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Thales EVP Yannick Assouad’s comment piece on LinkedIn: ‘The vital importance of “cybersecuring” aviation’

"We are living in an increasingly connected world and aviation is no exception to that trend. Whether in the cockpit, in the cabin or...

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Pirelli unveils its first-ever replacement tire for EVs: the All Season Plus with Elect marking

Pirelli, the Italian tire maker, announced today the introduction in North America of its first-ever replacement tire for electric vehicles: the P Zero All Season Plus with Elect Marking. The Elect marking on Pirelli’s tires indicates several distinct advantages. First, the tire has low rolling resistance, which increases driving range and reduces energy consumption, making […]

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From Bolts to Bots: How AI Is Fortifying the Automotive Industry

AI technology is becoming an integral part of many industries. The automotive sector is a prime example. Global automotive companies are expected to spend $74.5 billion on AI by 2030. From the early days of the automobile, back in 1901, the automobile has never stopped evolving. The rise of industrialization led to the automobile becoming […]

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Independent Study Indicates Bombardier’s Impact to Canadian Economic Growth in 2021 was Estimated at $5.7B in GDP

Bombardier contributed $5.7B to Canada’s GDP, as well as 33,276 in full-time jobs in 20211 Bombardier spent $1.9B on goods and services provided by suppliers across Canada, of which 400 were located in Québec and 240 in Ontario3 Between 2022-2025,…

Delta takes delivery of its first Airbus A321neo

Delta Air Lines marked the latest milestone in its fleet renewal and expansion efforts with the first delivery of its newest narrowbody, the Airbus A321neo, on Wednesday. Delta expects to welcome 26 state-of-the-art A321neos to its fleet this year, with a total of 155 purchase commitments through 2027. “By adding the latest and largest Airbus […]

American Airlines and JetBlue introduce enhanced perks for Loyalty Status members

American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are elevating the travel experience for their most loyal travelers, with new perks for AAdvantage® and TrueBlue Mosaic status members when traveling on either airline. It is the latest round of customer benefits made possible by the airlines’ innovative Northeast Alliance (NEA). Starting today, when checking in for an American […]

Air New Zealand to fly nonstop to New York

Air New Zealand has announced its first, nonstop flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to New Zealand’s Auckland International Airport. Starting September 17, Air New Zealand will offer direct flights from New York to Auckland, celebrating the airline’s continued commitment to growth, with JFK being its seventh North American airport. This […]
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Air Canada Announces the Acquisition of 26 Airbus A321neo Extra-Long Range Aircraft

State–of–the–art, single-aisle aircraft offers greater comfort and range Projected fuel efficiency gain of up to 23%, yielding environmental benefits Order drives corporate priorities to elevate customer experience, expand network and lower costs MONTREAL, March 22, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – Air Canada today announced it is acquiring 26 extra-long range (XLR) versions of the Airbus A321neo aircraft.…

Fortnite NPCs: Chapter 3, Season 2 – All Locations

A new season of Fortnite means a new population of NPCs to meet and greet--or sometimes defeat. On the island right out of the gate with Chapter 3, Season 2 are 24 NPCs ranging from returning heroes to brand-new ones. Many of them offer unique weapons, perks like storm circle information, and items for sale, so aside from simply filling out your collection, you'll want to meet them all as soon as possible so you can know where to find some of Fortnite's best gameplay items. Here's where to find all Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 3, Season 2.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 NPC map

There are 24 NPCs on the island currently. While some are just where they were last season, many more are in new places, or have never even been in the game as NPCs until now. As usual, not all NPCs are available in every round. Some groups of NPCs rotate in and out in places like Camp Cuddle and The Joneses, for example. We've made it clear which ones will be trickier to find as a result of variable spawn rates. Use our map below to help locate all NPCs for related challenges, items, and to read their lore-heavy dialogue.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 NPC locations
  1. The Origin - At the northern end of Sanctuary
  2. The Imagined - Can be found at one of several Seven Outposts
  3. The Visitor - At Launchpad, northeast of Sanctuary
  4. The Scientist - In the garage at Synapse Station
  5. Agent Jones - Can be found at one of several Seven Outposts
  6. The Foundation - Patrolling the south-central region of Sanctuary
  7. Bunker Jones - In The Joneses; not present every round
  8. Ludwig - In The Joneses; not present every round
  9. Brainiac - Walking a dirt path west of The Joneses; not present every round
  10. Mullet Marauder - In The Joneses; not present every round
  11. Jonesy The First - In The Joneses; not present every round
  12. Cuddle Team Leader - In Camp Cuddle, inside the northernmost cabin near the wood bridge
  13. Metal Team Leader - In Camp Cuddle, inside the metal cabin; not present every round
  14. Cuddlepool - In Camp Cuddle, inside the red cabin; not present every round
  15. Quackling - In Camp Cuddle, inside the yellow cabin; not present every round
  16. Guaco - In Greasy Grove, hiding in an attic of a yellow house
  17. Lil Whip - In Coney Crossroads, hiding in a room in a white house
  18. Bao Bros - In Condo Canyon, hiding inside a motel
  19. Tomatohead - In Tilted Towers, hiding in a tall building near the soccer field
  20. Mancake - In Rocky Reels, hiding below the movie screen
  21. Peely - In The Daily Bugle, hiding in the central newspaper office
  22. Gunnar - Inside Command Cavern patrolling at ground level; hostile
  23. Huntmaster Saber - Inside the Airship flying above Command Cavern; hostile
  24. Doctor Slone - The Fortress, patrolling outside the massive drill

The reason so many NPCs are in hiding is that they are a part of the Resistance, the group of loopers who have taken up arms to drive out the Imagined Order. These heroic NPCs have formed makeshift operating stations complete with Seven tech in small, easy-to-miss rooms where the IO hopefully won't find them.

Also note which NPCs are hostile, as they'll shoot you on sight. However, this also means they each drop Mythic weapons, which are unique and can only be equipped by one person at a time, as there are no duplicates. As for the NPCs at The Joneses or Camp Cuddle, remember that they won't all spawn in every round.

At The Joneses, you'll usually be missing one or two versions of Jones in each round, while at Camp Cuddle, just one of the three NPCs in small colorful cabins will spawn in each round--alongside the everpresent Cuddle Team Leader--so you'll need to pass through several times until you meet everyone. Agent Jones and The Imagined, meanwhile, both spawn at any Seven Outpost, though they don't seem to spawn at the same one in the same round, so this look does require a bit of luck.

As more NPCs arrive on the island this season, we'll update our list and map so you can meet them quickly and fill out your collection book once more. For more on Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, check out our guide to the new weapons, map changes, and the battle pass.

Alpine A4810 Concept Imagines Hydrogen-Fuled Supercar From 2035

The cabin looks futuristic and has lots of red accents.

Delta Air Lines to Raise the Salaries of Around 75,000 Employees by 4%

This season, Delta Air Lines is upping more than just ticket costs. Employees at the airline have reportedly received a wage raise, according to reports. The wage boost will be given to over 70,000 Delta employees worldwide, marking the first […]

British Airways raises £898,000 for Red Nose Day 2022

British Airways has made this announcement: British Airways has raised over £898,000 for Red Nose Day this year, bringing their total funds to over £26 million for Flying Start, through its global charity partnership with Comic Relief that first began in 2010. This is thanks to the generosity of its customers who have donated on […]

Cabin Crew Applications From Fired P&O Ferry Employees Will Be Prioritised by easyJet

P&O Ferries operates ferries between the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The corporation provoked controversy on Thursday when it dismissed 800 employees via video connection, notifying them that it was their final day […]
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