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Everything You Need To Know About Dizziness

When we are working day and night for long hours without taking a rest, then it causes some problems for us. For example, if...

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Researchers Find Backdoor Infection Spike on GoDaddy-Hosted Websites

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Security researchers have identified a surge in backdoor infections on hundreds of websites hosted on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress service, which were all compromised by the same payload. The incident impacted websites like tsoHost, MediaTemple, Domain Factory, Heart Internet, 123Reg, and Host Europe Managed WordPress websites. The infected sites shared a nearly identical backdoor embedded in […]

Inhalable aerogel triggers immunity to COVID-19 in mice, may block transmission

An inhalable aerogel loaded with DNA that encodes for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein successfully induces an immune response against COVID-19 in the lungs of mice. The scientists said its aerogel could be used to create an inhalable vaccine that blocks SARS-CoV-2 transmission by preventing the virus from establishing an infection in the lungs.

Covid-19: Mental health app growth reveals unmet needs

Prescriptions for mental health apps rose during the pandemic. So did new apps for Covid advice and tracing, but there is still no app for long Covid.

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A Framework for Aerospace Vehicle Reasoning (FAVER)

Flight delays – the bigger picture! Almost everyone must have experienced a flight delay or cancellation and wondered - what causes this? While affecting both the passengers and the airline, a delayed or cancelled flight also has a big impact on the environment. An aircraft not taking off on time occupies a parking space in ...

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Cambodian Police Forcibly Bus 156 Casino Strikers to Quarantine Center Days After 200 Released

Just two days after Cambodian officials released 200 striking NagaWorld Casino staff following public criticism from the UN, 156 demonstrators resuming their peaceful strike were met by police and forced to a quarantine center, reports the Cambodian Center for Human Rights.

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Events to Look Out for Next Week

The economic agenda ahead is expected to be a massive one, as Fed, BoE, and BoJ officials are heading for lively debates at next week’s rate decision and monetary policy meetings. In the meantime the war has pushed virus developments into the background and despite rising infection numbers in many parts of Europe, restrictions are […]
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Moderna Will Develop mRNA Vaccines for 15 of the World’s Worst Diseases

Moderna mRNA vaccine cells virus blood
To much of the world, it seemed like the Covid-19 vaccines were whipped up in less than a year—an amazing feat of science and biotechnology if ever there was one. While the vaccines did get fast-tracked through clinical trial and regulatory approval phases, the truth is that the technology behind the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines—mRNA—had […]

EC Healthcare Launch Tele-Medicine and Drug Delivery Service, Reduce Infection Risk and Protect Citizen’s Health

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HONG KONG, Mar 9, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - EC Healthcare (the "Company", which together with its subsidiaries is referred to as the "Group", SEHK stock code: 2138), the largest non-hospital medical group in Hong Kong*, is pleased to announce, to reduce the infection risk from going out for medical consultation, the Group launch Tele-Medicine service under EC Healthcare Medical Centre, AI MEDICAL, PRIMEcare, chiropractor and traditional medicine services under NYMG. The Group's professional medical team will fully be devoted to providing services to the public. The Group formed a dedicated team that can provide 500 session telemedicine services per day at the first phase and will continue to scale up to match the demand from our clients.

Please book via EC Healthcare online platform: https://ectelemedicine.echealthcare.com/

If you have any enquiry, please contact Customer Service Hotline: 2152 8503

The Tele-Medicine mainly provides common diseases consultation and chronic disease follow-up consultation. The teleconsultation can cover flu, diarrhea, rash, sinusitis, red eye, indigestion, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. After the teleconsultation, the Group will also arrange a drug delivery service within four hours*. This service helps citizens to manage health conditions at home.

Apart from teleconsultation, the Group's service centers located in each district include general outpatient clinics, specialist clinics, health check centers, vaccine centers and laboratory centers still commence usual operation and provide vaccine, pre-vaccine body check, PCR test and antibody test. The Group is devoted to being the public's health guardian, serving the community, and contributing to the anti-epidemic work.

*Drug delivery service arrive time is subject to prevailing conditions

About EC Healthcare
EC Healthcare is Hong Kong's largest non-hospital medical service provider*, leveraging its core businesses of preventive and precision medicine, and committed to developing medical artificial intelligence by integrating its multi-disciplinary medical services. The move, which is supported by the Group's high-end branding and quality customer services, is aimed at offering customers safe and effective healthcare and medical services with professionalism. The Group is a constituent stock of Hang Seng Composite Index and the MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index.

The Group principally engages in the provision of one-stop medical and health care services in Greater China. The Group provides a full range of services and products under its well-known brands, including those of its one-stop aesthetic medical solutions provider DR REBORN which has ranked first in Hong Kong by sales for years, primary care clinics jointly established with Tencent Doctorwork, chiropractic services centre New York Spine and Physiotherapy Center NYMG, health management centre re:HEALTH, a vaccine centre Hong Kong Professional Vaccine HKPV, a comprehensive dental centre UMH DENTAL CARE, a diagnostic and imaging centre HKAI, an oncology treatment centre reVIVE, a day procedure centre HKMED, a specialty clinic SPECIALISTS CENTRAL, NEW MEDICAL CENTER and Prime Medical Centres, obstetrics and gynaecology specialist ZENITH MEDICAL CENTER AND PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS CENTRE, specialists central, a paediatric center PRIME CARE, cardiology center HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL CARDIOLOGY CENTER, PathLab Medical Laboratories, a professional hair care center HAIR FOREST, Ophthalmology Center VIVID EYE and EC Veterinary Hospital and Imaging Center.

*According to independent research conducted by Frost and Sullivan in terms of revenue in 2019 and 2020

Copyright 2022 ACN Newswire. All rights reserved. www.acnnewswire.comEC Healthcare (the "Company", which together with its subsidiaries is referred to as the "Group", SEHK stock code: 2138), the largest non-hospital medical group in Hong Kong*, is pleased to announce, to reduce the infection risk from going out for medical consultation

Google: Russian Hackers Target Ukrainians, European Allies via Phishing Attacks

A broad range of threat actors, including Fancy Bear, Ghostwriter, and Mustang Panda, have launched phishing campaigns against Ukraine, Poland, and other European entities amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) said it took down two Blogspot domains that were used by the nation-state group FancyBear (aka APT28) – which is attributed to Russia's GRU military

CRISPR On-Off Switch Will Help Unlock the Secrets of Our Immune System

dna genes biology crispr immune system
T cells are fierce warriors. With just a hint of an attack—be it an infection or a nascent cancer—they rally, ramp up in numbers, and launch a full-scale defense. But they’re not invincible. Sometimes the cellular soldiers become overzealous, attacking friendly tissues. Or their defenses are wiped out by particularly heinous foes, like HIV and […]

COVID-19 Can Shrink The Brain By This Much

COVID-19 Can Shrink The Brain By This Much

Unlike many respiratory viruses, the impact of COVID-19 goes beyond the lungs and respiratory system.

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X-Ray Classification Using Pretrained-Stacked Model

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon.   Source: Link Hey Folks!! In the last article, we have talked about Building Search Engines using NLP concepts if you haven’t read it, refer to this link. In this article, we are going to talk about an application of Image Classing /Classification and that […]

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