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7 cybersecurity tips for your summer vacation!

by Paul Ducklin It’s prime vacation season in the Northern Hemipshere, and in some countries, July and August aren’t just months when some people take some...

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Kenyan Guidance on PMS: Three Steps Approach, Documentation, and Reporting

The new article explains the three steps testing approaches and highlights the key points associated thereto. The document also addresses the aspects related to...

Kenyan Guidance on PMS: Procedure and Testing

The new article provides additional clarifications regarding certain specific aspects related to post-market surveillance, including the activities to be undertaken by the parties involved...

Kenyan Guidance on Post-Market Surveillance: Communication

The new article describes in detail certain specific aspects related to post-market surveillance – in particular, the way the authority is going to communicate...

Murder suspect admits she tracked cheating partner with hidden AirTag

by Paul Ducklin Marion County, right in the middle of the US state of Indiana, and home to the state’s capital Indianapolis, is also currently home...

Kenyan Guidance on Post-marketing Surveillance: Reporting

The new article describes in detail the regulatory requirements related to reporting incidents with medical devices and other healthcare products. Table of ContentsThe Ministry...

Computer vision’s quest to teach machines to see like humans

Computer vision is a discipline of artificial intelligence that allows machines to see their environment like humans. Looking and seeing are different actions. The...
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Kenyan Guidance on Post-Marketing Surveillance: Roles and Responsibilities

The new article describes in detail the responsibilities of the parties involved in operations with medical devices in terms of post-marketing surveillance.  Table of...

Rocket Lab briefly catches booster in mid-air after successful launch

Rocket Lab used a helicopter to capture a spent Electron first stage booster and its parachute after launching satellites from New Zealand Monday, a significant step forward for the company's rocket recovery and reuse program. The helicopter dropped the rocket a few seconds later.

How does KYC affect Crypto Transactions?

Often, one of the key problems of the internet is that the security protocols and accompanying legislation can’t seem to keep up with its...

Space Force has insatiable demand for geospatial intelligence

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The U.S. Space Force plans to request funding in the 2024 budget for space-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, Lt. Gen. B. Chance Saltzman, U.S. Space Force deputy chief of space operations.

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Rocket Lab confirms plan to catch booster with helicopter later this month

Rocket Lab plans the first attempt to catch one of its returning small satellite boosters by helicopter after a launch later this month, nearly three years after the company announced its mid-air recovery and reuse concept.

Catalyst = 20% lower consumption & 10% higher power for Eurodrone

Catalyst – 100% European development without any US licenses. Ecologically more effective thanks to 20% lower consumption and 10% higher power. This means three more hours of time in the air,  which can be decisive in various defense actions and even save lives.     Within a few weeks, Airbus Defense and Space will have […]

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