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Star Teen Filipino Race Driver Bianca Bustamante Unveils NFT Project to Achieve her F1 Dream

Launches groundbreaking project, "The Dark Horse" NFT Access Pass, to support basic living and training costsInclusive community offers fans unprecedented insight into her journey...

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90’s Ape Club – An NFT collection for the 90’s kid to reshape the industry

The 90's Ape Club team is excited to introduce their collection of characters inspired from the 90's which have been designed by award winning Artist Keivo, who was named Young Cannes Lions Global 2021 Winner in Digital Art.

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The 90's was a magical time – the birth of the internet created the innovation of the website and email with the rise of CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL and more.

For the first time, people could make friends around the globe in a much more meaningful and connected way – not through pen pal letters or the digital equivalent of bulletin boards, but instead through chat rooms and GeoCities and TriPod – searches still had to be done through HotBot or AltaVista and your brand new 28.8 baud model on your brand new Intel Pentium machine running Windows 95 was Rad and L33T.

For many of us, culture and music reached a pinnacle – MTV was still playing music videos.  You probably still listen to the music from that age - 2Pac and Biggie, WuTang and Big L – you remember Ja Rule and DMX, Brittany and No Doubt – Nirvana and Soundgarden and STP and when you hear Jock Jamz you're instantly transported back to a grade school or high school sports game – or maybe Mariah Carey's Hero” comes on the radio and you remember your first slow dances at the 8th grade mixer or maybe just remember watching Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan go HAM on the court – or the bright neon scrunchies and Hot Topic studded belts or chain wallets on JNCO pants that sagged so low they defied the physics being taught in your high school classroom.

Sound familiar? You might just be a 90s kid – or maybe you wish you were. The 90s Ape Club was created as a place for 90s kids (both in age and spirit) to come together for the next big rise of the internet: into the Metaverse.

Their goal is to rekindle that nostalgia and control our own destiny in the Metaverse with multicultural collaboration, 90s themed parties around the globe, and building an impassioned vision of the future. They want to make sure that this important era is preserved on the blockchain forever – and you can be part of it.

The collection contains 5,555 apes generated by Artificial Intelligence. The first 1,000 were minted in the OG mint and boast special Genesis traits, making them extremely rare.

What was the mint price for Genesis Apes?
0.055 ETH 

What will be the mint price for presale and public sale?
Presale: 0.06 ETH Public sale: 0.08 ETH

Whitelisted members can mint up to 3 Apes per wallet during presale.

Any Apes that are not minted by whitelist members will be available in the public mint. During this mint, users will be able to purchase up to 10 Apes per wallet.


Being a 90's Ape Club holder offers a number of impressive utilities as shown below:


The team has proposed 2 NFT conferences and meetups in 2022 exclusively for holders. One of these meet-ups will be held in early August in Slovenia while the other will be held in North America with the exact location TBA. Holders will also attend special online NFT conferences for members that can't attend the IRL conferences. The goal is to share experiences and knowledge with the members as well as educate them about topics such as mental health and security in the NFT space, as well as the future of the metaverse.


The team are currently developing their exclusive P2E game which is set in an alternative 1991 Hollywood called ‘Apewood'. You will assume the role of your NFT hero on a revenge rampage against the underworld. It will be inspired by some of GameBoys classics back in the 90's. Teasers of the game will be being released to the community in the near future. The game is set to be released in Q4. Alpha The team will also offer holders an alpha channel where they will have up-to-date information about existing and upcoming projects, exclusive whitelist opportunities, alpha alerts, special giveaways, and a host of other valuable information and benefits. 


In addition to the Alpha opportunities, members will have access to premium 90's Ape Club merchandise at exclusive prices. 20% of all Merchandise sales will be donated to a Monkey Sanctuary in New Zealand. Free t-shirts will also be provided for holders which we will distribute at one of the live conferences.


Sandbox and Decentraland integrations are coming in Q2 2022. 90s Ape Club holders will have access to private events in the Metaverse. More details about that will be announced soon.

The Public Mint date will be in April, the exact date is yet to be announced but you can keep up-to-date with all the latest 90's Ape Club news and information on the links provided below.

Social Media: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/90sApeClub

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/90sapeclub/

Opensea: https:// opensea.io/collection/90s-ape-club-v2

Discord: https://discord.gg/ hZfB3ngDTA

Media Details: 

Company Name: 90aspeclub 

Contact Name: Jaka

Email: 90sapeclub@gmail.com

Website: https://90sapeclub.io 

NFT FAQ: How to Flip NFTs and Make Money from Digital Assets

Some collectors are buying NFTs to flip them for a higher price. This is a short guide on how they are doing it.

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Coinoxs to Introduce the World’s First Next-Generation Community NFT

Turkey-based technology company will introduce OxsTribe at AIBC Summit to be held in Dubai. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coinoxs, a Turkey-based technology company offering blockchain-driven solutions, will introduce the world’s first next-generation community NFT, OxsTribe, at the AIBC Summit to be held in Dubai between March 20 and March 23. The summit will welcome 15,000 […]

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FiscusDAO Announces Launch Of Its Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)

FiscusDAO Announces Launch Of Its Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)
FiscusDAO, an all-chain decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that digitally transforms revenue from physical real-world assets via smart contracts to the blockchain has unveiled plans to launch its Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) in an announcement today. The move reflects part of the platform’s efforts to deploy a series of features throughout the month of March culminating […]

Tezumura: Introducing Authentic Japanese Art Collectibles on Tezos NFT

Sarisa Kojima is the leader of the Kojima Project, introducing people to the floating world of " Ukiyo-Verse."

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Wealthy Teds Club: NFT Project That Offers You Access and Helps You Build Wealth

Wealthy Teds Club

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are taking a new shape and are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. These tokens now have real-life use cases aside from just being digital arts that we love. One project that is creating and giving its NFT collection real-life usefulness is the Wealthy Teds Club.  A collection of NFTs with exclusive club access, Wealthy Teds is a 10,200 art collection built on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT project gives its owners access to information and resources on how they can increase their wealth as a result of being part of a privileged network. For the first time, an NFT project is offering a digital identity card that allows its holders to be part of a community where they will learn how to build and grow their wealth while experiencing things that are reserved for the wealthiest individuals in the world.  These experiences include owning Bored Ape NFTs, owning luxury wristwatches (Patek Philippe and Rolexes), Yacht stays, space travel, private jet flights and gold and silver ingots amongst many other valuable real-life assets and experiences.  Wealthy Teds Tiers There are four different tiers in Wealthy Teds and there are different amounts of Teds allocated to each tier. Holders of Wealthy Teds will be able to participate for prizes in higher categories but this depends on the number of Wealthy Teds NFTs they are holding. The four tiers of Wealthy Teds are: Lazy Teds — In this tier, holders own just 1 Wealthy Ted Chubby Teds — Here, holders can own up to 3 Wealthy Teds Hangry Teds — Owners in this tier can hold up to 5 Wealthy Teds Naughty Teds — This is the last and final category where owners can hold as much as 10 Wealthy Teds.  Benefits of Being a Wealthy Ted  Some of the benefits of being a member of the Wealthy Ted Club are as follows: Private Club Wealthy Teds offers its members an opportunity to be a part of a private club where they will enjoy free access to the community’s exclusive Discord channel. In this channel, valuable information and resources will be shared and members will learn stuff like: Access to crypto whales alerts and strategies worth about $25,000 Credit & Travel hacks  Financial training  Investment opportunities regardless of the size of capital Understanding how to leverage their network into building their net worths AMA Consulting and fiscal engineering Space Trips “To the Moon” is not a phrase Wealthy Teds take lightly and they plan to take their members to the moon, literally. Wealthy Teds have partnered up with a company that operates space trips (this is one of the only companies on the planet that does this) to ensure that two of its members enjoy this unique opportunity each year.  Wealthy Parties Wealthy Teds Club will hold a private event in a secret location for its members twice a year. These events will be held to enable members to network with the entire community and there will be special speakers and guests invited. Industry leaders and experts in the blockchain sector, creators, businessmen and inspiring individuals will be among those invited to influence the Wealthy Teds community into growing their wealth. Digital Assets There will be 5 golden Wealthy Teds within the collection. These Teds amount to an extra $500 in ETH recurrent monthly earnings over years for their owners. A raffle will take place every week for all holders and $1000 in BTC, in ETH, in FTM and a token chosen by the community will be won weekly.  At the end of every year (starting with this year), the Wealthy Teds Club will raffle a Bored Ape amongst the Wealthy Teds community at the Wealthy Teds worldwide conference. Luxury Experiences Depending on Ted Tier, a holder will be able to opt for different ranges of exclusive experiences. These experiences include yacht rentals, luxury trips, private jet trips to choice destinations, gourmet experiences at some of the world’s most luxurious restaurants, VIP access in exclusive events like F1 or MotoGP, stays in luxurious hotels and many more. Whitelist for Wealthy Teds NFT The opportunity to get into the whitelist for Wealthy Teds is open until April 17 and the Whitelist Sale will be on 30th April while Public Sale on 4th May. You can fill out the whitelist form on the website to get whitelisted. There are only 1,000 slots available for whitelisting.  Note: Whitelist mint pricing 0.6 ETH and Public Sale price is 0.75 ETH Road Map Q2 2022  Wealthy Teds first Collection launch Q3 2022 Honey pot — Long-term holders (holders for 30 days or more) will have access to a free drop of a new NFT collection of honey pot that can be burned with the first collection. Newcomers to the project will be able … Continued

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RealBig Announces Presale Whitelist for the Upcoming ICO

RealBig will be selling a limited number of RealB tokens- at a discounted price- to the public during their ICO pre-sale whitelisting. This will give a chance to early participants to buy at a 50% discounted price by April 15, 2022 on a first come, first served basis.  Terms and Whitelisting Application Read the RealBig...

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Join Ledger’s contest to win a spot on an upcoming World of Women whitelist

This Contest will run from Tuesday, March 15th (9am CET) to Thursday, March 17th, 2021 (12pmCET).To participate, follow the steps below, and we’ll randomly select twenty-five (25) winners to eachwin a spot on an upcoming World of Women whitelist. It could just be you! The Prizes Ledger Contest – get a chance to win a […]

Gensokishi Online Hosts Campaign to Win in-Game Token ROND Whitelist for a Total of $10,000

Tag Template - News Hub PROPRESS RELEASE. GensoKishi Online Metaworld is a GameFi and metaverse incarnation of the award winning Nintendo Switch/PS4 game “Elemental Knights”. Genoskishi Online has set numerous records since releasing its website and various social networking sites on December 2, 2021. The community has grown to over 230k members since its release. The launch on Trsutpad sold […]

Kirobo unveils a collection of 10K utility NFTs that reimburse holders’ gas fees

  Kirobo, a decentralized application developer creating a safer infrastructure for Web 3, unveils a collection of 10,000 utility non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs will reimburse the gas fees their holders incur from transactions conducted through Kirobo’s Liquid Vault, a non-custodial on-chain wallet with unique security features enabled by conditional transaction technology. The NFTs will […]

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CyBall Scholarship Philippines Guide

This is a guide for everyone who wants to start their own Cyball scholarships, or if you are a scholar looking for a list of guilds offering Cyball scholarships.

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