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Social Media Attacks Doubled in 2021 According to Latest PhishLabs…

Financial Institutions Most Targeted Sector, Accounting for 68% of Social Media Attacks

(PRWeb February 15, 2022)

Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/social_media_attacks_doubled_in_2021_according_to_latest_phishlabs_report/prweb18498441.htm

Gradient Cyber Introduces Multi-Stage Threat Detection Ecosystem in…

New threat detection enhancements extend 24/7 threat monitoring efficacy for small business and midmarket enterprise customers for their entire IT infrastructure minimizing the possibility of critical...

(PRWeb February 15, 2022)

Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/2/prweb18494461.htm

How To Complete The Terra Maledicta Main Easter Egg In CoD: Vanguard Zombies

Season 2 is live for Call of Duty: Vanguard, which introduces the new objective-based Zombies map Terra Maledicta set in Egypt's Eastern Desert. This new starting "Temple" hub also serves as a continuation of Vanguard Zombies' ongoing narrative of the Vanguard operators helping Professor Krafft search for a way to stop Von List and Kortifex from using an army of the dead to win World War II for the Nazis. Here we walk you through completing this storyline Easter egg.

How to complete Terra Maledicta's main quest

Step 1 Reach the Decimator Shield

When spawning into a match of Terra Maledicta, you'll get audio dialogue from Vercanna the Last that instructs you to collect a page from the Tome of Rituals. From here, you must simply complete the portal objective that's on the east end of the starting hub to reach the shield. Once the area Merchant Road is unlocked, you'll see the new Wonder Weapon called the Decimator Shield, but the weapon is currently trapped.

Step 2 Unlock the Decimator Shield

Audio dialogue tells you the history of the shield and that you must break four crystals to free it from its trap. You're told you must gain Vercanna's trust before you can break the crystals. From the starting hub, find the objective portal facing North and complete it to unlock access to the Tents area of the map with the Demonic Frenzy (Speed Cola) perk fountain.

Speaker stone at the Tents location

Complete the objective and then you can come back to the area to find the speaker stone. The stone is located against one of the tents located opposite from the perk fountain. Interact with it to get audio from Vercanna.

Once the dialogue is finished, Vercanna will open up a portal right in front of you. Enter the portal and you'll need to complete a Purge objective. This works just like the standard Purge objective. You simply stand on the glowing rune circles and kill zombies until they disappear. You'll be automatically transported back to the map's starting hub, and more dialogue will inform you that the crystals have cracked.

One of the four gold crystals in the starting hub

You just need to shoot the four gold crystals above the starting hub. This will release energy back to the shield, but the weapon remains dormant. You must turn around and head back to the shield to get more dialogue.

Step 3 Wake the shield

Audio from Vercanna tells you that you must wake the shield. You must find and interact with the speaking stone near the Diabolical Damage (Double Tap) perk fountain to get the next step. Complete the portal objective at the Southwest side of the starting hub, which will be the Bazaar location.

Bazaar speaker stone

The speaking stone is on the ground floor just inside the Bazaar's doorway. Interact with the stone to receive more dialogue. Finally, a new portal will appear.

Entering the portal will teleport you to the Dark Aether. Here you meet, Zaballa the Deceiver, a Dark Aether foe who is sided with Kortifex. You must protect marked locations on the map, while also doing damage to Zaballa. The three masks covering her face are her weak points, so aim for those to deal damage. Defeating Vercanna will teleport you back to the Decimator Shield, which will now be sitting on the ground for you to pick up.

Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon

Note: Picking up the shield will replace one of your two primary weapons. The shield is slow to charge its shock attack, so I recommend having it paired with something powerful like a Pack-a-Punched shotgun.

Step 4 Free the page

After a bit of dialogue, you're asked to go to the speaker stone near the Venomous Vigor (blue health regeneration perk) fountain, which is found in the Debris Field section of the map.

Speaker stone near Venomous Vigor

More story dialogue ensues after interacting with the stone, and then Vercanna opens up another portal. This portal returns you to the Dark Aether, where the page from the Tome of Rituals is anchored to the map via glowing red stands of energy. Activate the shield's shock ability (Left trigger on console) near the red orb-like anchors that are holding the page in place.

Glowing orb "anchors" you must destroy

Destroying all four anchors will take some time to complete, as the shield only gets one use before you're given about a 90-second cooldown. Just keep moving and killing any zombies in your path while you wait for recharge. You'll know when it's recharged because you'll get an audio cue and both eyes on the shield will start glowing. After shocking all four anchors, move closer towards the floating page in the sky. The page will then float down to you. Grab the page and you'll be portaled back to the hub. A bunch of loot will spawn on the ground in front of you for your reward, and your Easter egg quest is complete.

Here is the complete perk guide for Terra Maledicta. And if you're new to Vanguard Zombies, there is also a prologue Easter egg on Der Anfang for additional story details that lead up to the introduction of Terra Maledicta and Vercanna the Last. You can also learn more about the narrative for Vanguard Zombies by locating and listening to radio intel around Der Anfang. Here is our complete guide for intel locations.

CrossfireX Single-Player Review

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How To Locate Perks In Terra Maledicta for CoD: Vanguard Zombies

Season 2 is live for Call of Duty: Vanguard, which introduces the new objective-based Zombies map Terra Maledicta with a starting hub located in Egypt's Eastern Desert. As always, perks are crucial to survival in Zombies. Here we guide you on how to locate each perk fountain.

In Terra Maledicta, there are five perks that you can equip. These won't look like the traditional perk vending machines that are typically found in Treyarch's Zombies mode. To fit the Vanguard's occult themes, Der Anfang and Terra Maledicta use gothic-looking fountains that you can interact with to obtain one of the mode's new perks. Vanguard's perk fountains are scattered around the map, and the areas are often locked behind an objective barrier.

NOTE: It's important to grab the perk as soon as you unlock it, because you don't have to pay for the base perks in Vanguard's Zombies mode. You only pay for the additional upgrade tiers.

Here are all five perk types and where you can find them on Terra Maledicta:

Fiendish Fortitude

Fiendish Fortitude perk fountain

Fiendish Fortitude is Vanguard's rebranding of the classic Juggernog perk, which increases your health. This perk is found by unlocking the portal beyond the starting hub, which is found at the North East section of the map. It is labeled as The Spike area.

Diabolical Damage

Diabolical Damage perk fountain

This perk increases your critical damage, which is essentially the iconic Double Tap perk. This is found by completing the objective on the southwest side of the hub. Complete the objective, and then you can come back to this area. Just open the doors to the Bazaar building, and the Diabolical Damage perk fountain is located on the second floor.

Demonic Frenzy

Demonic Frenzy perk fountain

The Demonic Frenzy perk boosts your reload speed, which is Vanguard's rebranding of the Speed Cola perk. From the starting hub, find the objective portal facing North and complete it to gain access to the Tents location with Demonic Frenzy (Speed Cola) perk fountain.

Venomous Vigor

Venomous Vigor perk fountain

The Venomous Vigor perk boosts your health regeneration speed. This perk takes inspiration from Black Ops Cold War's Quick Revive with the faster health regeneration, but unlike the iconic Quick Revive ability, this perk will not revive you if you go down or offer faster revive times--this only gives you faster health regen. You gain access to this perk fountain by completing the objective located to the far right labeled as the Ravine Path area.

Aethereal Haste

Aethereal Haste perk fountain

Aethereal Haste is a perk that boosts your movement speed, which works similar to the Stamin-Up perk. The Aethereal Haste perk fountain is accessed in the Derailment area of the map after unlocking the Ravine Path objective portal located to the right of the Decimator Shield.

If you are looking to play the Der Anfang map, we have a complete guide for those perk fountains. You can also learn more about the storyline for Vanguard Zombies by locating and listening to audio intel around Der Anfang. Here is our complete guide for intel locations.

Dying Light 2 gets new armour and axe as its first bit of free DLC

Barely two weeks have gone by since Dying Light 2's arrival, and already developer Techland is embarking on the first steps in its purported five-year journey of post-launch DLC. Things begin with the new Authority Pack, part one of which is available on all platforms from today.

The Authority DLC, as its loosely name implies, brings some new options for those enamoured with Dying Light 2's Peacekeeper faction. This group of former soldiers are sticklers for law and order, and the Authority Pack gives players new armour and a new weapon inspired by their outlook, enabling them to wield some righteous, bludgeoning justice.

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The Alkaline Water Company Reports Record Third Quarter Revenue of $15.1 Million and 57% Year-over-Year Growth

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Adobe fixes zero-day exploit in e-commerce code: update now!

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