly.

Pay by Phone

Besides working with safe banks, some casinos protect your data by avoiding it entirely…sort of. Through pay by phone e-wallets, some bookies let you place bets without creating an account and revealing your personal or financial information.

Pay by phone companies like Zimpler and Boku collect your data—name, credit card numbers and require that you complete KYC verification. After that, they give you login details you can use to get access to several betting websites.

Phone by phone sportsbooks provide a lot more benefits besides helping you bet without creating accounts. They allow you to gamble on sports without money in your account. To expound more, they loan you cash to wager and they ask for it plus interest by adding it to your phone bill.

Password Protection and 2-FA

This might seem obvious but it’s essential for online sportsbooks to support password protection. The best companies ensure you use a long, unique code that combines letters, numbers and symbols.

What’s more, they support 2-FA. For the uninitiated, two factor authentication (2-FA) is an added security layer that involves your email address or phone number. Basically, 2-FA ensures the only way to log into your betting account is if you get your password correctly and enter a code sent your cell phone number or email address.

Many security experts recommend you use your cell phone number for 2-FA protection. That’s because it’s less likely for someone to hack your password and also steal your phone than breaking into your email account.

Licenses and Certificates

Many betting license providers have a set of requirements operators must fulfill. One of these conditions is to protect customers’ data and funds. In other words, sportsbooks must protect your personal information by default.

That’s why it’s recommended to bet at sportsbooks licensed by a trusted regulator—the UK, Malta, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have respected agencies. Licensing aside, certifications are another way sportsbooks assure you of data protection.

A certificate from a security company like Norton, MacAfee or GLI provide proof the betting company takes online safety seriously. And that’s a better way to gain confidence from customer than to simply state they are safe.

Deleting Unnecessary Data

Your betting website requires your email address, name and IP address to for security reasons. But it doesn’t need to collect cookies about everything you do online. And if it collects unnecessary information, it has an obligation to delete this information.

By law, many sportsbooks are mandated to collect necessary data alone. However, not every company follows this guideline. And that’s takes us back to the importance of reading a bookie’s policies before you become a customer.

Find information related to how a sportsbook deals with your data once it no longer needs it. Does it share it with other companies? And what happens to your data after you cease to be a customer? A good sportsbook should get rid of sensitive data after some time.


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Technological Innovations at the Tokyo Olympics





The Olympics are held in what could be considered a microcosm of the world. The village is a city within a city, and it offers a glimpse of what the world can expect in future years. The upcoming Tokyo Olympics stand to be the most technologically advanced to date, and there will undoubtedly be new technologies on full display. Take a look at some of the following technological innovations that are expected at the Tokyo Olympics.

Table of Contents

Autonomous Vehicles

One exciting technology is the use of autonomous vehicles. They expect as many as 100 autonomous vehicles or self driving cars from companies such as Nissan and Toyota to drive spectators from Haneda Airport, Olympic Village and other routes around the Olympics. In addition, in downtown Tokyo, Toyota will have an additional fleet that includes SAE Level-4 automated vehicles.


They plan to use Human Support Robots to help people find their seats and bring them items. Delivery Support Robots can deliver food items, and Field Support Robots can deliver and retrieve items from the fields while sports are being played. Toyota plans to have T-HR3 Humanoid robots that will help people who are in remote locations control a robot and interact with events. They will also be able to project images so that the remote spectators feel like they are a part of the game they are watching.

Artificial Meteor Shower

A company called Astro Live Experiences specializes in space entertainment, and they plan to create an artificial meteor shower during the opening ceremonies. On December 6, 2019, they launched ALE-2 into space, and this micro-satellite is expected to drop chemical pallets into space, which will create a meteor show while they are burning in space.

Virtual Reality

At the Olympics, Intel will have True VR at several events. It will be present in the opening ceremonies, the closing ceremonies, and even events such as beach volleyball, gymnastics, and boxing.

Facial Recognition

Neoface is a facial recognition software that will be launched by NEC Corp. They will be using it to identify as many as 300,000 people at the Olympics. This will benefit the athletes by allowing them to enter more quickly, and it will be available to media, volunteers, and staff members as well.

3DAT or 3D Athlete Tracking

This technology will help to connect fans and athletes with the use of normal cameras. In addition, cameras will be able to analyze the biometrics of athletes, which helps fans understand the sports and can help athletes with their training.

What Risks Come with This New Technology?

New technology always has pros and cons. New tech was used at the 2018 Winter Olympics, with the Olympic Destroyer attack that was launched during the opening ceremonies. In 2018, malware disrupted spectators, the broadcast of the opening ceremonies, the Wi-Fi in the stadium, and it created problems between feuding nations.

When a problem or a failure with new technology occurs, there can be major complications. The attack in 2018 in PyeongChang Olympic Stadium was 100 miles from a major city (Seoul). If it had occurred in a large or major city, it would have had a larger impact. Moving forward, new advancements and technology can lead to much larger problems in the future. It is important to safeguard this technology and prevent malware attacks and malfunctions.

Technological Advances

It is exciting to see the technological advances as they appear. Technology can enhance the Olympic experience for the spectators, the athletes, and the staff at the Olympics. These advancements can simplify many aspects of the logistics and help to improve the experience for everyone involved. Technology is exciting, but it is important to make sure that it is safe and that it doesn’t create more problems than it solves.

Final Words

The Tokyo and Euro 2021 Olympics will be the most watched events next year, both by sports lovers and bettors, who will be able to bet on favorites at Unibet – one of the most popular NJ Sports Betting operators. Not only will people tune in to enjoy the competitions, but they will surely enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies, including the artificial meteor shower. The virtual reality technology will allow fans to interact in ways that are new and unique, including advanced biometric analyses of athlete data. People all over the world will be watching and enjoying the Games when they occur in 2021.


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Accendo Banco chooses global fintech infrastructure platform Nium to provide international money transfer capability




Accendo Banco chooses global fintech infrastructure platform Nium to provide international money transfer capability

Accendo Banco (“Accendo”), Mexico’s leading ‘digital-first’ challenger bank focused on providing innovative digital banking solutions, today announced that it has expanded its capabilities in international payments and remittances, through partnership with Global fintech infrastructure platform Nium.

The partnership further expands Accendo’s overseas money transfer capabilities, allowing its customers to send money to more markets overseas and in real-time[2].  The move supports Nium’s continued plans to utilise fintech tools to improve business efficiency and customer experience in LatAm, and follows several partnership announcements by Nium in Brazil, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Accendo’s customers will be able to send, through an app, funds overseas to major corridors in Europe and Asia easily, and at a lower FX rate than other banks.  “International transactions services from Mexico were slow and expensive.  The partnership with Nium, together with our unique digital platform, makes us the first bank in Mexico to offer this type of operations to users easily and in real time,” said Javier Reyes de la Campa, CEO and President of the Board of Accendo Banco.

“This partnership also reinforces our positioning as the leading digital-first challenger bank in Mexico, where we are the first bank to offer BaaS (Banking-as-a-service) through our cloud-based open-banking platform to allow Fintechs to offer financial services to all the population, and especially the unbanked”, Javier concluded.

“We are thrilled to be the trusted provider for international money transfer services for Accendo Banco and its customers. In today’s competitive payments environment, cutting-edge technology improves customer experience and sets providers apart,” said Rohit Bammi, Global Head of Institutional Business, Nium.

 “Nium’s mission is to create a global fintech infrastructure that can enable banks, financial institutions and other fintech companies to launch and scale innovative digital financial services without the complexity, time and cost previously required to do so.  This partnership with Accendo Banco is a testament to that effort,” Rohit continued.


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Cyber Security

Different ways tech plays a key role in securing igaming platforms




Cache-Poisoned DoS

The tremendous growth witnessed by the gaming and online casino industry is well evident in the revenue figures reported by them in the world’s prominent economies. United States, United Kingdom and some other European countries are leading the pack today.

There’s no denying the fact that it’s the technological innovations which have led to this sudden explosion of the iGaming sector over the past few years. Today, gamers can indulge in the best of online casino games from anywhere they like, at any time of the day/night. There are top rated platforms like JackpotCity online casino and others which are making things possible and are successfully ushering in the next era of online gambling.

Other than further increasing the popularity of casino games like slots roulette etc., new-age technologies have also improved the quality and safety of the gaming experience, offering players highly secure environments wherein they can share their bank details and other crucial information in a worry-free manner. Let’s tell you about 3 such ways in which tech is playing a key role in securing online gambling platforms today.

SSL Encryption

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, a technology used by online casinos for protecting confidential user data against phishing attempts. Players share a lot of sensitive information, such as their credit card details, addresses, phone numbers, bank details etc., while registering at these online casinos. It’s the SSL encryption technology which keeps all this information safe.

These online casinos are also required to employ such high security protocols as per law, in order to legally continue their operations. However, some operators opt for TLS (Transport Layer Security) instead of SSL encryption, something that’s not as good as the latter, but is nevertheless better than an unencrypted network.

With SSL, the player data is locked in the form of different pieces of codes which can’t be broken into easily. Hence, the information stays 100% safe whenever it’s passed on to/from the servers over the Internet. Here’s more on why an SSL certificate is important for any business website today.

Financial security

All modern-day online casinos accept digital payments through debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies nowadays. Regardless of the payment method used, the servers make sure that the pertinent details stay secure from any type of unauthorised access.

Strictest security and verification protocols are employed by the financial institutions to prevent any fraud. Authentication emails and one-time passwords are good examples of few such measures. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies provide truly anonymous and safe transactions.


Random Number Generators are basically computer programs that make sure that the outcome of a casino game is completely fair, transparent and random for every player. These have the seed number algorithm at their core, which is basically a predefined mathematical formula for calculation of results based on odds. Several online casinos get their RNGs authenticated by third-party services, proving the transparency and fairness of their games.

Regardless of the measures taken by the casino platform, the onus is on the gamer to sign up with only platforms that can be trusted in every aspect.


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