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Surprising a friend happily with an anonymous text message

Wondering how to surprise a friend or family member on their birthday, for example? Try sending an anonymous text message to them via Anonyymiteksti.fi....

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Bet365 Reworks Multimillion-Dollar Debt of Stoke City FC Soccer Team

Bet365 believes in Stoke City FC, the English Football League Championship soccer team it purchased through a subsidiary 16 years ago. The gaming operator stands behind the club so much that it just reduced a huge amount of its debt. In 2006, through one of its subsidiaries, Bet365 bought Stoke City FC after the club […]

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What is Data Discovery and Classification?

Data discovery and classification is the process of identifying and categorizing data within an organization. This can be done manually or through automated means,...

Kukun Hires Former Expedia Technology Leader as Vice President of Engineering

Matt Nichols joins proptech startup to scale product engineering efforts MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#inovation—Kukun, the leading proptech platform and originator of property data, home valuations, and homeowner investment solutions, announced today that Matt Nichols has been recruited from Expedia to lead product engineering. Nichols brings expertise from one of the world’s most innovative travel and […]

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Nintendo Switch Update’s New Feature Misses The Point Of Folders

If there's one steadfast, unshakeable belief we have tried to communicate here at GameSpot Dot Com, it's that the Nintendo Switch needs folders. We have been very, very vocal on this over the last five years. So imagine our surprise when Nintendo suddenly released a new Switch firmware update, adding Groups, a feature that lets you group games and applications together with custom labels. Why, that sounds like folders!

After some well-earned champagne-popping and congratulating ourselves on successfully encouraging Nintendo to do the right and moral thing, we downloaded the update. Our jubilation quickly turned to bafflement, then disappointment, then frustration, then hunger, then frustration again, then white-hot anger. How did they mess this up?

For as long as the Nintendo Switch has had a Home screen, it has listed the last 10 things you opened, with the rest dumped into a giant pile of "all applications." The longstanding request for folders aimed to bring order to this chaos by allowing us to sort items into categories for easy indexing.

In short, folders are a decluttering tool. That's the reason they exist. You sort games into subgroups to get the disorganized mess of icons off of your Home screen. The power to choose which games go under what label is of secondary importance. The most important factor--and again, the entire raison d'être of folders--is to move your programs and applications out of sight.

The Nintendo Switch Groups feature does not do this. Instead, your Home screen still consists of the last 10 things you opened, and the rest are still shoved into the messy "everything else" pile. An Archive function exists, and has for some time, but this doesn't remove that game from the Home screen or move it to the end of the All Games stack. Your only options to free up a slot from a game you're no longer playing are to delete its icon entirely or open enough different games to push it away. Inside this crowded All Games stack, you can press the L button to bring up your Groups, which is where you'll finally find your nicely organized folders. What. The. Hell.

Look, Nintendo. I know you understand how folders work. I've never been fortunate enough to visit the no-doubt Willy Wonka-esque paradise that is Nintendo HQ, but I'm relatively certain that in that office you use computers. And I'm also relatively certain that on your work computers, you don't have every program and file right there on your desktop. You have them organized, right? Into folders? Now imagine if someone suggested that instead of organizing them into folders you should leave every single program and application and file on the desktop, but also create nicely organized shortcuts in a separate file folder system that's two layers deep. You would probably ask: why? And you would be right to do so, because that would be an objectively terrible suggestion!

Why would anyone, anywhere design it to work this way? It's maddening.

I don't want to be unreasonable. I know that system updates take time and work and testing. My one request is that now that you've implemented some kind of cursed lumbering mutant version of folders, you next set about doing it right. Let us actually organize games into folders, or at least pin our Groups onto spots on the Home screen. And please, don't make us wait another five years.

Failing that, we will accept bringing back the Wii Shopping Channel music. We're willing to be flexible on this.

Canadian authorities struggling to seize Freedom Convoy donations

Canadian authorities have only managed to seize roughly 30% of the 20.7 Bitcoin donated to support the Freedom Convoy protest, which came to an end almost a month ago.

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DryvIQ (formerly SkySync) Launches A.I.-powered Platform to Safeguard…

Dryv is an Enterprise Data Management Platform for Identifying, Organizing, and Managing the Risk Contained within Unstructured Data Throughout Global Enterprises

(PRWeb March 22, 2022)

Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/3/prweb18567747.htm

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OVR Announces Partnership with Ethernaal: Another Prominent BrandCollaboration in the Metaverse

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Nothing powers innovation like partnership. The coming together of like minds, a collaboration of projects with the same vision and in this case, to create a purposeful collaboration with the goal of redefining the metaverse experience. In recent news, OVR, a revolutionary augmented reality world, is partnering with Ethernaal, a decentralized organization redefining the tattoo [...]

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10 Best Social Media Organization Tips and Tricks for Managers

Managing social media accounts for a brand is not easy – and one of the biggest challenges is organizing your social media content.

8 Business Automation Ideas to Save Time and Money

Making smarter decisions about your business processes is critical to ensure lower time-to-market and high ROI. Future fit technology executives know the importance...

Binance is Hiring a Country Director for the Philippines

172 people have so far applied to become the next Philippines Country Director for Binance.

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Fundamental Shifts In IC Manufacturing Processes

Emphasis shifts from speed to reliability and customization, slowing various process steps and when they are performed; sidelined equipment gains traction.

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