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Financial Authority Of Singapore Seeks Public Opinion On Stablecoin Regulation

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) assesses the administrative system’s benefits for stablecoins. The current directions manage Anti-Money Laundering as well as Know Your...

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NFL Inks Deal for First-Person PSVR Football Game

Will co-exist with Madden NFL.

While the NFL’s deal with EA Sports and Madden NFL is as strong as ever, the league is slowly but surely beginning to diversify its portfolio of products, as it seeks to reach new audiences with the sport. And one example of that is a new deal inked between the NFL and sports technology firm StatusPRO, which will see it release a brand new first-person football experience on PSVR, presumably PSVR2.

While the project doesn’t have a name or screenshots yet, it’s described as an “annualised” title, which will see you take to the field from a first-person perspective. StatusPRO has previously worked with Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens to embed real-world players in virtual football scenarios, and the NFL believes this experience will help to make its virtual reality project that little bit more immersive.

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Coinbase Expands Staking Offerings to Include Cardano

By Rupmalini Sahu, Senior Product ManagerAt Coinbase, we’re focused on offering more ways for customers to earn crypto rewards. Today, we’re expanding our staking...

Oops! Georgia Lawmakers Almost Voted on Delta 8 Bill by Accident

The bill made it all the way to the floor of the Georgia Senate before it was killed.

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Biden administration lays out bold plan to combat appraisal bias

The five-point plan seeks to make the appraisal industry more accountable, arm consumers with assistance, prevent algorithmic bias, cultivate a more diverse appraisal industry, and leverage federal data to benefit research and policymaking.

“Careers in Ethereum and Web3” to Connect Job Seekers with Global Hiring Organizations

Virtual Job Fair Presented by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the Blockchain Education Network to Offer Job Seekers Career Connections on March 31, 2022, from 2 to 4 p.m. Eastern Hiring Organizations Include Accenture, ConsenSys, Hacken.io, IO Builders, Microsoft, Palm NFT Studio, SKALE Labs, Steel Perlot, Quantstamp, Trail of Bits and More Featured Speakers Include [...]

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Jazz Aviation Named One of the Top Employers in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada for the Eleventh Year in a Row

HALIFAX, NS, March 23, 2022 /CNW/ – Chorus Aviation Inc. (‘Chorus’) (TSX: CHR) announced that its subsidiary Jazz Aviation LP (‘Jazz’) was recognized as a Top Employer in both Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada for the eleventh consecutive year by Mediacorp Canada Inc. “We are pleased to…
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The Tidex crypto exchange team announced their launchpad and metaverse

If you had bought bitcoin ten years ago, today you could’ve expected an astronomical return of over a million percent. Investments in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are attracting more and more people who seem to be completely unfamiliar with this field. There is nothing surprising in this: in times of crisis, when the ground is slipping from under your feet and no assets are seen as reliable, gold and digital currencies are your best bet. It is not for nothing that bitcoin was once dubbed “digital gold” – in many ways it really is the best way to describe the #1 digital asset. Judge for yourself: the number of BTCs is limited, it’ll always be extremely valuable, it can be sold at the best market price on thousands of sites, and it can act as a safe haven in times of crisis since its price does not directly correlate with stock market assets. No assets can give profits the way cryptocurrencies do, which, in recent years, have shown growth by hundreds and even thousands of percent. However, where the profit is high, the risk is also high, and the choice of a good platform for trading – a cryptocurrency exchange – becomes very important from the early stages of wanting to get into this field. On the one hand, the choice of crypto exchanges today is huge, on the other hand, not every one of them is easy to understand or reliable. A modern crypto exchange has strict security requirements and a set of tools that must satisfy both the pro and the beginner. About the Tidex Crypto Exchange: latest technology and a second wind The dark horse of 2022, claiming to be the leader in the field of cryptocurrency trading, is Tidex, an old-timer of the market, which has undergone a number of important updates this year. Tidex has changed its technical team, and with it came new ideas and important improvements in the technical core of the platform. The convenience of user interaction with the interface has grown. It has become more intuitive, its functionalities have grown as new tools that are necessary for trading professionals have been added. For beginners, the platform also looks like an ideal place to start working with cryptocurrencies, since it has several levels of interface complexity – unnecessary features can be turned off. The launch of the launchpad as a response to the market’s request Today, the crypto market is desperately short on projects in which investors could invest money. Yes, it might be developing very quickly, but demand is still much higher than supply. Therefore, the launch of a platform for conducting initial offers of project tokens is a sought-after niche that Tidex seeks to fill in response to the sharp market demand. This is not surprising, since more and more investors want to participate in IEOs today seeing how over the past few years, some tokens have given their owners a fabulous profit. The launchpad is a useful and profitable feature for all potential participants: for startups, it serves as a great opportunity to make themselves known, for investors, it can give them huge profits, and for the platform itself there are many factors such as the growth of the community and trading volumes, the expansion of token staking programs, etc. The Tidex team promises that the planned launchpad will become what the market has long been waiting for – a simple and convenient platform where as many as possible will be able to get access to early investments. Transition to the Metaverse Metaverse has almost become the main word in IT over the past few months. It’s impossible not to pay attention to this trend because even our good old Facebook is now known as Meta. The areas interested in creating their own metaverses go far beyond virtual services, and of course, companies associated with cryptocurrencies were among the first to pick up this trend. The Tidex team says that by the end of this year, the exchange will have its own metaverse, where users will be able to interact with the platform and each other on a whole new level. Of course, with the general interest in the metaverses, the introduction of this tool into the Tidex product pool will cause a serious influx of new customers and an increase in the value of the native token of the exchange, which will become the main currency in the world created. The Tidex team believes that the launch of metaverses that will eventually be able to communicate with each other will be a real impetus for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world. About the advantages of the Tidex cryptocurrency exchange: One of the lowest commissions on the market, which can be reduced to almost zero depending on the trading activity and the use of the native token of the exchange. The maximum commission is 0.2%. The deposit is free, withdrawal commissions are minimal in the market and vary depending on the asset. A huge pool of tools for professionals, a user-friendly TradingView terminal – no need to spend time learning, you can start trading right away. There are advanced charting features with the ability to visualize orders and positions, as well as price alerts. Tidex puts security above all: storage on the platform is 98% cold, in other terms, customer funds are not located on centralized servers but are stored offline in offline storage. Automatic DDoS protection is used, backups are updated daily, and two-factor authentication for users is required. On the website, you can exchange cryptocurrencies without a commission instantly. You can buy crypto for fiat directly from a bank card. Internal codes operate on the site: by generating a code, you can send money to another user as quickly, conveniently and safely as possible. There is no commission for sending and receiving codes. One of the coolest features of Tidex is its super-profitable staking. This is a way to earn money on coins that are added to a special wallet and, depending on the conditions, stay there for a specific amount of time. During this time, in exchange for providing liquidity to the site, the user receives a percentage of the coins in the vault. Now Tidex is staking the popular AAVE coin at 3.5% per day.

Privacy Infrastructure Startup Nym Hires Prominent Surveillance Tech Expert & Law Professor

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Blockchain privacy startup Nym Technologies is boosting its backroom team with the addition of Ahmed Ghappour, a renowned attorney and professor of law, as its new General Counsel. Ghappour is one of the world’s most respected minds when it comes to law and surveillance technology. He’s currently a senior professor at Boston University’s School of [...]

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When Should a Startup Consider Fundraising?

With most startup companies, fundraising is a crucial element that transforms them from a small team of entrepreneurs into a large outfit with widespread products or services.

ARV Gets Listed on Huobi as Groundbreaking Blockchain and Tourism Event in Dubai Approaches

Tag Template - News Hub PROPRESS RELEASE. The World Tourism Forum Institute’s (WTFI) centrepiece, the Global Tourism Forum, or GTF, is a worldwide collaborative platform focused on tackling the tourism industry’s difficulties. WTFI wants to be at the forefront of this change by giving new alternatives to an emerging generation of travellers, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, with a different […]

Glia Joins Fintech Unicorn Club After $45 Million Funding Round

Glia recently raised a $45 million Series D investment round. The round values the company at over $1 billion, making it a fintech unicorn. Glia said the funds “will be heavily allocated toward research and development.” Digital customer service tools provider Glia is now valued at over $1 billion, making it fintech’s newest unicorn. The Read more...

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Group Launches Petition to Bring Recreational Pot to Colorado Springs

A bid to bring adult-use weed sales to Colorado’s second largest city, Colorado Springs, is hitting the ground running.

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