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5 Secrets Of Successful Promotion On YouTube

Promoting any kind of content is a complex process that involves many steps. There is no magic formula that works for everyone equally effectively,...

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Microsoft Azure Developers Awash in PII-Stealing npm Packages

A large-scale, automated typosquatting attack saw 200+ malicious packages flood the npm code repository, targeting popular Azure scopes.

Just-Released Dark Souls Game, Elden Ring, Includes Killer Bug

A patch fixes exploit hidden in Elden Ring that traps PC players in a ‘death loop.’

HubSpot Data Breach Ripples Through Crytocurrency Industry

~30 crypto companies were affected, including BlockFi, Swan Bitcoin and NYDIG, providing an uncomfortable reminder about how much data CRM systems snarf up.

Chinese APT Combines Fresh Hodur RAT with Complex Anti-Detection

Mustang Panda's already sophisticated cyberespionage campaign has matured even further with the introduction of a brand-new PlugX RAT variant.

Microsoft Help Files Disguise Vidar Malware

Attackers are hiding interesting malware in a boring place, hoping victims won’t bother to look.

Top 3 Attack Trends in API Security – Podcast

Bots & automated attacks have exploded, with attackers and developers alike in love with APIs, according to a new Cequence Security report. Hacker-in-residence Jason Kent explains the latest.
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Tax-Season Scammers Spoof Fintechs, Including Stash, Public

Threat actors are impersonating such wildly popular personal-finance apps (which are used more than social media or streaming services) to try to fool people into giving up their credentials.

DeadBolt Ransomware Resurfaces to Hit QNAP Again

A new steady stream of attacks against network-attached storage devices from the Taiwan-based vendor is similar to a wave that occurred in January.

Microsoft: Lapsus$ Used Employee Account to Steal Source Code

The data-extortion gang got at Microsoft's Azure DevOps server. Meanwhile, fellow Lapsus$ victim and authentication firm Okta said 2.5 percent of customers were affected in its own Lapsus$ attack.

Lapsus$ Data Kidnappers Claim Snatches From Microsoft, Okta

Lapsus$ shared screenshots of internal Okta systems and 40Gb of purportedly stolen Microsoft data on Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana.

Russia Lays Groundwork for Cyberattacks on US Infrastructure – White House

"Evolving intelligence" shows Russia amping up for cyber-war in response to Ukraine-related sanctions, the White House said -- but researchers warn that many orgs are not prepared.

FIDO: Here’s Another Knife to Help Murder Passwords

After years of promising a passwordless future – really, any day now! – FIDO is proposing tweaks to WebAuthn that could put us out of password misery. Experts aren’t so sure.
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