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How are Online Casino Games Made?

Most of us take for granted the processes associated with developing an online casino game from scratch. However, development takes hundreds of hours and...

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GIF creator Stephen Wilhite has died

Wilhite laid the groundwork for a now-ubiquitous form of communication.

stichd Selects Logility to Drive Supply Chain Growth and Attract Talent

LogDutch apparel licensing company to leverage the Logility ®Digital Supply Chain Platform to improve product availability and enhance employee experience ATLANTA – March 22, 2022 – Logility, Inc., a leader in supply chain innovation powering the sustainable and resilient enterprise, today announced stichd, a Netherlands-based product licensing company and division of PUMA, has chosen the Logility Digital […]

GetYourBill in the top 10 of the best european solutions for automation in retail

  The software for electronic invoicing of the italian company Ultroneo Srl represents a real innovation at European level   A success that shows no signs of stopping. From an idea generated within a spin-off of an italian University, the fintech company Ultroneo, creator of the GetYourBill system for immediate electronic invoicing, enters this year’s […]

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What’s a Ketamine K-Hole and How to Avoid It

Ketamine is the new medical trend, though its been popular on the recreational market since the 80’s, and enjoys use as a legal schedule III anesthetic. For those who use it, the term ‘k-hole’ should be familiar, and for those who want to get into it, it’s a good thing to know about. Ketamine proposes […]

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Air Canada Reaffirms and Strengthens its Commitment to Official Languages in its Corporate Culture

Establish new Official Languages Branch responsible for airline’s language action plan and initiatives Increasing language training to improve bilingual service delivery for all employees Special incentives for employees who recommend bilingual candidates who are subsequently hired MONTREAL, March 21, 2022 /CNW/ – Air…

GM Ups Its Stake in Cruise

The company is set to acquire SoftBank Vision Fund’s Stake in Cruise for $2.1 billion
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Rivian is one of few pure EV makers that outsourced its electric motors

Pure electric vehicle companies have adopted numerous strategies to stand apart from the competition. Tesla makes a lot of its components in-house, including its vehicles’ electric motors. Even Lucid Motors, which is still ramping the Air’s production ramp, has been proudly highlighting that its electric motors, which were also developed in-house, are amazingly compact and […]

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Shiba Inu’s Redemption Journey: 3 Big Upcoming Catalysts Poised To Be Major Triggers For SHIB’s Growth

Why Shiba Inu Has Remained Most Held Asset Amongst Large Ethereum Whales Despite Price Turmoil
Shiba Inu has enjoyed somewhat of a bittersweet journey ever since it broke onto the crypto scene in August 2020. The crypto asset which was...

Ocean Casino Resort Settles with Whistleblower Exec in Wrongful Termination Suit

Atlantic City’s Ocean Casino Resort has reached a settlement with a former general counsel and senior vice president who claimed she was illegally fired for whistleblowing. Loretta Pickus sued the casino and its owner, the Luxor Capital Group, in 2020. She claimed her employment was wrongfully terminated after she objected to casino management sending inaccurate […]

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Global Waste Index 2022 highlights leaders and laggards

There are still major differences in the amount of waste generated across the world, and how it is disposed, a finding confirmed by a 2022 Global Waste Index compiled by waste management technology firm Sensoneo to mark Global Recycling Day (18 March). The firm says the index provides a comprehensive analysis of 38 member states […]

TòrÒnet a Blockchain Platform Built Specifically for Financial Inclusion Launches With Four Stablecoins – Press launch Bitcoin News

press launch PRESS RELEASE. TòròNet not too long ago introduced the launch of the community’s mainnet, following almost six months of working a testnet. The blockchain was launched along with stablecoins in 4 currencies within the African sub-continent to begin. The blockchain is constructed particularly targeted on the unbanked and inadequately banked, however with the […]

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Anchor Protocol: DeFi’s Leading Saving Product

Anchor Protocol Review

In the past few years, DeFi applications have seen tremendous growth. At the start of the year 2021, the Total value locked (TVL) in DeFi applications was used to be around 18 billion dollars. Currently, TVL in DeFi applications is around 200 billion dollars, which is more than 10x of the TVL of January 2021. Total unique DeFi wallets are 4.3 million right now, more than 4x the unique DeFi wallets of January 2021.  Various DeFi applications provide financial services like lending & borrowing, trading, prediction markets, yield farming, etc. Still, there are only a few million DeFi users, and the Anchor protocol of Terra Ecosystem wants to change it. Team of Anchor Protocol believes that a saving product is required for the mass adoption of DeFi applications.  Anchor is a saving protocol that offers low-volatile yields on deposits of Terra Stablecoins. The Anchor interest rate is powered by staking rewards from Proof of Stake blockchains, and therefore more stable rates can be expected. Anchor Protocol makes a money market between a lender and a borrower.  Lenders can earn stable yields by depositing their Stablecoins while borrowers can borrow stablecoins on their stakeable assets. According to the protocol-defined borrowing ratio, borrowers can lock their bonded assets (bAssets) as collateral and borrow stablecoins. Currently, Bonded Luna (bluna) and Bonded ETH(bETH) are the only two bonded assets that can be put as collateral for borrowing stablecoins.  The stream of staking rewards comes from borrowers’ global pool of collateral. These staking rewards are converted into stablecoin, which are given to the lenders in stable yield.  Tokenomics of Anchor Anchor Protocol’s governance token is the Anchor Token (ANC). Users who have staked ANC tokens can propose new governance polls, which can be voted on by users who have staked ANC tokens.  ANC token is designed to increase its value linearly with Anchor’s assets under management, allowing it to capture a piece of the protocol’s yield. Anchor provides protocol fees to ANC stakeholders proportionally to their stake, benefiting stakeholders as adoption of Anchor grows. ANC stakeholders are driven to suggest, discuss, and vote for proposals that improve the protocol. ANC Value Accrual The buying pressure increases proportionally as ANC tokens grow in lockstep with Anchor’s Assets Under Management. Protocol fees are used to buy ANC tokens from Terraswap, which are then paid to ANC stakers as staking rewards.  Protocol Fees  ANC captures protocol fees created by Anchor, with 10% of the value flowing into the yield reserve being used for the value accrual of ANC tokens. bAsset rewards, excess yield, and collateral liquidation costs are used to fund Anchor’s protocol fees. basset rewards A portion of the rewards from deposited bAsset collaterals is used to buy ANC, with the rest going into the yield reserve. If the yield reserve’s inventory reaches a sufficient amount, governance can modify the ratio of bAsset rewards utilised for ANC purchases. Excess Yield Deposit rates higher than the target deposit rate are stored in the yield reserve, with a portion of it utilised to purchase ANC. The ANC tokens that have been purchased are subsequently given to ANC stakers. Collateral Liquidation Fees When a loan is liquidated, 1% of the liquidated collateral value is sent to the yield reserve, with a portion going into ANC purchases. This cost is not included in the bid premiums. Governance Fees ANC token deposits of Anchor governance polls that have failed to attain the needed quorum are then allocated to ANC stakers as staking rewards.   At the start of the Anchor Protocol, 150 million ANC tokens were released. Fifty million (33.3 percent) tokens were airdropped to LUNA stakers, with staked amounts snapshotted at block 2179600.  One hundred million tokens (66.7 percent) were set aside for the Anchor Community Fund. Final Token Distribution A total of 1,000,000,000 ANC tokens will be distributed over four years. No more new ANC tokens will be added to the supply once this quantity has been distributed. Various methods to earn money with Anchor:  Depositing UST is a simple way to earn money with Anchor. The protocol project itself as a savings product and provides a 20% annual percentage yield (APY) on deposit.  Users can borrow UST by putting their bAssets, i.e. Bonded Luna (bluna) and Bonded ETH(bETH), up as collateral.  Users can also buy and stake ANC to receive staking rewards and participate in governance.  You can also earn rewards while at the same time providing liquidity to exchanges by staking your LP tokens (ANC-UST LP). Conclusion Anchor is the leading DeFi protocol of Terra Ecosystem. Currently, 13 billion dollars worth of assets is deposited in the protocol. Its goal is to become a stable saving solution for DeFi users, providing passive income. Anchor has an easy to use interface, which will be helpful in onboarding millions of … Continued

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