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How to Build And Lead a Successful Catering Business?

Catering companies across the globe made a total of $187.64 billion in 2021 and are expected to reach $378.39 billion in 2026 at a...

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JSPG, UNESCO & MGCY Special Topics Issue call for papers – Open Science

The JSPG (Journal of Science Policy & Governance) has launched a call for “Open Science” as an upcoming special issue (Submission due 10 July 2022).    JSPG is unique as it is a journal that empowers Early Career Researchers (they could be research students, postdocs, policy fellows etc) aged below 30 years to write a […]

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Advantages of a web reservation system

Many organizations who accept reservations follow an unspoken rule: if it's functioning well enough, don't fix it. When it comes to making reservations, this...

What is Data Discovery and Classification?

Data discovery and classification is the process of identifying and categorizing data within an organization. This can be done manually or through automated means,...

iExec Launches iExec Portal, A New Interface to Involve and Reward the Community

iExec Launches iExec Portal, A New Interface to Involve and Reward the Community

Press Release: Releasing the iExec Portal, iExec implements an interface where individuals can participate in community-related decisions while being recognized and rewarded for their contributions.   March 23rd, Lyon, France – iExec, a decentralized marketplace for computing assets, today announces the launch of the iExec Portal, a new user-friendly interface intended for its community. With […]

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Federated access to Amazon Redshift clusters in AWS China Regions with Active Directory Federation Services

Many customers already manage user identities through identity providers (IdPs) for single sign-on access. With an IdP such as Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), you can set up federated access to Amazon Redshift clusters as a mechanism to control permissions for the database objects by business groups. This provides a seamless user experience, and centralizes the governance […]

Best Social Media Management Tools

In the world of social media marketing, there are hundreds of tools and software with features capable of helping you with different aspects of your social media strategy. These tools — also known as social media management tools — can assist with social media creation, collaboration, planning, scheduling , sharing, analysis, and more.

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

The first marketing email was sent in 1978, resulted in $13 million in sales, and kicked off what has become one of the most highly used marketing channels even to this day.

Given its early beginnings, email isn’t as shiny as some newer channels like messaging and social, but it is an effective way to build an owned audience that gets results.

Download Now: Email Marketing Planning Template 

Nintendo Switch Update’s New Feature Misses The Point Of Folders

If there's one steadfast, unshakeable belief we have tried to communicate here at GameSpot Dot Com, it's that the Nintendo Switch needs folders. We have been very, very vocal on this over the last five years. So imagine our surprise when Nintendo suddenly released a new Switch firmware update, adding Groups, a feature that lets you group games and applications together with custom labels. Why, that sounds like folders!

After some well-earned champagne-popping and congratulating ourselves on successfully encouraging Nintendo to do the right and moral thing, we downloaded the update. Our jubilation quickly turned to bafflement, then disappointment, then frustration, then hunger, then frustration again, then white-hot anger. How did they mess this up?

For as long as the Nintendo Switch has had a Home screen, it has listed the last 10 things you opened, with the rest dumped into a giant pile of "all applications." The longstanding request for folders aimed to bring order to this chaos by allowing us to sort items into categories for easy indexing.

In short, folders are a decluttering tool. That's the reason they exist. You sort games into subgroups to get the disorganized mess of icons off of your Home screen. The power to choose which games go under what label is of secondary importance. The most important factor--and again, the entire raison d'être of folders--is to move your programs and applications out of sight.

The Nintendo Switch Groups feature does not do this. Instead, your Home screen still consists of the last 10 things you opened, and the rest are still shoved into the messy "everything else" pile. An Archive function exists, and has for some time, but this doesn't remove that game from the Home screen or move it to the end of the All Games stack. Your only options to free up a slot from a game you're no longer playing are to delete its icon entirely or open enough different games to push it away. Inside this crowded All Games stack, you can press the L button to bring up your Groups, which is where you'll finally find your nicely organized folders. What. The. Hell.

Look, Nintendo. I know you understand how folders work. I've never been fortunate enough to visit the no-doubt Willy Wonka-esque paradise that is Nintendo HQ, but I'm relatively certain that in that office you use computers. And I'm also relatively certain that on your work computers, you don't have every program and file right there on your desktop. You have them organized, right? Into folders? Now imagine if someone suggested that instead of organizing them into folders you should leave every single program and application and file on the desktop, but also create nicely organized shortcuts in a separate file folder system that's two layers deep. You would probably ask: why? And you would be right to do so, because that would be an objectively terrible suggestion!

Why would anyone, anywhere design it to work this way? It's maddening.

I don't want to be unreasonable. I know that system updates take time and work and testing. My one request is that now that you've implemented some kind of cursed lumbering mutant version of folders, you next set about doing it right. Let us actually organize games into folders, or at least pin our Groups onto spots on the Home screen. And please, don't make us wait another five years.

Failing that, we will accept bringing back the Wii Shopping Channel music. We're willing to be flexible on this.

Brain Chemical Helps Signal to Neurons When to Start a Movement

Dopamine, a neurochemical often associated with reward behavior, also seems to help organize precisely when the brain initiates movements. It’s the latest revelation about the power of neuromodulators.

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The Top 7 Marketing Challenges Faced Globally in 2022 [HubSpot Data + Expert Tips]

Every marketer faces different challenges. And, ever since 2020, the ways we've had to pivot, adjust campaigns, and address challenges has been unlike anything many of us have had to do before.

Nintendo Switch Patch Finally Adds Folders So You Can Organize Your Games

A new software patch for the Nintendo Switch has finally made it possible to organize games into groups, providing an element the machine has been hurting for since it was released in 2017: folders. Update 14.0.0 provides you the capability of putting games together into groups, so you can more easily find games installed on the console's internal or extended storage space. Gone are the days of paging through your entire game library to find what you're looking for.

Nintendo's patch notes for Update 14.0.0 detail the change, and the console maker also provided some quick instructions on how to create new software groups. In short, you can now organize the All Software tab either as a single grid-based list of games, or by groups that you create. You can also name the groups, making it easier to find exactly the kind of game you're looking for. Nintendo's instructions page notes that you can create as many as 100 groups on the console, with as many as 200 games in each--so it should take care of all your game-organizing needs.

The bad news, however, is that your folders only appear on the All Software tab, and won't pop up on the Home tab. That means you'll still be dealing with that horizontal list of recently played games, and you'll need to do some extra clicking to get to your immaculately curated game library.

Update 14.0.0 also fixes some issues with Bluetooth audio devices, like headphones. You can now adjust the volume of Bluetooth devices either on the Switch, as was the case before, or on the device itself, if it has a volume selector. The patch also allows max volume on Bluetooth devices to be increased, although Nintendo notes volume will be reduced when connecting those devices, in order to keep you from accidentally blowing out an eardrum.

Now all the Switch needs is some killer eShop music and it'll be good to go.

Check out the full patch notes below.

Nintendo Switch Update 14.0.0

"Groups" feature was added to the All Software menu.

  • You can now create groups of software to help organize your software titles.
  • Making groups for different game genres, developers, or whatever you’d like to organize by may make it easier to find the application you want.
    • Up to 100 groups can be created with a max of 200 titles per group.
  • The button to proceed to the "All Software" screen is displayed only when there are 13 or more software title icons on the system.
  • For more information, see How to Create Groups of Software.

Bluetooth Audio volume behavior was changed.

  • You can now adjust the volume of Bluetooth audio devices using either the Nintendo Switch console or through volume control buttons on the Bluetooth audio device.
    • The Bluetooth audio device must support AVRCP profiles for these changes to work.
  • The volume displayed on the console will reflect the Bluetooth audio volume when using the device’s control buttons.
  • The maximum volume output for some Bluetooth audio devices has been increased.

AR Technology Meets Music At SXSW 2022

Music metaverse company Ristband is using all the technology at its disposal to revolutionize the live music industry. Attendees from all around the world converged on Austin, TX last week for SXSW 2022. The ten-day event was filled with incredible sessions led by educators and XR industry leaders that touched on everything from the metaverse, […]

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