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Salt and Sacrifice's “obligation to price match” sees prices rocket in some countries

Players tempted by - but yet to purchase - Ska Studios' Salt and Sacrifice may be in for a bit of a shock today,...

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Sniper Elite 5 Takes Pot Shots at Nazis in May

Sniper Elite 5 has gotten a release date for PS4 […]

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Beat Saber Still Beats Zenith In February PSVR Sales

Zenith managed to rank on this month's PSVR sales charts... But mainstays like Beat Saber and Superhot still beat it out.

The Best PlayStation Game Deals Right Now

PlayStation is home to some of the best exclusives on the market, but most of them retail for $70 in the PS5 generation. That's why it's always nice to find a solid deal on games that show off the PS5's power and innovation. A decent number of PS5 games have been on sale recently, giving you a chance to score some of the PS5's best games at nice discounts. The PS5 also has the added bonus of supporting the PS4 catalog, which gives you the option to snag older games as they slowly make their way to the bargain bin. Whether you're looking for a PS5 exclusive at a low price or a PS4 classic, we've pulled together a list of the best PlayStation games currently on sale. Many of these discounts won't stick around long, so be sure to check them out before they disappear.

Best PlayStation game deals

Note: Pricing in bold only applies to PS5 versions.

Deathloop has seen numerous discounts over the past few months, and it's still available for just $33. The stylish shooter managed to walk away with our 2021 Game of the Year award, thanks to its innovative storytelling, tight gunplay, and limitless replayability.

Over on the PlayStation Store you'll find hundreds of discounted indies this week, although OlliOlli World is one of the standouts. Launched last month, the latest entry in the franchise improves on just about every aspect of OlliOlli2, giving you a colorful world to explore and plenty of unlockable customization options. Our OlliOlli World review said it "nails the balance…between losing yourself in the skating flow and feeling like you need to check off every challenge the game can throw at you."

If you've yet to tackle Hideo Kojima's latest inventive adventure, you'll find its Death Stranding Director's Cut marked down to just $37. This version includes the base game along with upgraded graphics for PS5, 3D Audio support, and a bunch of expanded content and minigames.

PS Store Sales Charts: Horizon Forbidden West Plays Second Fiddle to Elden Ring

Ohhh Elden Ring.

Sony has just released the sales data from PlayStation Store for February, and you'll never guess which games have dominated the top of the charts. Here's a clue: they're mentioned in the headline. Yes, the two biggest games of last month were indeed Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring, and they unsurprisingly take the two top spots.

What is interesting is that, in almost all cases, it's FromSoftware's brutal action RPG sitting at number one, with the PlayStation exclusive settling for second place. This is the case in the North American and European charts for PS5, and the US chart on PS4. The only break in this pattern is the PS4 chart for Europe, where FIFA 22 actually takes the biscuit, with Forbidden West again in second and Elden Ring in fourth.

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This Weekend Is Your Last Chance to Try Cyberpunk 2077 for Free on PS5

Punk it.

If you're looking to sample the much improved Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 5, then you had better get a move on. The game's free 'next-gen' trial will be removed from the PlayStation Store just after the coming weekend, on Tuesday the 15th March at 4PM UK time.

Said trial lets you put Cyberpunk 2077 to the test for five hours. That's obviously not enough time to fully appreciate everything that the open world game has going for it, but you should be able to get a decent feel for what it's trying to do. What's more, if you do decide to purchase the full product, you can carry over your save data from the trial.

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Demo Out Now on PS5, PS4 for a Limited Time

Experience chaos for yourself.

Update: The rumoured demo for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is real, and it's available to download right now from the PlayStation Store. What's more, any progress that you make in the demo can be carried over to the main game when it releases in a couple of weeks — but only on the same platform (PS5 or PS4).

It's also worth noting that this demo will be removed from the PlayStation Store on the 19th April, 2022, so you've got about five weeks or so to give it a shot.

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PlayStation suspends digital sales in Russia, halts all hardware and software shipments

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Last week saw a flurry of announcements as companies of all sizes confirmed the suspension of video game sales in Russia following the country's invasion of Ukraine, and now Sony has officially followed suit, announcing its own measures in regard to PlayStation.

Sony already made the decision to quietly pull Gran Turismo 7 from sale in Russia last Friday, but now the company has confirmed more extensive action, including the suspension of all hardware and software shipments and the halting of its PlayStation Store operations in Russia while the country's attack on Ukraine continues.

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You Can Now Pre-Load GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Here's how to pre-load the new-gen version of GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X right now, alongside news on the release date, pricing, and save transfers.

The PSLS PS5 Restock Update for March 8, 2022

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