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MEXC Global lists $MYST by Mysterium Network, a cryptocurrency to fight growing internet censorship worldwide

Switzerland, 14th July 2022 Major cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has listed $MYST token by Mysterium Network, the Swiss-based Web 3.0 company challenging the $30 billion...

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The Truth about Single-Use Gloves

For employees working in the cannabis industry’s licensed facilities, disposable or single-use gloves are a prerequisite for handling the plant. Especially for those working in the cultivation and processing sectors, […]

Barton Creek aims to disrupt traditional PE growth strategies with new firm launch

North Carolina-based private equity house Barton Creek Equity Partners has teamed up with marketing firm Varda Partners to launch a new firm to offer B2C c-commerce companies options for growing.

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Biden Warns of Incoming Russian Cyberattacks Against the US

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President Joe Biden on Monday warned of Russian cyberattacks against the US — making his most prominent alert yet about what he called new intelligence regarding the Putin regime’s plans. “The more Putin’s back is against the wall, the greater the severity of the tactics he may employ … one of the tools he’s most […]

Defi Will Disrupt Finance Says 44% of Bankers

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A survey of 205 lending institutions by Fannie Mae reveals few bankers know of blockchain, those that do, plan to adopt it within four years, and they have a lot...

Brisbane Airport runway maintenance to disrupt noise pollution trials

An aerial look at Brisbane Airport's domestic and international terminals. (Brisbane Airport)Brisbane Airport’s two runways will undergo heavy maintenance later this week, which will temporarily pause ongoing noise improvement trials, Airservices Australia says.

Meet the founder of Onoco

We spoke to Margaret Zablocka, founder of Onoco, about her motivations behind building Onoco and exciting plans for the future. 

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AR Tech Could Disrupt The Gambling Industry

Who needs luck when you have technology? A new video featuring a unique AR (augmented reality) filter is turning heads online and kickstarting discussions around the impact of immersive technology on the gambling industry. First spotted by Futurism, the video showcases an AR overlay capable of providing an estimated win percentage in a game of […]

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Could Algorand be the Future of Blockchain?

Could Algorand be the Future of Blockchain?

What is the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency? That’s one of the most common questions on the minds of many crypto investors or enthusiasts. While many believe Bitcoin will become the world’s reserve currency, others predict privacy coins like Zcash will take over. But there may be another contender who could be one of the biggest blockchain technology breakthroughs. That is Algorand, an innovative platform based on proof-of-stake algorithm and security deposits. A Review of Smart Contracts What is a smart contract, really? It is a computer program that controls financial assets or property and executes exactly as programmed. It’s to digitally facilitate, verify or enforce negotiation or performance of an agreement. So, there is no need for a third party (like a bank). Essentially, the intention is to replace trust in humans with trust in code. But what does that actually mean for you and me in practice? How will smart contracts change everything for blockchain technology? How do we decide which ones are best for our own needs—whatever they may be? Let’s take a closer look at some potential use cases of blockchains when it comes to smart contracts. ​ One of the most useful applications of smart contracts in decentralized file storage. For example, suppose someone wants to store data on IPFS but can only commit small amounts of money at a time due to constraints set by their employer or university. A simple algorithmic script running on the blockchain allows them to store that piece of data on IPFS without actually owning any cryptocurrency while still gaining credit for other contributions made during their workday. In this way, everyone involved gets access to decentralized storage without needing any cryptocurrency​ themself! How does Algorand Work? Algorand is a new blockchain architecture that focuses on solving several problems that exist in existing blockchain models. The primary goal is to achieve security guarantees like those run by classical Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithms. However, unlike PBFT and Tendermint, Algorand requires just 16 nodes to agree on every block. Furthermore, it does not rely on third-party services to run its network. This implies that no single party may withhold service, disrupt processes, or manipulate results without majority consent. Simply put, there’s no way for a bad actor to take advantage of their position and tamper with data. Furthermore, each node validates all transactions locally and must decide on each one independently before acting. Even if an attacker temporarily controlled several of Algorand’s sixteen consensus participants, he would have minimal leverage. His ability to perform future transactions would be limited. He wouldn’t have access to information about prior transactions until they were recorded into blocks. Therefore, he would be unable to predict their effect on his reputation score reliably or otherwise corrupt them. The Problem with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Cryptocurrencies The problem with cryptocurrencies is that they don’t scale. For example, Bitcoin currently carries out 7 transactions per second, while Ethereum can only handle 15. This means that you can’t support a truly global economy with either cryptocurrency as a foundation, not even on a regional level. Many other cryptos are attempting to fix scaling problems. However, few have gained enough popularity for their use cases even to matter yet. And if the use of cryptocurrencies isn’t widespread, how will businesses or governments fully use them? Or do we want them to make full use of them? Besides, all of these cryptocurrencies run off some form of blockchain technology. So there must be something better than blockchain technology for us to get true scalability and better usability. The Problems Algorand Identifies From Other Blockchains There are two core problems concomitant with today’s blockchain applications: scalability and security. Scalability is a matter of size related to how many transactions per second an application can handle. On the other hand, security is a big deal for financial institutions and companies who don’t want careless sharing or compromise in sensitive data. Traditionally, having multiple computers confirm every transaction addresses these issues. The idea is to create redundancy by dividing those transactions among several devices rather than one mega computer. Then, if something goes wrong on one device (or gets hacked), others pick up where that device left off. That strategy has some pretty serious limitations, though. First, because everyone needs to process every transaction, scalability remains on a tight leash no matter how many computers you add-in. Another issue is that only one group can process all those transactions. It’s not very private when everyone knows exactly what everyone else is doing. And finally, there’s latency or lag time. As more people join a network, it takes longer for your transaction to appear as part of that network. This is because each computer must first verify everything before adding its approval on top of everything else. That makes … Continued

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Become the Whale in One Click

blueCryptocurrency, while unpopular at first, has made waves into the mainstream market. Crypto whales, those who buy large amounts of ...


📕 Why “Growth At All Costs” is Dead; Combating Disruptive Competitors; How to Think Strategically…

Welcome back to The SaaS Playbook, a bi-weekly rundown of the top articles, tactics, and thought leadership in B2B SaaS. Not a subscriber yet? ⚰️ It’s still early in the year, but the majority of software has taken a beating thus far as rates rise and geopolitical tensions increase. But Orlando Bravo (Managing Partner of Thoma Bravo) and his portfolio are doing just fine, as he’s always championed fundamentals and profitability over high cash burn for a shot at hyper-growth. In a recent sit down with Delivering Alpha,

RBI seemingly wants to ban cryptocurrencies, but not for the reasons you might think

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It appears the root cause of concern is the potential for digital assets to disrupt the rise of India as a global power.

Laser-induced nanobubbles safely ablate vitreous opacities in vivo

Nature Nanotechnology, Published online: 17 March 2022; doi:10.1038/s41565-022-01086-4Vitreous opacities, which are collagen aggregates that form in the eye and cause vision impairment (eye...
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