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StorX Network Becomes the Answer to XDSea Marketplace’s Storage Needs

Decentralized Storage Provider StorX Network has joined hands with NFT Marketplace XDSea on a partnership set to eliminate IPFS based centralized storage. Under the terms of the collaboration, it follows that XDSea will leverage StorX decentralized storage network as a store for their art, images, and documents. We are thrilled to announce the Partnership between @StorXNetwork and @XDSeaNFT.XDSea will use Storx decentralized storage network to store art, images, and documents. This will remove file storage centralized using ipfs.#StorX #SRX #partnership https://t.co/zfM7asYJaz — StorX Network (@StorXNetwork) March 3, 2022 Standing as the first-ever, and largest P2P decentralized marketplace in the world to provide an avenue for selling and buying NFTs, XDSea is built atop the XDC Network and runs on the XRC blockchain. The collaboration and expected offerings are a testament to the numerous promises made by DIMO and XinFin who hosted the official debut of the XDSea network. From being the first NFT marketplace to join the XRC blockchain, and now offering safer and more reliable storage for digital collectibles, the possibilities remain endless for XDSea. Already XDSea is reputed for its game-changing role offering very affordable gas fees in the market today thanks to its association with XinFin. Beyond that, it also offers the lowest transaction fees in the market today. By meeting users at the junction linking gas fees, transaction fees and now security, XDC is a game-changer in an extremely agile and dynamic industry. Competitive features of StorX Network’s Decentralized Cloud StorX Network has revolutionized data storage, providing a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage solution. This solution evades tracking, censorship, blocking, or the presence of any downtime whatsoever. With these offerings, StorX leads netizens to a safer and more secure internet version where decentralization is the theme. XDSea is the first among many who are poised to leverage this future. With this partnership, XDSea intends to leverage StorX decentralized storage for the safe storage of NFTs in the range of art, images and documents; an action that will eliminate the centralization element of storing files characteristic of IPFS. IPFS is basically the hard drive of blockchain with a specific approach for data storage. IPFS stores data in such a way that when data is added to the IPFS network, the network splits it into groups of 256Kb capacities. Each group is identifiable using a specific hash and is thereafter spread across multiple nodes on the hash-linked networks. StorX is safer than IPFS While both use transport encryption, StorX offers more security thanks to its content-encryption property. While user data is safer when being sent between individual IPFS nodes, that data is accessible to anyone who wishes to download and view it provided they have the CID. StorX enhances security by providing the content-encryption property. Moreover, the XDSea will benefit from, among other privileges offered by StorX, the assurance of offering users a safer and more reliable storage network for their digital collectibles on the cloud. With this collaboration, XDSea, therefore, expects to deliver a safer and more unregulated storage experience for its esteemed user community so that they can design and develop their valuable NFTs on the open-source NFT Marketplace, XDSea. Notably, the partnership makes for a notable milestone for StorX, positioning them as the first storage provider to collaborate with XDC NFT marketplace for purposes of solving their storage needs. The mechanics hold that every file that a user uploads on StorX is split into multiple parts before encryption into several fragments and finally stored within independent storage nodes. The nodes are run by different operators located in various parts of the world. The hallmark of StorX network’s offering centers on the fact that the system is designed as a group of autonomous storage networks. This means that there is no one operator who holds total access to the data belonging to a single user. With different parts held by different operators, the amount of power or influence held by a single holder is therefore significantly reduced to an almost invaluable minimum, hence enhanced user security. #XDCNFT are coming to the #XDCNetwork. It is still early days but new artists, fans and innovators are rapidly joining the #XDC community. Buckle up, this space is about to explode! pic.twitter.com/YjvilI4Nox — PiusVirXDC (@PiusVir) March 21, 2022  

Texas Rep Endorses BTC Mining For US Energy Independence

Texas rep Pete Sessions endorses BTC mining that can bring US Energy independence while the sector is exploding in the state. This is mainly because politicians like Sessions are courting the mining firms so let’s read more in today’s latest bitcoin news. Bitcoin mining companies are flocking to Texas and with the global fuel prices […]

How many robots does it take to run a grocery store?

How many robots does it take to run a grocery store? If you said 20 years ago robots would run a grocery store most people would have looked at you and walked away.  Robots are throughout the supply chain and continue to increase. Robots, Automation and Innovation A 360° tour of Ocado’s automated warehouse. Automating [...]

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In support of Ukraine

Quantum strongly condemns the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, the loss of life and war crimes inflicted by Vladimir Putin’s forces. There are no words to express our sorrow and fears. We ...

11 TED Talks Every eCommerce Entrepreneur Must Watch in 2022

Starting an online business always seems a bit intimidating at first, especially since there is a whole market you’re competing with. However, a bit of inspiration goes a long way, especially when the source of insights is the experts themselves. It’s always comforting to know that there have been other people in your shoes, and […]

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Prince Philip of Serbia says “only way around inflation is Bitcoin”

A few days ago, Prince Phillip of Serbia was the guest of the Serbian TV talk show host Ivan Ivanović.

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Penske Logistics Vice President of Freight Management Named a Finalist for 2022 Distinguished Woman in Logistics

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LeAnne Coulter, vice president of freight management for Penske Logistics, has been named a finalist for the Women in Trucking Association’s 2022 Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award. This prestigious award honors the contributions, achievements and influence of exceptional women leading the North American transportation industry.

Coulter is responsible for the strategic vision, growth and product development for all 4PL, freight management and brokerage services for Penske Logistics, as well as third-party carrier sourcing, acquisition and management. She was recently honored by Supply & Demand Chain Executive with the 2021 Women in Supply Chain Award.

“LeAnne possesses an incredible breadth and depth of expertise rooted in 28 years of supply chain management experience, as well as a remarkable work ethic and leadership mindset,” said Jeff Bullard, senior vice president of operations for Penske Logistics. “She is a critical change agent for our organization, and truly embodies the qualities of a Distinguished Woman in Logistics.”

Portrait of LeAnne Coulter LeAnne Coulter, vice president of freight management for Penske Logistics, is a finalist for the 2022 Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award.

During her first four years with Penske, Coulter held full P&L and growth responsibility for Penske’s freight brokerage and international services, which achieved unprecedented growth under her leadership. She also plays an essential role in Penske Logistics’ innovation pipeline, spearheading new products and solutions that empower customers through advanced supply chain visibility.

“In a field that requires us to problem-solve, negotiate, compromise and think outside the box, we all achieve more when women are embedded in every supply chain function,” said Coulter. “I’m proud to be a part of the talented, diverse and forward-thinking team here at Penske, and grateful for this opportunity to celebrate the incredible female leadership in our industry.”

Coulter serves on the Steering Committee for Penske Women in Logistics, an organization committed to advancing the careers of female associates through mentoring, networking and professional development. She is a member of the advisory board for Wayne State University’s Global Supply Chain Program, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and the Association for Operations Management.

By Emily Foreman

Renewable Power Finance for Non-Finance Professionals – A Brand New Online Workshop

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Singapore, Mar 21, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Infocus International Group has introduced the brand new online workshop - Renewable Power Finance for Non-Finance Professionals and it will be commencing live on the 20th of April 2022.

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This popular course is intended as a time-efficient primer for those from a non-financial background, who wish to better "read" financial models & analyses presented to them, and to understand the variables which most influence renewable power project investment decisions.

Attendees will receive clear explanations of the common elements of a power project financial model, the key terminologies, and the changing economic and market context in which renewable power business plans must exist (and create financial returns).

The course will highlight the key financial inputs and outputs, without swamping those who lack a financial background in unnecessary detail or complexity. It will thus enable people from a variety of non-finance job roles - from engineering to project development to marketing - to better understand how economic and investment considerations influence, and are influenced by, their own activities.

A provided Excel cash flow model plus numerous other handouts will help with revision and cementation of learning long after the course has been completed.

Course Sessions

1. 'Reading' a project cash flow model
2. Risks, returns, and the costs of finance
3. The changing value of electricity
4. Power project business cases and profitability

Among the key points to be addressed

- Learn to speak the language of finance, to better interact with investors and business case developers
- Understand how to 'read' a financial analysis sheet, without being swamped by the minutiae and detail
- Take away an Excel cash flow sheet which you can use to revise and solidify your learning
- Learn how project risks feed through to financing costs and energy price competitiveness
- Analyse which internal project variables and external market factors are most important to financial outcomes
- Explore the financial considerations of trends such as multiple revenue streams and energy storage
- Examine the balances of risks and returns, at various stages in a project's life cycle
- Understand the relevance of metrics such as 'LCOE', 'WACC' & 'DSCR' in business planning
- Quantify how key market trends are impacting renewable power business cases, risks and returns

Want to learn more?

Simply email to emilia@infocusinternational.com or call +65 6325 0210 to obtain your FREE COPY of event brochure. For more information, please visit https://www.infocusinternational.com/renewable-power-finance.

About Infocus International Group

Infocus International is a global business intelligence provider of strategic information and professional services for diverse business communities.

Infocus International recognises clients' needs and responds with innovative and result oriented programmes. All products are founded on high value content in diverse subject areas, and the highest level of quality is ensured through intensive and in-depth market research from local and international insights.

Emilia Mok
Tel: +65 6325 0210
Email: emilia@infocusevent.com
Website: www.infocusinternational.com

Copyright 2022 ACN Newswire. All rights reserved. www.acnnewswire.comInfocus International Group has introduced the brand new online workshop - Renewable Power Finance for Non-Finance Professionals and it will be commencing live on the 20th of April 2022.

Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo Journalism, & Modern-Day Cannabis Culture

When it comes to modern-day drug culture, there is probably no writer better known than Hunter S. Thompson. Although a large number of people are familiar with him solely for his 1971 classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he actually rose to prominence with his publication of Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of […]

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Meet the founder of Onoco

We spoke to Margaret Zablocka, founder of Onoco, about her motivations behind building Onoco and exciting plans for the future. 

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Token||Traxx & OpenLab Announce Collaboration to expand music’s influence in Web3

● NFT music platform announce OpenLab as key partner as part of a cross platform content and marketing engagement ● OpenLab is a trailblazing music and arts platform with reach across the global culture community ● The six-figure deal will see Token||Traxx collaborate with OpenLab to develop NFT collections for a curated roster of music […]

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Ireland, an island in the North Atlantic, is the second-largest island of the British Isles, the third-largest in Europe, and the twentieth-largest on the Earth. [...]
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