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Digital Assets

If you ask most people in crypto what a digital asset is they usually reply that it covers everything in crypto. For over a...

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Loans: How They Work & When to Use Them

Many individuals take on debt to pay for things they otherwise couldn't afford, to cover an unexpected need, or make a big purchase, like...

Overview of the Ripple lawsuit

With the development of cryptocurrencies, the core of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s concern has been determining whether digital assets should be classified as...

The 3 Steps To Filing A Complaint With An HR Department

Expecting a totally peaceful and harmonious workplace that is never stressful is not realistic. When you have lots of different people in the same...

9 CRM use cases other than Sales Automation

A robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software should be able to cater to many parts of the business, permitting each department in your organization...

Top Characteristics that Make a Great CFO

Over the years, enterprises all around the globe have been keeping up with the eternal and fast-changing business environment. A reliable leader is crucial...

The things you don’t know about the world of online casinos

Even though land-based casinos in some countries continue to be gathering hubs for some players, their online counterparts have become much more popular. This...
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Online Assessment Software: How It Can Help HR Save Time

As of 2021, there were 7.2 million job openings in the US alone. In a month, there were over 6 million hires. This might...

Frequently Asked Questions About HIPAA Violations

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has been active since 1996. It required the development of national standards to safeguard patient privacy. Under...

What is calvados and how to enjoy it in French?

Calvados is one of the most famous apple brandies in the world and is produced in a specific region of France called Lower Normandy....

Mining Capital Coin CEO Indicted for Masterminding $62M Crypto Ponzi Scheme

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Mining Capital Coin CEO Luiz Capuci Jr is indicted Friday for orchestrating a scam that defrauded investors around the world of about $62 million, according to the U.S. Department of Justice (Read More)

Bill Regulating Crypto Mining Submitted to Russian Parliament

Bill Regulating Crypto Mining Submitted to Russian ParliamentA draft law tailored to regulate cryptocurrency mining has been filed with the lower house of Russian parliament, the State Duma. The legislation provides a legal definition for the extraction of digital currencies and envisages the establishment of a register for miners. Russian Lawmakers to Review Legislation Enforcing Rules for Crypto Mining Sector The draft […]

DOJ anti-trust push creates fresh concerns for banks, large fintechs

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is ramping up its anti-trust efforts, creating new challenges for large fintechs entering traditional bank spaces. The DOJ has recently brought forth several criminal cases challenging wage fixing and “no poach” talent agreements between large companies. While these cases were not fintech-specific, growing non-bank financial institutions will likely face similar […]
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