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Primex Finance Launches New Update Beta 0.3.0, Deploys To Polygon Mumbai and Polygon zkEVM Testnets

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Primex Finance, a cross-chain protocol for spot margin trading on DEXs, is elated to announce the launch of a major update to...

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Bisq Review 2022: The MOST Decentralized Exchange?

<!-- --> Ah, DeFi… Does it get any better than being in full control of your finances with no boundary-overstepping authoritarian...

Coinbase Adds $1.6 Billion to Its Custody 🤑

October 25, 2022       /       Unchained Daily       /       Laura Shin What’s Poppin’? MakerDAO Partners With Coinbase Amid Centralization Concerns by Juan Aranovich Coinbase[...]

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Polygon-Based DeFi Platform QuickSwap Closes Lending Service Following Exploit

The attack comes as October looks set to be the worst month for exploits and attacks in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Polygon-Based Decentralized Exchange Quickswap Loses $220K in Flash Loan Exploit – Defi Bitcoin News

On Monday, the Polygon-based decentralized change (dex) Quickswap misplaced $220K in a flash mortgage exploit and following the assault, the staff detailed the Quickswap Lend platform shall be terminated. Quickswap Hacked for $220K, Dex Project Sunsets Lending Platform 2022 has been fairly the yr for decentralized finance (defi) hacks as billions have been stolen as […]

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Polygon gains 83% in a month, but data show project has been losing traction

Polygon (MATIC) had a promising July, gaining an impressive 83% in 30 days. The smart contract platform uses layer-2 scaling and aims to become...

Why QuickSwap Will Split Token After Community Vote, QUICK Rises 30%

The QuickSwap neighborhood has determined to separate the platform’s native token, QUICK. Reacting to the upside within the final hour and previous 7-days, QUICK may see extra upside because the Polygon-based decentralized alternate strikes to extend its stage of adoption. Related Reading | QuickSwap Asks The Community, To Split or Not to Split QUICK Token? […]

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Creating a Unique Unified Blockchain Infrastructure to Support Next-Gen dApps – Press launch Bitcoin News

press launch PRESS RELEASE. Metria Network, the much-awaited resolution for your entire crypto trade shall be inside attain quickly. The chain agnostic decentralized infrastructure is designed to satisfy the wants of new-age DeFi and NFT purposes by overcoming the problems of scalability, interoperability, and fragmentation of liquidity. Currently underneath improvement, the Metria multichain platform is […]

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Metria Network: Creating a Unique Unified Blockchain Infrastructure to Support Next-Gen dApps

Metria Network, the much-awaited solution for the entire crypto industry will be within reach soon. The chain agnostic decentralized infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of new-age DeFi and NFT applications by overcoming the issues of scalability, interoperability, and fragmentation of liquidity. 

Currently under development, the Metria multichain platform is a Polygon-based ecosystem that combines the necessary features and enhancements required to enable seamless transfer of digital assets and liquidity across protocols. While a Polygon native platform, Metria also supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain at the moment, with plans for inclusion of more protocols in the future. 

A Peek into the Metria Ecosystem

The Metria ecosystem provides all the necessary infrastructure and tools for the development and deployment of a diverse range of multichain capable DeFi and NFT applications. The first few products to be launched as part of the ecosystem are the project's flagship decentralized exchange platform – Metria DEX, NFT tools and Unified NFT Marketplace and Universal Staking and Farming platform. 

Metria DEX

The native DEX protocol of the Metria ecosystem, Metria DEX is a completely decentralized, user-friendly multichain exchange platform that incorporates a familiar interface and CEX like features. The exchange protocol acts as a single window for users to trade any crypto asset, available on any of the supported blockchain protocols. Apart from enabling cross-chain trading of existing crypto assets, the platform also supports trading of synthetic tokens linked to real-world assets. 

The Metria DEX dashboard acts as a unified interface for cross-chain trades, swaps, staking, yield farming and other DeFi activities. Apart from its own staking and farming protocols, Metria DEX also acts as an aggregator by listing staking pools and prevalent APYs in real-time. Users can directly stake their assets on any of the listed pools from within the dashboard.

Unified NFT Marketplace

Metria is laying the groundwork for a robust, universal NFT ecosystem with its Unified NFT Marketplace. The first of its kind decentralized multichain NFT marketplace allows users to mint, trade and auction NFTs within Metria as well as other blockchain ecosystems. As the name suggests, the Unified NFT Marketplace acts as a single window for users to discover NFTs across different marketplace on various protocols and purchase them directly using Metria's native utility token.  

NFT Creators can make use of the NFT creation tools and other NFT related services to mint NFTs, assess their value and list on the Unified NFT Marketplace. Once listed, the NFTs will be indexed across marketplaces on all supported protocols amplifying discoverability in the process. 

Metria Blockchain 

Undergoing development in parallel to other Metria platform features, the Metria Blockchain is a Polysharding-based EVM compatible PoS blockchain protocol designed for chain agnostic operations. The protocol is being developed as a universal protocol that can cater to the needs of new age DeFi and NFT projects by providing a low-cost, highly scalable, and completely decentralized infrastructure solution. The cross-chain capability and EVM compatibility makes it easy for both new and existing projects to adopt Metria and gain access to a much wider community and enhanced liquidity from across different protocols. A key differentiator between Metria and other networks is the ability of Metria to enable seamless transfer of assets across protocols with the help of specialized crypto bridge infrastructure. By erasing the boundaries between protocols, Metria enables free flow of liquidity to maintain a healthy balance of demand and supply for projects within the ecosystem.  

The $METR Token

Powering the entire Metria cross-chain ecosystem, now and in the future is $METR. The ecosystem's utility and governance token, $METR is a multichain token that will be initially available on Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Its presence will expand to other protocols as and when Metria extends support for those chains. 

$METR is the preferred mode of value exchange within the Metria ecosystem. Using the token, users can gain access to various products and services, enjoy discounted trading fees on Metria DEX and NFT Marketplace, and earn through staking, liquidity provisioning and yield farming activities within the ecosystem.  

The upcoming $METR whitelisting and public sale will be followed by listing on popular AMM DEXs – Uniswap, QuickSwap and PancakeSwap on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain respectively will enable the community to gain access to the token.

About Metria

Metria is an all-inclusive, fully decentralized financial ecosystem that erases all boundaries between Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.  A unified platform, the infrastructure is designed to provide every individual, access to digital assets with absolute ease.

Learn more about Metria at: https://metrianetwork.io/

Read Metria's Tweets at: https://twitter.com/metria_network

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Join the Metria Community at: https://t.me/MetriaNetwork

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Metria on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MetriaNetwork

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Metria Network

Where Ethereum and Bitcoin Headed After Musk’s Tweet

Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Dogecoin registered a spike in prices following Elon Musk’s tweet. The world’s richest person, Tesla and SpaceX Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has been quite influential in terms of driving the price action of cryptocurrencies. In his recent tweet, Musk stated that he would not be selling his Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin and that he still continues to own them. This tweet came after Elon Musk asked a question about the expected rate of inflation in the next few years. Soon after that particular tweet, Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Dogecoin registered upward price movements on their respective charts. BTC was up by 3%, while Ethereum gained a little above 2% and Dogecoin zoomed up by 4%. Despite a positive price sentiment, cryptocurrency’s prices remain quite volatile. At press time these coins reversed some of the recent gains. Related Reading | Bitcoin MPI Rises To Highest Value Since March 2021, Bull Rally Soon? Bitcoin Price Analysis: Four Hour Chart Bitcoin was priced at $38,428 at the time of writing. It lost 0.8% of its market value. It is safe to say that BTC was consolidating as the coin has been struggling to move past the $39k mark. Strong support for the coin stood at the $37k mark, however, sharp resistance awaited the token at $40k. In case BTC breaks on the upside and manages to climb over the $39k mark, the next stop would be around the $42k-$43k region. On the flip side, a breakthrough at the $37k support mark would push BTC to trade in between the $37k-$34k price levels. Bitcoin Technical Analysis The technical outlook however suggests bearish pressure in the market. The volume of Bitcoin was seen declining as the previous sessions closed in the red. The Relative Strength Index also corresponded with the bears hence sellers re-entered the market. Awesome Oscillator that depicts market momentum. The indicator was seen turning green which meant that market momentum could change directions over the upcoming trading sessions. Bollinger Band indicate volatility and it flashed a squeeze which meant that prices could witness sharp fluctuations in the next trading sessions. Ethereum Price Analysis: Four Hour Chart Ethereum was trading for $2528 at the time of writing. Prices were seen trading laterally and the coin depreciated slightly by a per cent after noting gains in the past 24 hours. Overhead price ceiling was at $2614, following which the coin could encounter strong resistance at $2722. On the other hand, ETH’s local support was at $2450. Ethereum Technical Analysis The volume of Ethereum traded has declined which is correlated to a fall in the number of buyers in the market. The technical outlook painted a bearish pull. Ethereum was seen below the 20-SMA line and that corresponds to sellers taking charge of the current price momentum. Bollinger Bands tightened and that is a sign of sharp price volatility. Although ETH was trading sideways, prices could either swing up or down sharply over the next trading sessions. The Relative Strength Index was below the half-line indicating more number of sellers. Related Reading | QuickSwap Asks The Community, To Split or Not to Split QUICK Token?

LunaFi: Decentralized Betting Platform Built on Polygon

The more cryptocurrency’s popularity grows, the more individuals become interested in cryptocurrency-based gambling. A project like LunaFi is a revolutionary upgrade to traditional betting platforms and innovates the world of gambling by fusing it with blockchain. The interest in playing games of chance and betting on sports over the internet has seen a huge rise [...]

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BODASWAP: The First Decentralized Exchange Removing Slippage for Binance Chain Tokens

BRISBANE, AUS, Mar 15, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - The Decentralized Finance space has boomed from success stories like DOGECOIN, SAFEMOON, SHIBA INU, BABY DOGE, KISHU INU and more who are bringing users to Decentralized Exchanges like PANCAKSWAP, MDEX, UNISWAP, SPOOKYSWAP, QUICKSWAP, and more, to trade their tokens. In just 24 hours PANCAKESWAP receives an average of $828,389,383 USD in Trading Volume. Followed closely by SPOOKYSWAP receiving an average of $510,961,838 USD in Trading Volume in 24 hours.

While everyone is scrambling to find the next big thing in DeFi, BODA Token has been working hard to build a unique and first-of-its-kind product for the DeFi sector. Boda Token is proud to announce its successful launch of BodaSwap! The First Decentralized Exchange to eliminate Slippage requirements when trading Binance Chain tokens. Unlike other DEX platforms like Pancakeswap, MDEX, UniSwap, SpookySwap, Quickswap, and many more, which require a minimum slippage input to trade tokens, BodaSwap is free from slippage. Slippage is often used to create a buffer when swapping two tokens on a Decentralized Exchange, and while not always charged as a fee, sometimes the slippage can cost the user a small number of tokens in the trade. By eliminating the slippage requirement, tokens traded on the BodaSwap DEX give the user more value for their swap. A DeFi trader who utilized Pancakeswap and BodaSwap, where two identical trades were made, was able to demonstrate that the gas fee on Pancakeswap cost the user $2.28 and the gas fee on BodaSwap only cost $1.69. Saving the user 59 cents in gas fees by using BodaSwap.

BodaSwap is a utility product that will provide added value to the native BODAV2 token, which is part of the Boda Company. Revenue generated from trades on BodaSwap will be utilized for buyback and burns of BODAV2 tokens. This process will help to increase the value of BODAV2 tokens and provide more BUSD Rewards to existing holders of BODAV2 Tokens.

Based on the average daily volume received on Pancakeswap at over $800 Million USD, the 0.2% fee per trade on BodaSwap could potentially generate $1.6 Million USD per day for BODAV2 Tokens. With 6% of that $1.6 Million USD, $96,000 USD, converted to BUSD rewards for token holders.

BODAV2 Token is the highest paying reward token on Binance Smart Chain, automatically rewarding its holders in the form of Binance Pegged BUSD. Since BUSD is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar it will never shift in price, making it a great choice for passive income. As a DeFi token that automatically rewards investors with a stable passive income for holding, BODAV2 helps to reduce the risks involved with cryptocurrency market volatility. Holders can keep earning during a crypto bear market as token price does not affect the BUSD rewards. Over time, holders can earn enough BUSD rewards to cover their initial investment, turning their investment into a cost-free asset.

No other smart contract is like BODAV2 as it has been built from scratch. An anti-whale and anti-dumping mechanism help to protect investors from heavy losses. BODAV2 has been audited by Certik, the leading Smart Contract Auditing Company in the world, which provides much greater security and peace of mind for BODAV2 holders.

BodaSwap is a real contender in the Decentralized Exchange sector as the first DEX to facilitate trades without slippage and with lower gas fees. Many users will find themselves turning to BodaSwap over other DEXs like Pancakeswap with the ease of trading tokens and paying less in fees.

In addition, BodaSwap is providing a Fiat On-ramp for customers to purchase cryptocurrency with Visa or Mastercard. This Fiat-to-Crypto feature is ideal for customers in locations such as America where purchasing crypto tokens such as BNB can be difficult.

With companies like Binance pushing crypto further into the mainstream audience, people finally realize the true potential of Crypto Currencies. It is this sentiment that will continue to bring BodaSwap & BODAV2 and its community to new and even greater heights.

Media Contact:
Company: BODA Token
Website: https://bodatoken.app/
Discord: https://discord.gg/XMF4UctSnv
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BodaToken
Email: billy@bodatoken.org


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Multi-chain instant swap platform Symbiosis announces beta mainnet launch

Symbiosis Finance is a multi-chain AMM DEX and liquidity protocol that allows users to perform any crypto token swap.

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