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Key factors while interviewing a Java programmer

The Java market is enormous. There are a lot of talented Java developers out there, and understanding how to interview them will help you...

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Aurora Cannabis Acquires Thrive Cannabis and its Award-Winning Greybeard Brand

EDMONTON, Alberta – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (the “Company” or “Aurora”) (NASDAQ: ACB) (TSX: ACB), the Canadian company defining the future of cannabinoids worldwide, is pleased to announce today that the Company […]

Sound Money Fest Lineup Confirmed for Bitcoin 2022


PRESS RELEASE. BTC Miami has released a concert line-up packed full of world-class musical talent for its Sound Money Fest experience. Talented acts in the likes of the all-encompassing musician, producer and world-famous club DJ Steve Aoki and American-born hip-hop artist Logic, will entertain concert-goers with live music on the final day of BTC 2022…

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T1 Bench Seven

Johann “seven” Hernandez has been benched by T1 and is currently a “restricted free-agent”. He’s looking for a new team where he can fully utilize his talents as a Duelist main, but he’s also comfortable in most other roles too. Despite being just a 16-years-old professional player in Valorant, he has already been a part […]

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In an era where present-day art and the artists know no definite form, it is important to highlight the protection (or lack of) available to [...]

Mech Master Announces the Launch of Public Testnet and the Opening of Whitelist

Mech Master, a first-ever 3D Turn-based Mecha Blockchain game announced the launch of its public testnet and also, the opening of whitelist. With this, Mecha fans will be able to experience first-hand the attractive gameplay and top-notch graphics of the Mech Master game through its Public Testnet. This is expected to be a boom in GameFi.

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What's so great about the upcoming Mech Master Public Testnet?

Led and operated by a team of the most elite in the fields of gaming, art, and technology, Mech Master is currently in the stage of releasing the first brainchild to the public.

This is a significant milestone to help the project gain its well-deserved reputation, and collect feedback and suggestions to improve product quality.

Besides the thorough preparation from the development team, what makes the Public Testnet of the game so attractive is the character NFT set, and the in-game equipment. These premium digital assets are distributed for free to players so they can effortlessly take part in the test, and enjoy the in-game rewards thereafter.

Last February, Mech Master sold out all 400 NFT tickets on the prestigious NFT exchange Binance NFT, with the highest price ticket sold at 400,000 BUSD. That is to say the liquidity and in-game value of the Public Testnet rewards is extremely large.

How to be whitelisted for Mech Master Public Testnet?

• Registration time: from 12PM UTC March 21, 2022 to 12PM UTC March 27, 2022
• Event duration: 2 weeks - from 12PM UTC March 30, 2022 to 12PM UTC April 13, 2022
• Number of slots: 300
• Joining conditions: Holding at least 1 Mech Master Mecha; or being KOLs, game streamers, or blockchain enthusiasts with a large audience. All interested players need to submit the registration form before the deadline.

About Mech Master game: The first-ever game to be published in its Metaverse ecosystem

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As the leading project in its ecosystem, the Mech Master game is a combination of turn-based strategy and card game, allowing players to plan the tactics to win the intense PvP battles. Each mortal combat takes place in approximately 20 minutes, with each turn lasting 15 seconds. Mech Master showcases its massive asset libraries in the game, facilitating its players to assemble the best Mecha lineup.  To start battling, players just need to assemble a squad of 3-5 Mechas, equip them with the most advanced weapons, and bring in talented pilots to control them.

Mech Master is considered one of the best games in the P2E NFT space, with unique gameplay and lucrative earning potential. The project is on its way to releasing new game modes, features, as well as special events for obtaining rare in-game items. The development team's effort and proficiency will be illustrated in the upcoming Public Testnet.

To know more about Mech Master visit www.mechmaster.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MechMaster_IO

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/MechMaster_ANN

Telegram Global: https://t.me/MechMaster_Official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mechmaster.io

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mechmaster_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/xs8MDRvbaF

Medium: https://mechmaster.medium.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4syNhfjzAxB7Uf6bguItLQ/featured

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Ron Nguyen

Company: Mirai Studio

Email: contact@mechmaster.io

Website: https://mechmaster.io/

Dear SaaStr: What Was the Moment You Knew You Had to Break Up With Your Co-founder?

Dear SaaStr: What Was the Moment You Knew You Had to Break Up With Your Co-founder? It’s happened to me twice, that “moment”. It was the same thing both times:...
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NFT FAQ: How to Turn Your Art into NFTs to Sell Online

NFTs are more than just digital art. From music and videos to more traditional works, find out how to turn them into NFTs in our guide.

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Penske Logistics Vice President of Freight Management Named a Finalist for 2022 Distinguished Woman in Logistics

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LeAnne Coulter, vice president of freight management for Penske Logistics, has been named a finalist for the Women in Trucking Association’s 2022 Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award. This prestigious award honors the contributions, achievements and influence of exceptional women leading the North American transportation industry.

Coulter is responsible for the strategic vision, growth and product development for all 4PL, freight management and brokerage services for Penske Logistics, as well as third-party carrier sourcing, acquisition and management. She was recently honored by Supply & Demand Chain Executive with the 2021 Women in Supply Chain Award.

“LeAnne possesses an incredible breadth and depth of expertise rooted in 28 years of supply chain management experience, as well as a remarkable work ethic and leadership mindset,” said Jeff Bullard, senior vice president of operations for Penske Logistics. “She is a critical change agent for our organization, and truly embodies the qualities of a Distinguished Woman in Logistics.”

Portrait of LeAnne Coulter LeAnne Coulter, vice president of freight management for Penske Logistics, is a finalist for the 2022 Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award.

During her first four years with Penske, Coulter held full P&L and growth responsibility for Penske’s freight brokerage and international services, which achieved unprecedented growth under her leadership. She also plays an essential role in Penske Logistics’ innovation pipeline, spearheading new products and solutions that empower customers through advanced supply chain visibility.

“In a field that requires us to problem-solve, negotiate, compromise and think outside the box, we all achieve more when women are embedded in every supply chain function,” said Coulter. “I’m proud to be a part of the talented, diverse and forward-thinking team here at Penske, and grateful for this opportunity to celebrate the incredible female leadership in our industry.”

Coulter serves on the Steering Committee for Penske Women in Logistics, an organization committed to advancing the careers of female associates through mentoring, networking and professional development. She is a member of the advisory board for Wayne State University’s Global Supply Chain Program, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and the Association for Operations Management.

By Emily Foreman

Common Mistakes, Tackling Searching, and Skill Test: Ask Me Anything About Hiring in 2022

Talent and recruiting is a top-of-mind subject for everyone in today’s job market. It’s also a leading contributor to many…

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Live Performance and Drugs: The Art of Confidence

Live performance of any kind can be a daunting, stressful and strenuous activity. This is the case for any type of performance; if you’re an athlete performing in the Olympics, if you’re a musician on tour, if you’re an actor on set or onstage, if you’re a soldier fighting in a war, or if you’re […]

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Heroes of Mavia Taps Tribe Gaming To Make Competitive Play-to-earn Gaming Viable in eSports


Heroes of Mavia, the Binance-backed play-to-earn MMO strategy game, explore new opportunities in the eSports vertical. A new partnership with Tribe Gaming will position Mavia as the leading eSports-oriented title in the P2E blockchain gaming segment. Mobile gaming and eSports make for a potent mix. Numerous AAA games have mobile spin-offs that are part of…

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