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Undertanding ‘Real-Time’ Bidding and How to Protect Your Personal Data

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Is It Possible to Fully Protect Your Data Nowadays?

Keeping your data safe now is more challenging than ever. We keep a lot of our data on hackable devices, such as mobile phones and computers. One weak password or a phishing attack on our emails is enough to breach and expose our information and have it land in the wrong hands. We also give […]

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How Geothermal Plants Could Unlock Vast Supplies of Lithium in the American West

geothermal energy power plant lithium
Geothermal energy has long been the forgotten member of the clean energy family, overshadowed by relatively cheap solar and wind power, despite its proven potential. But that may soon change, for an unexpected reason. Geothermal technologies are on the verge of unlocking vast quantities of lithium from naturally-occurring hot brines beneath places like California’s Salton […]

Authtrail to Integrate KILT Protocol DIDs

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SaaS platform Authtrail and B.T.E. BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH (BTE) has established a joint venture to implement the KILT Protocol’s DIDs feature into the Authtrail platform. The primary goal of this collaboration is to improve data accuracy and consistency, as well as to achieve data provenance for the Authtrail user base. A Great Match For [...]

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RuTracker Found Itself Unblocked in Russia So Immediately Blocked Itself

Infamous Russian torrent site RuTracker is one of many pirate sites that are permanently blocked by the Russian authorities for failing to remove copyrighted content. However, when the site suddenly became accessible again this month, RuTracker took its own measures to block Russian users.

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Duke University Presents EyeSyn – The “Virtual Eyes” That Mimic Human Eye Movement

Duke University creates EyeSyn virtual eyes that mimic the real human eye movement when focusing on various visual stimuli.

Join Ledger’s Contest and win a ticket to NFC Lisbon!

This Contest will run from Monday, March 21st (9am CET) to Thursday, March 24th, 2022 (11:59pm CET). To participate, follow the steps below, and we’ll randomly select one (1) winner to win a ticket to NFC Lisbon. It could just be you! The prizes: Ledger Contest – get a chance to win a ticket to […]
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Digital Identities For Everyone and Their Ramifications – Part 2/2

This article is the second part of our previous story, We May Soon Have Global Digital Identities. Although you can skip reading part one, we recommend checking it out before continuing! As we discussed in the first part, the United Kingdom is in the initial phases of its digital ID systems. Besides the UK, we also […]

Data literacy deep dive: An introduction to AI, ML and prediction literacy

Your personal data are used daily to influence your behaviors and beliefs. AI, ML and prediction literacy are now fundamental skills.

The UK May Build a £16 Billion Solar Power Station in Space. Here’s How It Would Work

solar power in space
The UK government is reportedly considering a £16 billion proposal to build a solar power station in space. Yes, you read that right. Space-based solar power is one of the technologies to feature in the government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio. It has been identified as a potential solution, alongside others, to help the UK achieve […]

Privacy in Web3

The fact that blockchain transactions are always public and immutable means Web3 will upend our expectations of privacy

Itheum Lands Investment From Elrond Foundation, Mechanism Capital And Others As it Gears for Launch

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Dubai, Dubai, 17th March, 2022, Itheum is pleased to announce an investment from Elrond, Mechanism Capital, and other crucial investors

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Bybit Earns Membership With VerifyVASP, Expands Cross Border Reach

Crypto-Derivatives-Leader-Bybit-Enters-Spot-Trading (2)Bybit announces becoming a member of the VerifyVASP alliance. Bybit brings cryptocurrencies transactions on its platform. Bybit’s participation will help ...


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