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El Salvador’s Ambassador to the United States to represent the El Salvador people at GBA’s Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth Conference

Milena Mayorga, El Salvador's ambassador to the United States, will represent her nation and government at this year's Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth Conference...

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Stranger Things Turns Far Cry 6 PS5, PS4 Upside Down for Free

Full game free this weekend.

A new season of Stranger Things will air in May, and Far Cry 6 wants to get you in the mood. An update, available now, adds an entirely new mission strand to Ubisoft’s open world shooter, and it’s free for anyone who owns the title. Furthermore, if you haven’t taken a trip to Yara yet, the entire game is free to download and play until Sunday, on both the PlayStation 5 and PS4.

While it doesn’t really make narrative sense for the Upside Down to be integrated into Far Cry 6, you’ve got to remember this is a title that also found you fighting alongside Danny Trejo, so switch off your brain for a little bit. The presentation actually looks really strong here, with the Mind Flayer and Demogorgon both well represented – it might be the closest we get to a Stranger Things FPS.

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OLCC Violation? Keep These Two Points in Mind

OLCC rules are complex and change frequently, so compliance can be challenging and violations occur frequently. Over the years, we’ve represented clients in administrative proceedings across the west coast, and each system has its own quirks. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you find yourself in the process. Focus on compliance

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If Activision Blizzard recognizes a union, Microsoft ‘will not stand in the way’

Staff at Raven Software are fighting for recognition of the Game Workers Alliance.

How To Add a Sparkline in Excel

Excel is a great tool for all of your marketing needs. You can create graphs to visualize your data, use formulas to calculate conversion rates, or even create social media calendars.

YouTube Rippers Appeal $83 Million Piracy Verdict

The operator of YouTube rippers FLVTO.biz and 2conv.com has announced that he will appeal the piracy verdict, where the RIAA won $83 million in damages. According to his attorneys, the legal process has gone off the rails, as the music companies didn't have to prove a single instance of copyright infringement.

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The Weird Relationship Between Ethereum’s Price And Vitalik Buterin

As Ethereum saw a 16% increase from a rally that took the coin to $3,000 on Monday, someone might have spotted an unusual link between Ether’s highs and times where the Ethereum Founder’s name, Vitalik Buterin, was trending on Google Searches worldwide. Ethereum And Google Trends “The last time Vitalik surged on Google Trends, $ETH pumped 2x from April-May,” a Twitter user noted while showing a recent surge of the founder’s name: To see if this could actually be taken into account as a possible indicator, we compared different moments in time in which Vitalik Buterin has surged on Google Trends and the price action that followed. In the following chart we can see the most relevant moments during 2022: And tracing back to 2021, we can further see this price action (yellow arrows still point at moments in which ‘Vitalik Buterin’ surged on Google Trends): But does it really mean the price has increased after people get interested in googling Vitalik? The trending searches most likely followed these news: Buterin revealing he has burnt 505 trillion SHIB tokens in January 2022; similar SHIBA related news in October 2021; earlier in the same month he trended after calling El Salvador’s decision of making Bitcoin a legal tender “reckless”; then on August of the same year, it was the five-year anniversary of Ethereum and he addressed several issues and the complexity of Ethereum 2.0; on May 2021 Vitalik became a billionaire as Ether hit $3k. The most recent spike in searches is most likely due to the article on Vitalik released by TIME Magazine, which features the Ethereum founder on the cover and is titled “The Prince of Crypto Has Concerns.” The article’s writer, Andre Chow, called him “one of the most fascinating and arguably important people on earth,” and on Vitalik’s side, he expressed several concerns about the decentralized finances (DeFi) and NFTs spaces. “Ultimately, the goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar pictures of monkeys, it’s to do things that accomplish meaningful effects in the real world.” After comments such as this one and the intriguing public figure of Vitalik (often portrayed as a myth of a modern genius), it is only natural for a spike on Google Searches. Related Reading | What This Pattern Spells For Ethereum In The Coming Weeks, Pullback In The Cards? However, going back to the possibility of this to push Ether’s price up 2x, we further noticed that for the mentioned April-May case there do not seem to be any big surges for Vitalik’s name until May 13th, which was already after Ether hit an all-time high of $3,456.57 around May 4. Alongside this uptrend of May 2021, it would be more relevant to take into account Bitcoin’s upward movement at the moment and a growing institutional interest in Ethereum. But Will ETH Go Up? As NewsBTC reported before, ETH is currently outperforming, and this is probably linked to the upcoming updates of the network as the Mainnet is ready to perform The Merge after it was recently deployed on the last testnet, meaning an official switch to proof-of-stake consensus. There has been a lot of excitement about reaching the final phase of these updates, and it is clear that as the final phase is set to begin around mid-2022, many people are paying attention to the network and its coin. Related Reading | Vitalik Buterin On How To Eliminate Ethereum Network Congestion And High Fees A pseudonymous trader noted that “ETH is currently at the resistance of $3040 which is an important level for ETH to break in order to rally higher. A rejection will drop the price back to $2.9k to $2.8k.” Moreover, there seems to be an inverse head and shoulders forming, and as the coin approaches the neckline, it will need an uptrend next week to trigger the bullish pattern. A downtrend remains possible. BTC Takes A Tumble? On a similar note, Blockware Solutions recently shared a chart that showed Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ taking a tumble and tweeted: “While the rest of the world ignores Bitcoin, hodlers continue to stack the most scarce asset on the planet.” However, if we search ‘Bitcoin’ (the red line below) on the Google Trends analyzer and compare it to ‘Ethereum’ (the blue line), we see the following action:   And even if we add in ‘Vitalik Buterin’, ‘Bitcoin’ searches still seem to remain higher than anything Ethereum-related. Here we can see ‘Bitcoin’ represented by the blue line, ‘Ethereum’ by the yellow line, and ‘Vitalik Buterin’ by the red line.  
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Independent Study Indicates Bombardier’s Impact to Canadian Economic Growth in 2021 was Estimated at $5.7B in GDP

Bombardier contributed $5.7B to Canada’s GDP, as well as 33,276 in full-time jobs in 20211 Bombardier spent $1.9B on goods and services provided by suppliers across Canada, of which 400 were located in Québec and 240 in Ontario3 Between 2022-2025,…

Privacy Infrastructure Startup Nym Hires Prominent Surveillance Tech Expert & Law Professor

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Blockchain privacy startup Nym Technologies is boosting its backroom team with the addition of Ahmed Ghappour, a renowned attorney and professor of law, as its new General Counsel. Ghappour is one of the world’s most respected minds when it comes to law and surveillance technology. He’s currently a senior professor at Boston University’s School of [...]

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Kingsoft Announces 2021 Annual and Fourth Quarter Results

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HONG KONG, Mar 23, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Kingsoft Corporation Limited ("Kingsoft" or the "Company"; HKEx stock code: 3888), a leading Chinese software and Internet service company, has announced its 2021 annual results and fourth-quarter results for the period ended 31 December 2021.

For the year 2021, the revenue of Kingsoft increased 14% year-on-year to RMB6,371.4 million. Revenue from the office software and services and online games and others represented 51% and 49%, respectively, of the Company's total revenue for the year of 2021. Gross profit for the year 2021 increased 11% year-on-year to RMB 5,214.3 million, while operating profit amounted to RMB1,360.6 million.

For the fourth quarter of 2021, the Company's revenue increased 13% year-on-year and 21% quarter-on-quarter to RMB1,822.1 million. Revenue from the office software and services and online games and others represented 50% and 50%, respectively, of the Company's total revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021. Gross profit for the fourth quarter of 2021 increased 8% year-on-year and 17% quarter-on-quarter to RMB1,449.6 million, while operating profit amounted to RMB331.4 million.

Mr. Jun LEI, Chairman of Kingsoft, commented, "In 2021, we are poised to achieve a steady growth in our core businesses leveraging our continuous investment in technological innovation. Kingsoft Office Group understands user needs and has further enhanced its products and services. It has also continued to pursue the ecosystem strategy of "multi-screen, cloud, content, artificial intelligence ("AI") and collaboration" and achieved an excellent operation performance. Meanwhile, our online games business has launched several new mobile games during the year while continuing to focus on the development of premium games, long-term operation and enrichment of core game IPs."

Mr. Tao ZOU, Chief Executive Officer of Kingsoft, added, "The Group's business continued to achieve steady growth, with revenue reaching RMB6,371.4 million, increasing by 14% year-on-year. Our office software and services business maintained a solid growth momentum and its revenue increased 45% year-on-year."


Office Software and Services

In 2021, revenue from office software and services business increased 45% year-on-year to RMB3,264.8 million. Revenue in the fourth quarter increased 19% year-on-year and 12% quarter-on-quarter to RMB903.9 million.

In 2021, Kingsoft Office Group continued to enhance its products and services for cloud office and collaboration office scenarios. With increasing user activeness and user stickiness in individual and enterprise users, cloud migration of both domestic individual and institutional subscriptions has accelerated. With the stable growth in the number of monthly active devices of its key products, Kingsoft Office Group has continued to optimize its user experience and products functions, promote cloud migration, increase usage of its value-added functions and further drove the growth in its number of paying users. In addition, the significant increase in the number of uploaded cloud documents and the increase in the proportion of long-term paying users have also laid a solid foundation for the development of the individual subscription business in the future.

Regarding the government and enterprise market, Kingsoft Office Group took advantage of the industry trend on the demands of government and enterprise users for data asset management and office efficiency improvement and has actively improved product systems, enhanced user experience and expanded eco-systems, to promote the cloud office migration of government and enterprise users. This has also set a solid foundation for its subsequent promotion of digital office platform solutions. As the cloud migration of government and enterprise users continues, Kingsoft Office Group is expected to increase its presence in the government and enterprise market.

In addition, Kingsoft Office Group has witnessed a strong demand growth from the government and enterprise users, as localization projects enter a booming stage with a fast-growing market leveraging the favourable policies. Moreover, Kingsoft Office Group also received substantial orders for its re-flowable and fixed-layout document format products which lead to the robust growth of its domestic institutional licensing business.

Online Games and others

Revenue from the online games and other businesses for 2021 was RMB3,106.6 million. Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021 increased 8% year-on-year and 30% quarter-on-quarter to RMB 918.2million. The steady year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter was mainly due to the successful launch of several mobile games which diversified the Company's game portfolio. In the fourth quarter, revenue from the flagship JX Online III PC game and the classic JX 2D PC game grew steadily quarter-on-quarter. Moreover, we have also achieved breakthroughs in product development demonstrating the vitality of the core IP and our strong R&D and operational capabilities.

Following the successful release of the JX I Pocket mobile game in Vietnam in April 2021, JX I: Gui Lai, the domestic version of JX I Pocket mobile game was released in October. Upon its debut, JX I: Gui Lai was ranked third in the top free charts and first in the top-grossing role-playing game (RPG) charts for iOS. In November, Wu Lin Xian Xia, our self-developed mobile game, was released in China with the highest-ranking sixth in the top-grossing charts for iOS, demonstrating our successful strategic cooperation with Nuverse. In December, JX World III, the third generation of the JX World series mobile games, was launched. Upon its launch, JX World III ranked first in the top free charts and ninth in the top-grossing charts for iOS. In addition, the mobile game was also recommended on the front page of Apple Today and was recognized as a superstar product by the Mobile Hardcore Alliance.

Mr. Jun LEI concluded, "Looking forward, Kingsoft Office Group will ride on the trend of cloud and collaboration office and continue to invest in product research and development. It will also further explore the opportunities in the enterprise market and strive to empower the digital transformation of large-scale organizations. Regarding our online games business, we will maintain the development of our core IP while focusing on bringing new game genres and new IPs. Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in R&D, promote technological innovation and upgrades, and pursue social responsibility to ensure long-term sustainable growth of our business."

About Kingsoft Corporation Limited
Kingsoft is a leading software and Internet services company based in China listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. It has two subsidiaries including Kingsoft Office and Seasun. Following the implementation of its "mobile internet transformation" strategy, Kingsoft has completed the comprehensive transformation of its overall business and management models and formed a strategic platform with office software and interactive entertainment as the pillars and cloud services and AI as the new directions. The Company has more than 7,000 staff around the world and enjoys an important market share in China. For more information, please visit http://www.kingsoft.com.

Kingsoft Investor Relations:
Francie Lu Tel: (86) 10 6292 7777 Email: ir@kingsoft.com

For further queries, please contact Hill+Knowlton Strategies Asia:
Ovina Zhu Tel: (852) 2894 6315 Email: kingsoft@hkstrategies.com

Copyright 2022 ACN Newswire. All rights reserved. www.acnnewswire.comKingsoft Corporation Limited ("Kingsoft" or the "Company"; HKEx stock code: 3888), a leading Chinese software and Internet service company, has announced its 2021 annual results and fourth-quarter results for the period ended 31 December 2021.

Qantas announces NFT collection and becomes the second airline offering NFTs

Australian airline provider Qantas recently announced that they were planning an NFT drop to their frequent flyers.

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Microsoft vs. Meta: Who is Leading the Way?

Which tech giant currently has the greater edge?

Going Usage-Based: How Algolia Built Their Most Customer Friendly Pricing Model Ever

Since Algolia’s founding in 2012, we’ve had eight evolutions of our pricing model.  In the early days, we took a…

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