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More Green Ammonia For The US, & More Electrofuels for Texas

Texas has been full of surprises this year, and we’re not talking about a little thing like the State Attorney General running away from...

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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Are Having A (Big) Moment

It’s been a while since CleanTechnica took a look at solid oxide fuel cells, and there is a lot of catching up to do....

Multi-Gigawatt Solar from the Middle East

By Andries Wantenaar of Rethink Energy Azerbaijan has announced a partnership with UAE-based developer Masdar for 1 gigawatt (GW) each of solar and onshore wind,...

Algeria’s Hydrogen Export Hopes Will Be Crushed By Economics

Algeria is the largest country in Africa, a former French colony and deeply dependent on natural gas exports to Europe. It will be deeply...

Morocco Is A Green Leader & Might Get EU Hydrogen Balance Right

Ah, Morocco, home to more high-speed, electrified passenger rail than exists in all of North America, the 323-kilometer long service between Tangier, as well...

New African Hydrogen Report Shows Hydrogen Can Be Green, But Won’t Be Cheap

As part of the Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and The Transnational Institute (TNI) report on Europe’s efforts to turn Northern African into a hydrogen manufacturing center...

NASA restarts moon rocket wet dress rehearsal countdown

NASA restarted a two-day dress-rehearsal countdown Tuesday for the agency's new Space Launch System moon rocket after a series of unrelated glitches, mostly involving ground systems, blocked two earlier attempts to fully fuel the huge launcher to verify its readiness for flight.
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Citing valve problem, NASA will load only the SLS core stage in next countdown test

A problem with a helium valve on the Space Launch System moon rocket's upper stage will require ground teams to only partially load the giant launcher with cryogenic propellants during an upcoming countdown dress rehearsal, NASA officials said Saturday. NASA also confirmed teams now targeting Thursday for the next try to complete the test.

NASA bumps Artemis countdown rehearsal until after Axiom crew launch

NASA officials said Tuesday they are standing down from a cryogenic loading test on the agency's Space Launch System moon rocket until after the launch of a commercial crew mission from a neighboring pad at the Kennedy Space Center. A countdown test Monday was delayed by what NASA managers characterized as minor issues, including a liquid oxygen temperature concern and a manual valve that was left in the wrong configuration before teams evacuated the SLS launch pad.

Ground system problem halts Artemis 1 countdown dress rehearsal

NASA launch controllers called off plans to load super-cold liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen into the first fully-assembled Space Launch System moon rocket Sunday for a countdown dress rehearsal, giving time for ground teams to troubleshoot problems with fans used to ventilate the giant rocket's mobile launch structure at the Kennedy Space Center.

Artemis 1 wet dress rehearsal timeline

This timeline covers major countdown activities planned during the NASA's wet dress rehearsal for the Artemis 1 mission. The wet dress rehearsal will include loading of more than 700,000 gallons of cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen into the Space Launch System moon rocket on launch pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Live coverage: NASA scrubs Artemis 1 wet dress rehearsal

NASA called off plans to load super-cold liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen into the fully-stacked Space Launch System moon rocket Sunday. The cryogenic tanking operation is part of a full-up countdown dress rehearsal ahead of the launch of unpiloted Artemis 1 moon mission.

NASA gives priority to Artemis ground test over commercial astronaut launch

NASA officials gave the green light Friday for the first all-commercial astronaut launch to the International Space Station on a SpaceX rocket as soon as April 3. But the astronaut launch could be delayed a day, or longer, to give priority to a countdown test for NASA's Space Launch System moon rocket on a neighboring launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center.
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