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Google Chrome Zero-Day Bugs Exploited Weeks Ahead of Patch

Two separate campaigns from different threat actors targeted users with the same exploit kit for more than a month before the company fixed an RCE flaw found in February.

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Fiat Is Still The King For Money Laundering, Us Treasury Department Says

US Treasury Department has stated that despite the widespread use of digital assets for money laundering, the rate is still higher with fiat currencies. The [...]

Misconfigured Firebase Databases Exposing Data in Mobile Apps

Five percent of the databases are vulnerable to threat actors: It's a gold mine of exploit opportunity in thousands of mobile apps, researchers say.

FBI, CISA Warn of Russian Hackers Exploiting MFA and PrintNightmare Bug

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have released a joint advisory warning that Russia-backed threat actors hacked the network of an unnamed non-governmental entity by exploiting a combination of flaws. "As early as May 2021, Russian state-sponsored cyber actors took advantage of a misconfigured account set to default [

Hackers Abuse Mitel Devices to Amplify DDoS Attacks by 4 Billion Times

Threat actors have been observed abusing a high-impact reflection/amplification method to stage sustained distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks for up to 14 hours with a record-breaking amplification ratio of 4,294,967,296 to 1. The attack vector – dubbed TP240PhoneHome (CVE-2022-26143) – has been weaponized to launch significant DDoS attacks targeting broadband access ISPs, financial

New 16 High-Severity UEFI Firmware Flaws Discovered in Millions of HP Devices

Cybersecurity researchers on Tuesday disclosed 16 new high-severity vulnerabilities in various implementations of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware impacting multiple HP enterprise devices. The shortcomings, which have CVSS scores ranging from 7.5 to 8.8, have been uncovered in HP's UEFI firmware. The variety of devices affected includes HP's laptops, desktops, point-of-sale

Samsung Confirms Data Breach After Hackers Leak Galaxy Source Code

Samsung on Monday confirmed a security breach that resulted in the exposure of internal company data, including the source code related to its Galaxy smartphones. "According to our initial analysis, the breach involves some source code relating to the operation of Galaxy devices, but does not include the personal information of our consumers or employees," the electronics giant told Bloomberg.
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Google: Russian Hackers Target Ukrainians, European Allies via Phishing Attacks

A broad range of threat actors, including Fancy Bear, Ghostwriter, and Mustang Panda, have launched phishing campaigns against Ukraine, Poland, and other European entities amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) said it took down two Blogspot domains that were used by the nation-state group FancyBear (aka APT28) – which is attributed to Russia's GRU military

Critical Bugs in TerraMaster TOS Could Open NAS Devices to Remote Hacking

Researchers have disclosed details of critical security vulnerabilities in TerraMaster network-attached storage (TNAS) devices that could be chained to attain unauthenticated remote code execution with the highest privileges. The issues reside in TOS, an abbreviation for TerraMaster Operating System, and "can grant unauthenticated attackers access to the victim's box simply by knowing the IP

Why the World Needs a Global Collective Cyber Defense

This sort of approach would enable cross-company and cross-sector threat information sharing, an effort that would allow companies to easily turn data into actionable insights.

Imperva Thwarts 2.5 Million RPS Ransom DDoS Extortion Attacks

Cybersecurity company Imperva on Friday said it recently mitigated a ransom distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack targeting an unnamed website that peaked at 2.5 million requests per second (RPS). "While ransom DDoS attacks are not new, they appear to be evolving and becoming more interesting with time and with each new phase," Nelli Klepfish, security analyst at Imperva, said. "For

CISA Adds Another 95 Flaws to its Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) this week added 95 more security flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, taking the total number of actively exploited vulnerabilities to 478. "These types of vulnerabilities are a frequent attack vector for malicious cyber actors and pose significant risk to the federal enterprise," the agency said in an advisory

A message from Comodo CEO, Ken Levine.

Reading Time: 2 minutes The recent, unprecedented attack on peace and stability in Ukraine has captured the whole world’s attention. Comodo has had longstanding operations in Ukraine. To our staff and families- you are our co-workers, partners, and family. We will support you in any way we can. At the same time, we continue to take steps to offer...

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