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Camera IQ Launches Support for AR Effects Within TikTok’s Effect House

Camera IQ, the user-friendly AR creation tool, has launched support for TikTok’s Effect House, allowing brands to easily create AR effects.

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CoinStats: The All-In-One Crypto & DeFi Portfolio Manager

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CoinStats is a crypto portfolio manager and Defi wallet that allows crypto-lovers to sync and track their entire cryptocurrency portfolio in a single app. The platform is the #1 free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and Defi wallet app. What Is CoinStats? Many crypto-involved businesses have been spawning as the industry continues exploring. Although this may benefit [...]

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How much money do the 400,000 people in cannabis make? Check out the Vangst Salary Guide to find out!

DENVER –  Vangst, the cannabis industry’s leading hiring platform, today released its latest Cannabis Industry Salary Guide. The report is a valuable resource for businesses and job seekers looking for […]

Mokens League Launches “Play to Win” Soccer eSports Platform

MARCH 09, 2022 -- Monster League Studios, creators of Mokens League (https://www.mokensleague.com/), the game platform for winning and earning, today announced the launch of its “play to win,” NFT-based gaming platform. Bridging eSports and NFTs, Mokens League games, which include soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and beach volleyball, work in a sustainable “play to win'' environment that puts the focus back on gameplay, quality, skill and fun. This opposes the trend of a purely time-based reward system in most P2E games.

Players at all levels of competition, from novice to expert, will be able to earn the Mokens League in-game currency by playing and winning games, leagues, and tournaments. In-game currency can be used to purchase NFTs that can then be used on your team, traded, lent, or sold in the Mokens League marketplace, the in-game currency also has several use cases for upgrading NFTs, purchasing consumable items and in a not so distant future, customizing the Mokens League metaverse. The Mokens League NFTs are randomly generated, unique, and can be upgraded to perform better in the game which would increase their market value.

Mokens League was founded by Martin Repetto and Maximo Radice, gaming industry pioneers who have decades of experience in building gaming startups that have entertained millions, all while building user-generated content and real-time transactional business models from the ground up. Among those startups was foundational crypto gaming company Voxelus and Atmosphir, a game creation tool. 

“While we are thrilled and excited about the massive growth of crypto-based gaming, we can't help but notice that there is a fundamental problem right now. The problem is in the current state of ‘play to earn', people getting rewarded for just spending time on a game does not work. This is not fun or challenging and definitely not sustainable,” commented Martin Repetto, CEO of Monsters League Studios LLC. “NFTs and tokens can be enticing for players to play our games, but as always, what will retain gamers is fantastic gameplay and eSports mechanics. The longest played games in the world right now are competitive eSports. That's why our main priority right now is to make a game that is fun to play, easy to get going but hard to master. Like chess or Poker, there will be different levels where people can compete without getting overrun by pros or hardcore players. These games should also be as fun to play as they are to watch because the streaming community is the number one driver of game adoption at the moment”

Mokens League will be conducting private and public sales of its token, $MOKA, in the coming months. Mokens League will also be launching its in-game NFTs through its marketplace.

To learn more about Mokens League, please visit https://www.mokensleague.com.

About Monster League Studios LLC

Barcelona-based Monster League Studios is a game development company dedicated to making gaming in the web3 space as good as it can be. Using a tokenization system combined with competitive, skill-based gameplay, their games will allow players to earn and spend in-game currency at their discretion. Monsters League Studios wants to reward players for getting good at their games, rather than the traditional play to earn model where players must spend hours of empty-minded gameplay to earn rewards.

About Mokens League 

Mokens League is ‘play to earn' done right. Founded by gaming pioneers Martin Repetto and Maximo Radice, Mokens League is a platform that supports a series of NFT character traditional sports video games, including soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and beach volleyball. Mokens League caters to all levels of esports competition, from the top players to mid-level to the casual, with every player rewarded for competing. To learn more, please visit https://www.mokensleague.com. 

Discord  |  LinkedIn  |  Instagram  | Twitter  |  Website  |  Whitepaper 

Media contact: Mokens@transformgroup.com

Company contact: Martin Repetto, martin@mokensleague.com

Unlocking APAC’s Cross-Border Commerce Opportunity with Embedded Payments

In Asia Pacific (APAC), the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has fueled demand for cross-border payment capabilities and embedded financial solutions as small, online businesses embrace digital technologies to broaden

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Lucky Leaf Expo Solidifies Nationwide Presence, Announcing Cannabis Conferences in 5 Unique Markets

DALLAS – Lucky Leaf Expo, a prominent organizer of B2B cannabis industry events, has finalized its cross-country lineup of conferences for 2022. As the top trade show for the booming […]

UK: 81% of households get subscription boxes

Households in the United Kingdom are increasingly using subscription boxes. In 2020, 65 percent received these parcels, while last year this number rose up to 81 percent. The strong growth means that the subscription box market was worth 473.1 million euros in 2021. These data come from research into subscription…
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Bitrue: Fosters Cardano Native Asset Adoption with SundaeSwap listing

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Cardano is arguably one of the most popular blockchains in the crypto world due to its wide range of applications in different sectors. The blockchain enables users to create smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform while ensuring decentralization and security. These innovative characteristics have propelled Cardano to the top 10 cryptocurrency projects [...]

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Silicon Valley employees go away from large companies to Web3. What is the future of the Internet?

Julien Gaillard, the former Chief Data Scientist at Twitter Spaces, announced on Twitter that he is leaving Silicone Valley social media giant to become Head of Data Science at DeFi lending platform Aave.

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Best Crypto Related Stocks For Investors: Huge Upside!

In 2021 we saw a big wave of crypto-related companies going public in stock markets worldwide. Miners were listed left, right, and centre along with the second-biggest exchange by volume, Coinbase (according to CoinMarketCap). On top of that, we have many pre-existing companies venturing into the growing sector. Therefore, it’s good to look at those companies that stand […]

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6 Tips to Help You Prepare For Retirement | Bitcoin IRA

Imagine the potentially massive growth of cryptocurrencies without paying taxes on their growth. That can be what it’s like to have a cryptocurrency IRA or retirement account with alternative investments, including crypto coins. There are two main types of cryptocurrency IRAs, there are traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. They offer different tax advantages, and understanding […]

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What Are Layer 2 Scaling Solutions?

What Are Layer 2 Scaling Solutions?

E-Crypto News' update provides the latest articles on technology and cryptocurrencies.


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Russian region struggles to keep up with Bitcoin mining energy demands

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A local energy distributor is working to recover about $800,000 from illicit cryptocurrency miners in Irkutsk Oblast.

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