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The Concorde will take flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator on March 30

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Dc Designs Concorde Wip Aerial 2After a long run of various development updates and in-progress screenshots, DC Designs’ highly anticipated Concorde project is nearing its full launch. The legendary commercial jetliner has been out of the real skies for several years now, making this a sought-after release. DC Designs is promising a complex package that will be sure to do the Concorde some justice when it lands in Microsoft Flight Simulator at the end of March. As the product description over on Just Flight mentions, “this version of Concorde has been the subject of intense study, with both the flight deck and exterior models built with reference to hundreds of-resolution images…” In other words, customers can be sure that great detail has been put into the model both inside and out.   Unlike the default airliners from Asobo, there will be no “Inop” prompts here. The DC Designs team has painstakingly modeled, animated and provided functionality for “literally every si...

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Halo Infinite unsupported on Steam Deck due to anti-cheat

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Microsoft has detailed which of its Xbox Game Studios games are supported on Valve's new Steam Deck handheld - and which won't work at all.

Included in that latter category are Halo Master Chief Collection and the recently-released Halo Infinite, plus Gears 5 and (somewhat bizarrely) the old Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

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Just Flight is developing a solution to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s wonky traffic models

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Delta Tail A330Microsoft Flight Simulator boasted a variety of features back when it was initially revealed, like the inclusion of real-time, real-world air traffic data. And while the functionality is certainly present, its representation isn’t the greatest in its current state, with missing liveries and very basic traffic models that don’t represent the real flights they’re trying to emulate. Asobo has made promises to fix it, but that hasn’t quite happened yet. As more and more people flock to the sim, the calls for a more “authentic” looking experience are growing louder. Now, popular add-on maker Just Flight is currently in the process of cooking up a solution to the matter: a new add-on called FS Traffic.   Variety like a pack of candies According to a post, FS Traffic will “add tens of thousands of real-life commercial flight plans from different time periods, giving full worldwide coverage of commercial airline traffic sourced from the same su...

Microsoft Edges Past Sony To Become Metacritic’s Top Publisher of 2021

In a first, Microsoft has edged past Sony Interactive Entertainment […]

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Xbox Cloud Gaming is getting mouse and keyboard support soon

Microsoft Flight Simulaotr Pc G36 In Brazil 4The Xbox Cloud Gaming service has been doing some extensive expansion lately, such as enjoying the recent arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator. How fitting it is that Asobo’s own Jorg Neumann has been the one to confirm that mouse and keyboard support will be coming to the service sometime in the near future. As spotted by Windows Central, Neumann confirmed the new functionality is on its way during a recent developer Q&A stream for the sim. This will be “platform-level support,” meaning that every user will be able to enjoy the new functionality.   “Obviously, mouse and keyboard works for our sim,” Neumann  said. “So the platform team is working on this. I know I can’t give a date because it’s the platform team. I don’t know their dates, but it’s coming.” Sky writing? More like sky typing The arrival of mouse and keyboard support will be critical to ensuring titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator function m...

Microsoft Says Mouse and Keyboard Support for xCloud is Coming

Mouse and keyboard support is finally coming to xCloud, according to the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Asobo releases the Beechcraft Model 17 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Beechcraft 17 Release 1Soaring in as the first release of Asobo’s new “Famous Fliers” collection of add-on aircrafts is the Beechcraft 17. Hailing all the way from the 1930’s, Asobo and the talented team over at Carenado faithfully recreated this sporty piston prop both inside and out for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also known as the “Staggerwing” due to the offset design of its wings, the Beechcraft Model 17 has the same pomp and pageantry as highly revered vintage cars. It was designed to look sleek and flashy while also being able to pump out some considerable performance and agility thanks to its powerful 450hp Pratt & Whitney engine. It’s essentially like a classic roadster, but with wings. It was even used as a race plane throughout the ’30s, with a special appearance at a race in 1970.   Vintage vanity With a top speed of 202mph and a service ceiling of 25,000ft, the Model 17 wasn’t only one of the fastest planes of its own era, but it ...
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Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Cloud officially opens the skies for all

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Xbox Cloud Version HeaderFor months it was said to be in the works, and now the time has come — Microsoft Flight Simulator has opened its skies to all devices with the release of its Xbox Cloud-powered edition. With the formal release of Microsoft and Asobo’s tentpole title for the “xCloud” service, users of virtually any device now have access to the notoriously resource-hungry sim. For low-end PC users in particular, this certainly changes the situation drastically. The Xbox Cloud Gaming service is powered by Xbox Series X hardware, giving users access to high-fidelity versions of hit titles, now including Microsoft Flight Simulator. With Microsoft’s server farms handling the processing, the heavy load of rendering a game is taken entirely away from the device of the end-user.   Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a benchmark game due to its significantly high system requirements. The release of the cloud edition means that just about anyone can now enjoy the sim without even ...

Microsoft Flight Simulator can now be played on your smartphone

You wouldn’t download an airplane, but you can absolutely use the internet to fly one. Microsoft Flight Simulator has made the leap to...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases the Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing as Inaugural Offering of the new “Famous Flyers” Series

“The Cadillac of the Sky” is ready for takeoff in Microsoft Flight Simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator is excited to announce the release of the Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing, a celebrated classic of the Golden Era of Aviation that many consider to be in a class of its own. With its bold and elegant design, this […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator Soars to New Heights on Xbox One and Across Devices with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Play Microsoft Flight Simulator today from the cloud on Xbox One and on the devices you already have. As we continue to evolve the simulator and expand the ways with which both core simmers and newcomers to the franchise can experience Microsoft Flight Simulator, we are thrilled to announce that Microsoft Flight Simulator can now […]

Here’s The First Xbox Game Pass Games Coming in March 2022

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy leads the way.

The post Here’s The First Xbox Game Pass Games Coming in March 2022 appeared first on GameSpew.

Flight Simulator Hand Tracking Support ‘Under Investigation’, Helicopters Set For Q4 2022 Release

Microsoft Flight Sim's Helicopters have been pushed back, but developer Asobo is looking into hand-tracking for VR.
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