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The Week’s 10 Biggest Funding Rounds: AI Research Firm Anthropic Closes $580M Round, iSpot.tv Nabs $325M

Tag Template - News Hub PROInvestors again spread their money all over the place this week—from health care to 3D printing of automotive parts.

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Rocket League’s race to become a Tier 1 esport

For a game where flying rocket-powered battle cars slam oversized low-gravity footballs into virtual nets, Rocket League is surprisingly skillful. Like any skill-based competitive pursuit, setting is largely irrelevant — winning requires mastery, and mastery warrants practice. Like all esports titles, Rocket League requires thousands of hours spent training and refining intricate mechanical movements, the […]

US DOJ Charged Ethereum NFT Project Creators In Rug Pull Case

The US DOJ Charged Ethereum NFT project creators of Frosties for a “rug pull” and wire fraud as well as money laundering so let’s read further in today’s latest Ethereum news. The US DOJ charged Ethereum NFT project creators for defrauding buyers of an NFT project. Andre Llacuna and Ethan Nguyen are the creators of […]

Mercedes and Bosch Showcase Automated Valet Parking Tech

The two companies paired up to show how vehicles can park and drive themselves

Hertz’s Tesla order for 100k vehicles included Model Ys, which will be available in late April

Hertz Global Holdings confirmed to Teslarati today that its order for 100,000 Tesla vehicles in late 2021 included Model Y builds, not just Model 3s, as reported initially. Hertz also stated the Model Ys would be available in select regions in late April. In October 2021, Hertz placed an order for 100,000 Tesla vehicles. Originally, Model […]

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LeafLink Announces Artie Minson as President and COO

NEW YORK – LeafLink, the world’s largest online wholesale cannabis platform connecting over 10,000 licensed cannabis brands, retailers and distributors, today announced Artie Minson is joining as the company’s President […]

Activision Blizzard faces fresh allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination in new lawsuit

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A new lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of a current Activision Blizzard employee has raised fresh allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the publisher, also accusing it of retaliation after the employee publicly spoke out about her experiences at the company in December.

According to the lawsuit, as reported by Bloomberg Law, the employee - referred to only as Jane Doe - started work as a senior administrative assistant to executives in Activision Blizzard's IT department in 2017. It's claimed Doe was often pressured to drink alcohol at the company, was subjected to sexual comments about her appearance and clothing, was subjected unwelcome physical touching and attempts to kiss her, and that women were routinely made to participate in "cube crawls" where they experienced sexual comments and groping.

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Xbox Becomes the Official Gaming Partner of the French Football Federation

Today we are delighted to announce a brand-new partnership between Xbox and the French Football Federation, making Xbox the Official Gaming Partner of the French Men’s and Women’s National Football Teams. At Xbox, our mission is to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet. Billions of people around the world […]

Are Hologram Boxes The Future Of Video Calls?

Proto’s portal technology could bring holograms to the mainstream. Imagine being able to beam a lifelike hologram of yourself anywhere across the world in a matter of seconds. Sounds like something you might see in an episode of Star Trek. Contrary to popular belief, however, this technology is already here, and it’s pretty amazing.  Los […]

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9 Celebrities with Winning Cannabis Brands

The legal U.S. cannabis market is still expanding, and experts in every industry are throwing their hat in the ring — especially those who’ve made their mark in entertainment. Cannabis […]

Alaska Air Group provides update on long-term growth strategy

Alaska Air Group Inc. , the parent company of Alaska Airlines Inc. and Horizon Air Industries Inc., today will host its Investor Day at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time. During the event, Alaska Air Group will provide an update on its business performance and growth strategy, including successful pandemic recovery, industry outperformance in guest experience and […]

Cannabolish Announces A Terpene-Based Solution For A Terpene-Based Problem

LOS ANGELES — Cannabolish, a plant based, non-toxic formulation that absorbs cannabis odors announced that its products are available online and nationwide. Cannabolish’s odor eliminating formulation is made from natural […]

How Geothermal Plants Could Unlock Vast Supplies of Lithium in the American West

geothermal energy power plant lithium
Geothermal energy has long been the forgotten member of the clean energy family, overshadowed by relatively cheap solar and wind power, despite its proven potential. But that may soon change, for an unexpected reason. Geothermal technologies are on the verge of unlocking vast quantities of lithium from naturally-occurring hot brines beneath places like California’s Salton […]
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