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Despite Crypto Market Onslaught, These Altcoins Stayed Bullish

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Not all of the top altcoins saw a plunge in their value in the Week-to-Date (WTD) period and here are three of the most resilient coins which printed good growth amid a sweeping bearish slump. (Read More)

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Lessons Learned About Bitcoin From A Canadian Trucker

Updates about the status of the Bitcoin that was donated to the Canadian trucker protests and how people can improve when facing attacks in the future.

Mary Hegeler Carus #WHM22 #WomensHistoryMonth #WomenInSTEM

Today we celebrate pioneering engineer Mary Hegeler Carus!Here’s more about Mary Hegeler Carus from Southern Illinois University’s Morris Library:After graduating from Michigan, Mary continued to pursue her interests in engineering, especially mining. During 1882–1884 she became an active member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. In her scrap book she left printed programs and […]

Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) Model: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin's stock-to-flow (S2F) model is undoubtedly one of the most popular discussion points for the community. In this guide, we go in-depth to find out everything there is to know about it.

IR Remote Transforms to RF

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Most consumer remote controls operate using infrared light. This works well assuming the piece of equipment has a line of sight to the remote. But if you have, say a …read more

NFT FAQ: How to Turn Your Art into NFTs to Sell Online

NFTs are more than just digital art. From music and videos to more traditional works, find out how to turn them into NFTs in our guide.

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Osteoconductive Filament Developed for 3D Printed Implants

“No other application field showcases more the classic advantages of 3D printing, such as individualization or design freedom, than medical technology,” says Marc Knebel, Head of Medical Systems at Evonik.

Evonik is a specialty chemical company developing biomaterials that serve as metal-free alternatives to traditional bone implants. Evonik’s VESTAKEEP product line includes an osteoconductive polyether ether ketone (PEEK) – a biostable polymer having similar mechanical properties to the human bone, which promotes osteointegration. According to Evonik, combining the PEEK material with the functional additive biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) accelerates fusion at the bone-implant boundary, allowing bone cells to adhere to the implant more quickly. Unlike traditional titanium implants, Evonik claims that its PEEK-based polymer does not produce any unwanted artifacts in medical imaging processes such as X-ray or MRI. Further, Evonik indicates that the BCP additive provides a natural shadow allowing for accurate implant placement and observation of the fusion process.

Evonik is now set to add a new 3D-printable version of the osteoconductive PEEK material to their Fusion product line. The VESTAKEEP iC4800 3DF PEEK filament can be processed using the common extrusion-based 3D printing technology known as fused filament fabrication (FFF), in which a 3D printer releases a raw material out of a nozzle or orifice to build an object layer by layer. The PEEK filament, which has a diameter of 1.75 mm, is wound onto 250- or 500-gram spools suited for standard FFF 3D printers. Evonik reports that customer feedback and tests carried out on various 3D printers confirm the processability of the new filament.

Further, Evonik indicates that this osteoconductive filament is specially designed such that the functional additives are available directly on the surface of the 3D printed implant without film formation. This eliminates the need for additional post-processing steps, which Evonik touts as a novelty for osteo-integrative PEEK biomaterials.

The original VESTAKEEP Fusion product is available in  granulate form and capable of being milled, compression molded, extruded and injection molded. The addition of this 3D printable filament expands the range of applications for osteoconductive implants even further, and allows for easier and improved customization of implants for patients.

Evonik plans to present the new product for the first time at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) trade show in Chicago later this month (March 2022).

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Progress of Different Countries in the Implementation of Financial Technologies

Many mistakenly believe that when it comes to various technologies, Western countries are pioneers and they dominate among others. However, this is far from the case, especially in the field of development and implementation of financial technologies, where many countries are actively involved in this. Since the range of technologies in finance is huge, each […]

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Adafruit Weekly Editorial Round-Up: Why circuit boards are green, Adafruit QT Py ESP32-C3 WiFi Dev Board, 3D Printed Heel Clips, & more

ADAFRUIT WEEKLY EDITORIAL ROUND-UPWe’ve got so much happening here at Adafruit that it’s not always easy to keep up! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Each week we’ll be posting a handy round-up of what we’ve been up to, ranging from learn guides to blog articles, videos, and more.BLOGWe celebrated Pi Day with a weekend […]

ElectronBot: A Sweet Mini Desktop Robot That Ticks All The Boxes

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[Peng Zhihui] seems to have found some spare time and energy to crack out another sweet robot build, this time it’s a much smaller, and cuter emoji-bot (Original GitHub Link,) with …read more

Bitcoin Portfolio Insurance: Bond Risks And Contagion

As bond risks grow and contagion appear more likely than ever, every investor needs to consider bitcoin as portfolio insurance.

Ethereum Flashes Ultra-Bullish Signal — Nearly 200,000 ETH Withdrawn From Exchanges In A Day

Standard Chartered Takes More Bullish Stance On Ethereum Than Bitcoin, Predicts ETH At $35,000
Ethereum is printing another bullish indicator in the market that points to an imminent price wave. Per on-chain data by IntoTheBlock, the Ethereum market has recorded its largest single-day exchange outflow in 2022.

Patent Office Actions: The Must-Have Guide to Responses

Filing a patent application is only the first step toward receiving a registered patent. Next, the USPTO assigns a Patent Examiner to review and analyze the patent application for patentability and compliance with legal formalities. The Patent Examiner will issue a report on patentability of the patent application, including one or more rejections and/or legal […]

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