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This is the second time a third-party patcher has stepped in to fix the same Windows security issue

Windows local privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability, has a new unofficial fix, again.

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Secure Amazon S3 access for isolated Amazon SageMaker notebook instances

In this post, we will demonstrate how to securely launch notebook instances in a private subnet of an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), with internet access disabled, and to securely connect to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using VPC endpoints. This post is for network and security architects that support decentralized data science […]

Build, Share, Deploy: how business analysts and data scientists achieve faster time-to-market using no-code ML and Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Machine learning (ML) helps organizations increase revenue, drive business growth, and reduce cost by optimizing core business functions across multiple verticals, such as demand forecasting, credit scoring, pricing, predicting customer churn, identifying next best offers, predicting late shipments, and improving manufacturing quality. Traditional ML development cycles take months and require scarce data science and ML […]

Automate digitization of transactional documents with human oversight using Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I

In this post, we present a solution for digitizing transactional documents using Amazon Textract and incorporate a human review using Amazon Augmented AI (A2I). You can find the solution source at our GitHub repository. Organizations must frequently process scanned transactional documents with structured text so they can perform operations such as fraud detection or financial […]

Load and transform data from Delta Lake using Amazon SageMaker Studio and Apache Spark

Data lakes have become the norm in the industry for storing critical business data. The primary rationale for a data lake is to land all types of data, from raw data to preprocessed and postprocessed data, and may include both structured and unstructured data formats. Having a centralized data store for all types of data […]

Build a serverless pipeline to analyze streaming data using AWS Glue, Apache Hudi, and Amazon S3

Organizations typically accumulate massive volumes of data and continue to generate ever-exceeding data volumes, ranging from terabytes to petabytes and at times to exabytes of data. Such data is usually generated in disparate systems and requires an aggregation into a single location for analysis and insight generation. A data lake architecture allows you to aggregate […]

Concerned Parents and Lawmakers: Here’s What You’ll Really See in My Classroom

Recently, lawmakers in Iowa penned a bill that, if passed, would have required cameras in every K-12 classroom in the state. These cameras would allow ...
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The Nokia brand is coming to low-cost laptops, and we got our hands on one

How the Georgia Data Analytics Center built a cloud analytics solution from scratch with the AWS Data Lab

This is a guest post by Kanti Chalasani, Division Director at Georgia Data Analytics Center (GDAC). GDAC is housed within the Georgia Office of Planning and Budget to facilitate governed data sharing between various state agencies and departments. The Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) established the Georgia Data Analytics Center (GDAC) with the intent […]

Z by HP: Data Science Solutions

Z by HP desktops and notebooks are packed with industry-leading hardware and software innovations designed to accelerate your Data Science workflow, delivering high performance workstations to meet the demands of advanced analytics–right out of the box.

Top Data Science Tools for 2022

Check out this curated collection for new and popular tools to add to your data stack this year.

Lenovo unveils a swanky new lineup of ThinkPads, IdeaPads, and more

Meet Galaxy Book2, Samsung’s next wave of gorgeous OLED laptops

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