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Chancellor’s Spring Statement 2022

The Spring Statement isn’t generally a time for large budget measures but in these unusual times several were announced, largely aimed at consumers rather than businesses. The most important changes are: Fuel Duty Headline news is cutting fuel duty for petrol and diesel by 5p per litre across the whole of the UK. Overall, this […]

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Local authorities ask for backing to accelerate net zero

Cut VAT on retrofit measures to reduce energy waste, household bills, and UK reliance on Russian gas, urges cities network UK100 To reduce the costs of public transport to improve the travel choices of the poorest in society and to cut UK reliance on Russian oil Fund Local Net Zero Hubs to accelerate the transition […]

Interest Rates rise to 0.75%

Last week, the Bank of England voted to approve an interest rates rise from 0.5% to 0.75%, the third time an interest rate rise has take place within months. This is bad news for those with a mortgage but will also impact business borrowing but there are two important things to note. Firstly, 0.75% is […]

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Investment and export incentives needed to curb pressure on UK economy

Peter Edgar is Chief Financial Officer at Huboo, a pan-European fulfilment technology provider. In this guest post today, he argues that investment and export incentives are needed to curb the mounting pressure on the UK economy Why investment and export incentives are needed to curb the mounting pressure on the UK economy Depending on the prevailing […]

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States getting COVID mortgage relief programs off the ground

Nearly 30 states have launched programs to distribute $9.961 billion in federal aid for households who are behind on their mortgages.

UK Chancellor’s Spring Statement and Potential GBPUSD Impact


Chancellor Sunak will be making a speech in the Commons, presenting what is colloquially called the ‘spring statement’. It’s a sort of “mini-budget”, addressing spending concerns at the fiscal half-year mark. The spring statement has taken on a bit more importance lately, as people are looking for some help from the government to deal with […]

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Comment: Big changes in the pipeline for Northern Ireland’s waste industry

The way that waste in Northern Ireland will be handled over the next few years will change dramatically following consultations by Defra and the UK’s devolved administrations, according to Joseph Doherty of Re-Gen Waste. In Northern Ireland, the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs is still analysing the responses. One of the most significant […]
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Philter Labs Announces its first-ever biodegradable product

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Philter Labs is beyond thrilled to announce the release of our all-new, first-ever biodegradable product: the PHREND! After listening to the feedback from our amazing customers and fans […]

The huge carbon footprint of large-scale computing

Physicists working on large-scale experiments may have to consider the significant environmental impact of the computer power they require. Michael Allen investigates

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The Sims 4 Drops Surprise Neighborhood Stories Update

A surprise new update has just dramatically updated how Neighborhood Stories work in The Sims 4, as picked up by Eurogamer. The feature, which has appeared in previous Sims games, allows Sims in non-active households to go about their lives autonomously and make major changes, including having or adopting children, changing careers, moving house, and even dying in an accident.

The feature was soft-launched last November, with an early version of Neighborhood Stories having neighboring Sims able to make changes in their lives, but only if the player okayed it first or initiated the change. The new update gives non-active households full autonomy, though it can be customized for players who like to have more control over their communities.

The new feature is heavily customisable, meaning you can still allow neighbor Sims to make some changes in their lives, but can turn off Neighborhood Stories options like accidental death or moving out that may change the neighborhood too drastically. Players even have the option to configure these settings household-by-household if they want to micromanage their neighbors' lives. Players who liked the game as it was can also turn the new feature off altogether, and continue playing as usual.

Even if players don't interact with their neighbors enough to see the results of their newly-given freedom, players will now be able to check Neighborhood Stories updates from any mailbox. The blog post detailing these changes encourages players to check these updates, and use the information contained in them to visit neighbors and check in on all the changes that are happening.

The Sims 4 gives its world more autonomy in surprise new Neighbourhood Stories update

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One favourite (and sometimes infuriating) feature of The Sims 3 that never made the leap to The Sims 4 was story progression - giving non-active Sims households the ability to make significant, autonomous life decisions in the background - but now, as part of a surprise addition in The Sims 4's latest patch, that previously absent element has returned in a big way.

EA first revealed it had started dabbling with story progression for The Sims 4 (a feature it's now referring to as Neighbourhood Stories) last November, explaining there was "a lot we want to do" to bring more life to the world outside of active households. Its first Neighbourhood Stories release played it cautiously, only permitting a Neighbour Sim to make a life change - such as having a baby or changing jobs - if directly influenced by the player or once a player had given explicit permission in response to a request.

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Elon Musk Says He Won’t Sell Bitcoin (BTC) and Two Other Crypto Assets Amid Rising Inflation

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is revealing plans to continue holding on to the cryptocurrencies he owns as inflation in the US reaches a four-decade high. Musk says in a tweet that Tesla and SpaceX are feeling the effects of high inflation just like other corporations and households as the cost of living and doing business […]

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Stablecoins Now At $187 Billion, UST And USDN Volume On The Rise


There has been fast growth in the stablecoin economy, with a recent total of $187 billion, which is quite near the $200 billion thresholds. Stablecoins like Terra’s UST and Neutrino Protocol’s USDN are gaining popularity even as Tether remains the most widely used. They experienced a nearly 30% and a 44% rise in issuance in…

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