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How Hoops Association proves that having “game” in the NFT space means more than just digital utility.

Nowadays, if you haven't at least heard of NFTs, well…you most likely are living under a rock. But with so many NFT projects focused on sports, what differentiates one project from another? Hoops Association is bringing old-school, real-life benefits to NFTs and wants to show Basketball fans what the crypto space can truly do for them (beyond just collecting fun GIFs)

Hoops Association is a collection of 10,000 unique ERC721 Hoops NFTs designed for basketball lovers, by basketball lovers. Conceived by Maso Rich, (Mason Richman) the art producer of the sold-out Golden State Warriors NFTs, Hoops Association is developing a basketball-centric club where members can participate in exclusive Association experiences and benefits.

But why is the Hoops Association different from other projects? Well to start, Hoops Association is your one-stop-shop for all-things basketball – on the blockchain, in the metaverse or in real life. The vibrant, active community has drawn fans on the cutting edge of sports and technology and is hosted by a team committed to keeping the project strong and the vibe going! This includes community competitions such as HOOPS MADNESS (Hoops' March Madness competition complete with AMAZING prizes), AMAs and Spaces with influencers in the basketball and crypto communities, and all the basketball news and conversation you can imagine!

And the real-life utility proves this isn't your usual NFT art collection! Each Hoops NFT comes with bonuses designed to benefit holders IMMEDIATELY. This includes:

  • Ticket Concierge services
  • Exclusive discounts on NBA tickets
  • Converse/Engage with NBA players

If that wasn't enough, in collaboration with Adam Richman and his company Medium-Rare, the team behind Shaq's Fun House, the Hoops Team is already curating the Association's first IRL event, Hoops Fest!

To top it all off, the project already boasts a fully-doxxed team of top-tier talent! 

Ali Rahmoun, the Art Director for Hoops, is the artist behind the sports design startup SportsTemplates. His 3D sports template designs have been used by over 10 NBA teams, ESPN, and many other design professionals in sports. 

Talent rounding out the Hoops team roster includes AJ Rompza, basketball trainer by day and viral TikTok star by night, and Crissa Jackson, the 13th woman to play for the legendary Harlem Globe Trotters with over 15M followers across social media. These two sit at the top of an ever-growing list of basketball influencers supporting the project. 

Hoops NFTs will be minting in the next 4 weeks - a celebration of March Madness and just-in-time for the Playoffs. Whether you love basketball, are interested in the NFT space, or just need an AMAZING Father's Day gift for this year, you will not want to miss Hoops Association's first drop! It's your membership pass and investment to the future of basketball.

For more info visit: https://hoopsassociation.com/ or join the community on Discord

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