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What’s Going On With Oracle?

Oracle appears to be undergoing a kind of resurgence during the coronavirus crisis. Financial analysts are saying nice things about its ability to...

How to Approach a Workforce Reduction with Compassion

Of the 2,000 employees working in the cannabis sector who recently were laid off, some may still be wondering what happened. The cannabis boom...

“NSFW” Video Could Make You Rich

Yesterday, Matt told you about a special indicator we’ve been tracking.This indicator has given investors an early “buy signal” for some of the...

Reddit’s new Community Points could be huge for Ethereum

Reddit's new Community Points could be huge for Ethereum

Reddit is experimenting with cryptocurrency, and though it's currently only a trial, it might turn out to be one of the most important developments in the space. 

The social news site launched a new feature called Community Points, which are earned by submitting quality content and can be spent on premium features such as badges and emoji (as well as being used for bragging rights). This, in itself, isn't new for Reddit, but these new Community Points are essentially cryptocurrency tokens built on the Ethereum network. 

Ethereum, which is both a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and a platform for decentralized apps, has a standard called ERC-20 that allows for simple creation of new cryptocurrencies called tokens. These have all the basic properties of Ethereum itself — namely, they're near-impossible to counterfeit, and they are fully controlled by their owners. This means that, once the tokens have been created and transferred to a user, not even Reddit can take them back.  Read more...

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Bitcoin Casino Pioneer LuckyBit Offers up to 15BTC Winnings with New Real-Time Interactive Dice Game

Bitcoin betting site LuckyBit have launched a fresh new version of the age old classic game ‘Dice’, with a potential total win of up to 15BTC available.  13th May, 2020, Curacao – The crypto betting landscape in 2013 mostly consisted of Satoshidice. LuckyBit revolutionised crypto gambling back then with the introduction of Plinko. The game was a huge hit because […]

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Meet Morpheus, the AI that’ll show you how deep the universe’s rabbit hole goes: Code can detect, classify galaxies from ‘scope scans

Way easier than getting humans to scour petabytes of images by hand, looking for faraway systems

Astrophysicists have developed AI software to help scientists automatically detect and describe galaxies snapped by telescopes surveying the distant sky.…

SANDSIV Announces Unlimited-Data Pricing Model

Pioneering CXM platform now available, affordable to companies of all sizes

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, 14.05.2020 – SANDSIV’s AI-powered customer experience management (CXM) platform, sandsiv+, has revolutionized the way companies serve their customers. Today, SANDSIV announces a pricing model just as innovative as their flagship technology platform: unlimited surveys, unlimited data, users, and reporting.

The new model will help customers bring their CXM budgets in line with their actual needs and the actual use to which they put sandsiv+. Until recently, SANDSIV’s pricing model resembled its competitors’: customers paid for the volume of surveys, data processed, analysed, and reported by the platform. Its new model places no limits on the volume of data collected by the system. Instead, it identifies the resources needed to collect and analyse each customer’s preferred universe of customer data and charges a flat fee determined by each customer’s specific needs, and the CPU power and memory required to fulfil those needs.

SANDSIV customers can now collect data from any source—including unstructured data in the form of email, comments made on social media, blog posts, and the like posts—without worrying about hitting their data limit. The new pricing model also supports unlimited end-users and unlimited dashboards and reporting. Additional charges for extension of the platform may still apply; these include custom-written APIs to help integrate sandsiv+ with external systems and user-requested algorithms for the platform’s analysis engine.

SANDSIV CEO Federico Cesconi believes that the time is right for an entirely new approach to pricing CXM services. “CX analytics have evolved so dramatically in recent years that a change in our pricing structure was probably inevitable,” he says. “Data volume is a convenient way to measure the sheer amount of activity on a CX platform like sandsiv+, but it’s become a somewhat lazy way to establish pricing.”

“Until recently, the bulk of data collected by most CXM systems was structured: surveys, call-centre statistics, and so on. The overhead incurred by the system was fairly well correlated to the amount of data supplied to it. Our platform does its best work when it collects a huge range of data, some of it requiring sophisticated AI to accurately gauge its reflection of customer sentiment. Our customers shouldn’t pay extra just to use sandsiv+ as it was intended. Our new pricing model ensures that they won’t.”

To learn more about what SANDSIV’s next-generation pricing model means for its industry-leading CX management platform, please contact us at info@sandsiv.com


SANDSIV is a Swiss software provider located in Technopark Zurich, Switzerland’s main technology hub. Listed as a leading VOC vendor in Gartner’s recent VOC Market report, SANDSIV has built its reputation in delivering its state-of-the-art Voice of the Customer enterprise solutions “sandsiv+” to advanced CX teams at leading organizations throughout EMEA, including leading companies in the telco, financial services, utilities, retail and transportation sectors.

About sandsiv+
sandsiv+ captures, analyses, integrates, improves, and measures the customer experience. Introduced in 2014, the next-generation CX platform harmonizes data from any direct or indirect channel, and generates inferred data using artificial intelligence. Its analytical features are built on advanced AI technologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Machine Learning, providing for the increasingly unsupervised production of faster and more accurate actionable insights, and allowing organizations to act responsively and plan wisely. The platform supports complex integration, customization and configuration.

Frank Warnsing
+41 43 2052132

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Third of UK fintechs have lost vital funding due to equity management problems

  • Solving equity management could see fintech businesses unlock as much as £2.6bn in missed funding
  • Over £1bn of UK fintech investment could be lost because of COVID-19
  • New report published by Qadre, in partnership with techUK, reveals impact of equity management on UK fintechs

London, UK – May 14, 2020Qadre, a high-growth fintech trusted by leading institutions to deliver certainty with blockchain technology, today announced a new research report in partnership with techUK that reveals a third of UK fintechs have lost vital funding due to equity management problems. The report ‘Making fintech work for fintechs’ is based on a survey of 59 UK fintech founders and exposes the impact of complex equity management processes on business growth as well as the impact of COVID-19 on fundraising.

The UK is one of the world’s most successful fintech markets, notching up $4.9 billion of capital raised in 2019 (Innovate Finance, 2020). This surpasses 2018’s figure of $3.6 billion as the UK moved up to second in the global rankings for VC investment into fintech. Yet despite the UK’s successful fintech scene, fintech founders are struggling with equity management which is limiting growth, holding back innovation, and draining operational resource. COVID-19 is presenting additional challenges to the industry, fintech founders are looking for ways to accelerate processes, reduce costs, and focus on growing their business.

The key takeaways from the report include:

  • Equity management is holding back UK fintech: More than two thirds (67%) of fintech founders believe equity management is a distraction and that time spent on managing cap tables is better spent on more important tasks. 59% report having to delay projects and 32% have lost out on funding due to inefficient equity management. Worryingly, 61% of founders believe that time spent on equity management has impaired their ability to deliver a product or scale their business. The net effect is that equity management challenges could be costing the UK fintech industry as much as £2.6bn in missed funding.
  • Founders are relying on Excel to manage high-value deals: 73% of fintech founders are using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for cap table management, with nearly a third (31%) finding this process very painful or painful. 64% of founders think that a digital platform to build and manage cap tables would make lives easier and save time. Fintech founders are burdened by outdated methods of managing equity and in desperate need of technology and guidance that can save them time and money.
  • Over £1bn of fintech investment could be lost because of COVID-19: 68% of fintech founders have reported missing out on important funding because of the COVID-19 crisis. The average amount lost by fintech businesses to date is approximately £1.2m. As the UK is home to over 1,600 fintech companies, it means an estimated £1.9bn of investment has been lost across the industry because of the crisis. With a huge economic toll on the sector expected, fintech founders want to simplify equity management processes to help them better manage their business.

“The UK has one of the world’s most successful fintech markets, but company founders are facing unprecedented economic headwinds with COVID-19 at the eye of the storm,” said Nick Williamson, CEO of Qadre. “At this time of uncertainty, equity management processes are preventing fintechs from raising money, delivering new services, and growing their business. Equity management isn’t just inconvenient, it is damaging UK fintech. It has never been more important for fintechs to streamline unnecessary tasks and focus on developing products and services that can help them ride out this storm.”

“At the heart of the fintech industry is the promise of innovation to create financial services that eliminate complexity, provide an intuitive user experience, and create value for consumers and businesses alike. This report highlights that there is space to replicate this in equity management,” said Julian David, CEO of techUK. “Fintech organisations must address the need to better support the startup community to improve efficiency and generate company growth. The dearth of solutions that address equity management is often overlooked. This study reveals the impact it can have on wider company success.”

Making fintech work for fintechs’ a report by Qadre, in partnership with techUK, can be found here: https://www.qad.re/making-fintech-work-for-fintechs/

- ENDS -

Research Methodology
This survey was conducted by FinTech Connect, an independent research partner. A total of 59 UK fintech founders were surveyed between the 25th March 2020 and 3rd April 2020.

About Qadre
Qadre is a high-growth fintech trusted by leading institutions to deliver certainty and modernise financial markets with blockchain technology.

The company’s modular platform, Huski, monitors, records, and reconciles any transfer of value and ownership with greater efficiency, reduced risk, and at lower cost than traditional methods. It offers a range of pioneering applications across equity management, market infrastructure, payments, and fund distribution designed to remove friction, improve security, and enhance the user experience for both the business and its customers.

The Qadre team is behind the earliest and most innovative blockchain projects to date in the fintech sector. Huski is the first blockchain technology to be approved by the UK government’s digital marketplace.

Qadre is a member of techUK and Innovate Finance.

For additional information on Qadre, please visit https://www.qad.re/

About techUK
techUK is a membership organisation that brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. We collaborate across business, government and stakeholders to fulfil the potential of technology to deliver a stronger society and more sustainable future. By providing expertise and insight, we support our members, partners and stakeholders as they prepare the UK for what comes next in a constantly changing world.


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