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How Did Esports Become a Stadium Event?

Decades ago, if you had proposed the idea of tens of thousands of people gathering in a stadium-like arena to watch teams sit at...

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Intellectual Property Rights and Esports — Sheppard Mullin

Daniel Schnapp and Samuel Cohen, from law firm Sheppard Mullin‘s Esports & Games Industry Team, write for Esports Insider to discuss how intellectual property rights work in esports. Global esports revenue surpassed $1 billion and the worldwide esports live streaming audience grew 12.7% year on year to 747 million people in 2021, according to Newzoo. […]

Houston Outlaws to host The Battle for Texas Rivalry OWL tournament

Overwatch League franchise Houston Outlaws, owned by Beasley Esports, has announced it will host the fifth edition of The Battle for Texas Rivalry Overwatch League event.  The season-opening event, which will feature Houston Outlaws against the Dallas Fuel, is set to take place on May 6th at the new Tech Port Arena in San Antonio, […]

Shredders — Is it worth it?

Shredders Worth It 1It’s been a long time since the Tony Hawk games set the standard for and dominated extreme sports gaming. There have been several snowboarding franchises over the years that have attempted a frozen twist on the established formula. Shredders is very much an indie game and it had to cut some corners, which it doesn’t even try to hide — instead blatantly lampshading in spots. I was able to put a couple of hours into it, although my progress was stifled by a very high bar as far as tricks are concerned. But the question stands: is Shredders worth it? Shredders, believe it or not, has a story with characters, voice acting, and a lot of humor. Cutscenes frequently accompany the missions and I often found myself laughing at the dialogue. The game’s writing is honestly quite funny. You play as the second half of a YouTube channel named Shredageddon (a name the game itself occasionally derides) alongside your partner, the lovable idiot Scotty. You and Scotty are scou...

Does a salary floor help MLB’s parity issue?

A salary floor is a concept which has long been suggested for Major League Baseball. The NBA operates with a floor and a cap,...
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Ubisoft Drops Tom Clancy Name From XDefiant as More Factions Announced

Ubisoft is dropping the Tom Clancy name from their upcoming […]

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Which altcoins will take center stage in 2022?

Tag Template - News Hub PRO Investors believe Bitcoin will stand its ground this year but in the altcoins world, some rising stars are brimming with potential.

Ubisoft to reset passwords after cyber security incident

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"There is no evidence any player personal information was accessed or exposed," Ubisoft said.

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Highest Paid Gamers in 2022

With the rapid and powerful rise of esports, more individuals are seeking a career in the industry with each passing day. Typically, young and avid gamers will seek out a career as an esports professional long before they will a ‘traditional’ career path. It’s one of the most accessible industries for a gamer with talent, […]

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J Moses joins GRID Esports as Strategic Advisor

Esports data platform GRID Esports has announced that Take-Two Interactive Director J Moses has joined its advisory board as a strategic advisor. In his new role, Moses will look to support GRID as it introduces the GRID Data Platform to the gaming sector. He will also dedicate his efforts, alongside GRID, towards educating game publishers […]

Item 9 Labs Corp. Launches Reg A+ Public Offering & Keep Cannabis Local Campaign

PHOENIX — Item 9 Labs Corp. (OTCQX: INLB)–a vertically integrated cannabis dispensary franchisor and operator that produces premium, award-winning products–announced today the launch of its global, streamlined Regulation A, Tier 2 […]
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