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Ghostwire: Tokyo — Quick tips for new exorcists

Ghostwire Tokyo Quick Tips 1Ghostwire: Tokyo is an open-world game with a lot to see and consider. Some aspects of it won’t be completely clear immediately, so we put together this handy quick tips guide to help you get your spirit journey in Ghostwire: Tokyo off to a good start. After all, you can never have too much help when it comes to saving the world.   Blue and green are plentiful When you defeat enemies and break floating objects in the environment, little shards are left behind. Although you have green, blue, and red elements at your disposal, red shards are far less common than the other two. While it makes sense to only use red attacks on more imposing enemies, you should go hog wild with the green and blue ones. Use them however much you feel like; you’ll rarely find yourself running low without being able to get more. Buy more Katashiro In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you use Katashiro to absorb souls to exchange for goods. At first, the game gives you a couple of free Katashiro for the firs...

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

The first marketing email was sent in 1978, resulted in $13 million in sales, and kicked off what has become one of the most highly used marketing channels even to this day.

Given its early beginnings, email isn’t as shiny as some newer channels like messaging and social, but it is an effective way to build an owned audience that gets results.

Download Now: Email Marketing Planning Template 

RuTracker Found Itself Unblocked in Russia So Immediately Blocked Itself

Infamous Russian torrent site RuTracker is one of many pirate sites that are permanently blocked by the Russian authorities for failing to remove copyrighted content. However, when the site suddenly became accessible again this month, RuTracker took its own measures to block Russian users.

From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

Exploring Usability Principles of Efficiency and Self-evidency in Product Development

It was in the final semester when I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in psychology that I first heard the phrase, ‘User Experience Design’. Having no prior knowledge about the field, I applied for an Read more

The post Exploring Usability Principles of Efficiency and Self-evidency in Product Development appeared first on ixBlog.

FaZe Clan unveils public Board of Directors, Stephanie McMahon among names announced

North American esports organisation FaZe Clan has revealed its new public Board of Directors.  In total, ten directors have been named. This includes the likes of Lee Trink, CEO and Co-Founder of FaZe Clan, Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and rapper Snoop Dogg.  RELATED: Snoop Dogg joins FaZe Clan as […]

Adafruit IO WipperSnapper adds TSL2591 Light Sensor Support #NoCode #IoT

We’ve added support for the TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Digital Light Sensor to the latest version of Adafruit.io WipperSnapper, our no-code IoT platform. This light sensor is super handy for Internet-of-Things projects where you’ll need to detect and/or log light ranges (this sensor can detect from 188 uLux up to 88,000 Lux).Simply wire this sensor up to your […]

IR Remote Transforms to RF

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Most consumer remote controls operate using infrared light. This works well assuming the piece of equipment has a line of sight to the remote. But if you have, say a …read more
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11 TED Talks Every eCommerce Entrepreneur Must Watch in 2022

Starting an online business always seems a bit intimidating at first, especially since there is a whole market you’re competing with. However, a bit of inspiration goes a long way, especially when the source of insights is the experts themselves. It’s always comforting to know that there have been other people in your shoes, and […]

The post 11 TED Talks Every eCommerce Entrepreneur Must Watch in 2022 appeared first on The 2Checkout Blog | Articles on eCommerce, Payments, CRO and more.

Guide: When Is the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase?

Dates, times, and what to expect.

When is the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase? GamesRadar+ runs its very own video game show every now and again, and the latest of these is right around the corner. While we know some games that will be present, much of the showcase remains a mystery. So, what can we expect from the Future Games Show? In this handy guide, we'll run through all the details you need to know.

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Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Beginner’s Guide – Tips And Tricks

When playing Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, your main goal is to find and kill Chaos. While that might seem simple when I put it like that but actually doing it is a bit complicated. There are plenty of game mechanics and systems that you need to know about in order to progress the […]

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Adafruit Weekly Editorial Round-Up: Why circuit boards are green, Adafruit QT Py ESP32-C3 WiFi Dev Board, 3D Printed Heel Clips, & more

ADAFRUIT WEEKLY EDITORIAL ROUND-UPWe’ve got so much happening here at Adafruit that it’s not always easy to keep up! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Each week we’ll be posting a handy round-up of what we’ve been up to, ranging from learn guides to blog articles, videos, and more.BLOGWe celebrated Pi Day with a weekend […]

Today’s Wordle answer #273: Saturday, March 19

And a handy hint for the five-letter puzzler.
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