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History of gambling

First casino The first casino opened its doors to gamblers in 1863 in Monaco. In Italian, "casino" means country house. Such a country house, in...

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Crypto Scammers Have Drained Over $1 Billion From Consumers Last Year – FTC | Bitcoinist.com

Crypto tricksters have cheated in excess of 46,000 individuals more than $1 billion starting from the beginning of 2021, as per a report delivered...

How Modern Technologies Help to Charm Mature Women in the UK

Lesbian relationships where one lady is much older than the other are wonderful. Such couples have so much in common, but they have a...

Trends in Technology That Will Shapes the Next Decade

Technology, like money, is a driver of corporate growth, and companies are always redesigning and updating their processes to accommodate the latest advances. If...

How Do Scammers Entice Their Prey?

Privacy settings Decide which cookies you want to allow. You can change these settings at any time. However, this can result in some functions no...

7 Basic Internet Security Tips: How To Stay Safe Online

Every other day, we hear about another large corporation that has had its customer data compromised. In many cases, the customers are not even...

US DOJ Charged Ethereum NFT Project Creators In Rug Pull Case

The US DOJ Charged Ethereum NFT project creators of Frosties for a “rug pull” and wire fraud as well as money laundering so let’s read further in today’s latest Ethereum news. The US DOJ charged Ethereum NFT project creators for defrauding buyers of an NFT project. Andre Llacuna and Ethan Nguyen are the creators of […]
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Deloitte Blockchain Survey: Crypto’s continued development

Pre-COVID, cryptocurrency was nonetheless a comparatively unknown commodity in mainstream circles and to common shoppers. Two years into the pandemic (or post-pandemic, can we are saying???), that has modified completely.   Deloitte’s 2021 international blockchain survey highlights the extent of crypto’s emergence – and this survey was carried out just one 12 months into the pandemic, […]

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Security PSA: Mining Pool Scams Targeting Self-Custody Wallets

By Coinbase Security TeamAs part of our mission to build a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto, we actively...

Tax-Season Scammers Spoof Fintechs, Including Stash, Public

Threat actors are impersonating such wildly popular personal-finance apps (which are used more than social media or streaming services) to try to fool people into giving up their credentials.

Romance Scam Group Crypto Rom Has Gotten Much Bigger

Crypto Rom – an international digital currency scam ring – appears to have grown heavily over just the last year. The organization works by engaging in romance scams in which both iPhone and Android users are duped into thinking someone is interested in them after meeting on Tinder and other social media apps. From there,...

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iDenfy teams up with Confirmo to guarantee security with digital identity verification

    iDenfy, the global fraud prevention and identity verification business, teams up with Confirmo, the blockchain payment solution provider. iDenfy’s verification service will assess the risks by welcoming valid customers to Confirmo’s network.  During the past few years, the digital sphere was heavily influenced by bad actors. Hackers continue to exploit the pandemic in […]

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Facebook sued in Australia for fake crypto ads

A few weeks ago, Australia’s richest man, Andrew Forrest, was forced to file criminal charges against Meta for allowing crypto scam ads with his name and age.

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