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Seed & Smith Internships Offer Pathway to Cannabis Industry Jobs

With cannabis legalization efforts continuing to succeed across the United States, the need for skilled workers in the legal weed industry continues to grow....

Brand Relations: Creating the Story

During the early days of legalization, consumers were enthusiastic about purchasing an eighth of dry flower in a baggie. Over the past decade, their...

Opinion: The Evolution of Cannabis in California

Talk about an OG! For more than 100 years, California has been the epicenter of American cannabis production. In 1910, with scarcely more than...

Should  Psychedelics Be Part of Your Long-Term Strategy?

Given the current state of the world, missing a significant shift in the zeitgeist when it comes to psychedelic medicine would be forgivable. But...

SAFE Banking has ‘perfect opportunity’ to pass in Congress soon, says legalization leader

SAFE Banking has 'perfect opportunity' to pass in Congress soon, says legalization leader | Leafly ...

News Fix: Cannabis Industry Reaches New Highs

It’s April 20, which means cannabis enthusiasts around the country are celebrating what Ronald Reagan once called “probably the most dangerous drug in the...
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Cannabis Control Division spokeswoman paid $125 an hour under no-bid contract | Local News

Generating positive press about New Mexico’s burgeoning recreational cannabis industry is a high-dollar endeavor. The state’s new Cannabis Control Division ... Read More

State: Moldy products recalled from Sacred Garden cannabis stores | Local News

The state agency overseeing New Mexico’s cannabis industry announced it has recalled moldy products found on the shelves of a ... Read More

Viola and Allen Iverson Partner on New Cannabis Launch “IVERSON ’01”

The cannabis industry in Michigan is expanding as new strains and businesses are hitting the State’s market. With more than ... Read More

These 6 Core Skills Make Veterans Ideal Cannabis Employees

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The cannabis industry increasingly realizes the value veterans bring to cannabis organizations. ... Read More

MATTIO Communications and Madison Fiore Launch MATTIO+FIORE, A Best-In-Class Performance Marketing Agency for the Cannabis Industry

NEW YORK — MATTIO Communications, one of the longest-running and the largest cannabis marketing services firms, today announced the launch of MATTIO+FIORE Media, a new cannabis-focused paid media and performance marketing […]

What Are Some of the Weirdest Things You Can Smoke Out Of?

The creativity that surrounds the consumption of cannabis is astounding. Whilst some people are happy to simply roll up their bud in a joint or place it in a vaporizer, other people want more. Perhaps if cannabis had been legalized around the world earlier, then people wouldn’t have found so much joy in new and […]

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