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Looking back at what 2021 uncovered, one thing is clear: virtual reality is one of the most important aspects that will shape our future. Nonetheless, it is essential also to know which projects are the ones that will strive in this novel worldwide paradigm! ASTATE is an aggregator, a community that uses a real-world economic system that can potentially change augmented reality experiences on a grand scale. As a result of this system, ASTATE can meet the demands of a wide range of market sectors. Moving forward, ASTATE intends to deliver a single free augmented reality technology that enables you to live a 3D quality experience contextualised in the surrounding world. 


One of Astate World's objectives is to build the world's greatest database of 3D Major Metropolises, which will be recorded on the blockchain, being practically indestructible and everlasting. At ASTATE, they want to deliver a first-of-its-kind virtual reality experience for the cryptocurrency community, bringing users together in a single immersive and engaging setting inside the confines of major metropolitan areas throughout the globe.

When it comes to the VR Expérience, this new immersive world inhabited by avatars and 3D objects must enable its users to engage in virtual interactions that are as deep as those experienced in real life. ASTATE will harness the power of the world's most powerful real-time 3D Creation Engine to generate spectacular visualisations and a superior user experience for its customers. 


After logging into Astate World inside the MetAstApp, the user will be needed to build their own customised avatar from a variety of configurable combinations and give their avatar a name. Once a user has created their avatar and claimed their unique name, this information will be uploaded to your MetAstApp account. With high-level software engineers that are responsible for the design, testing, and implementation of software applications. In addition to participating in all phases and areas of software development, full-stack engineers will be engaged in architectural design, performance assessment, code review as well as internal tool management.

The greater the number of users who use the platform, the greater the number of NFTs purchased and sold. Astate world will generate the NFTs with a monthly production limit, which will be determined by city and sector. In addition, they will make the tourist attractions and historical landmarks of the world's greatest cities available at all times and from any location.

It is possible to see all of this in virtual reality with the Astate programme, and you can also build a community by adding the ability to collect shops and goods, which are all exchangeable in the form of NFT. Members will be able to expand and contribute even more material due to scarcity and exchanges, and so on. Furthermore, all NFTs will be redeemed solely on our platform and using the currency $ASTAT (astate token).


Through Astate, users may virtually discover the world's major sites, streets, and locations from the comfort of their couch. In this COVID-19 setting, this is a simple method to study and travel the globe.

Users will be able to entertain and connect with their peers through a totally realistic, first-person view of a virtual reality environment, as well as customise and personalise their avatar. 

In addition, members will be able to go to the top shopping districts and access their favourite establishments. Additionally, brands will be able to connect with users and offer virtual items (for example, a pair of virtual shoes for your avatar) as well as genuine goods or services (online sports classes, etc.) 


The native token of ASTATE is called ($ASTAT), and those who have it will be referred to as ASTATE holders (Astatens). To guarantee that their project is scalable and that investors of all sizes may participate, the ASTATE Token ($ASTAT) has been constructed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Inclusion, decentralisation, and efficiency are essential to this project, which is why they launched our public sale on Pancakeswap v2 in the first place. The whole team will make every effort to ensure that this project becomes an essential component of the Binance ecosystem. 

Moreover, ASTAT is a token with limited availability. Everything that will ever exist has already been produced in the form of tokens. For this reason, we believe in a genuinely fair and decentralised society, and therefore ASTAT was launched entirely fair, with no presale and no team tokens. Pancakeswap received 50 % of the total amount of ASTAT tokens, with the remaining 50 % being burnt by sending them to the burn address. The ownership of the contract has been surrendered, and liquidity has been restricted at Pancakeswap. Besides, the community entirely drives the ASTATE TOKEN.

Overall, the primary objective of the ASTATE platform is to enable the intersection of supply and demand for every digital asset that may be exchanged on the platform. All transactions are managed via $ASTAT tokens, and the smart-contract guarantees that decentralised assets are exchanged at the end of each transaction. 

Discover more about this innovative project by reading more on ASTATE's website:

King Forever Announces an Entertaining Decentralized Ecosystems

The game is founded on the belief that gamification shouldn't just be a gimmick. Motivated by creating games that above all, are fun and easy to use, KING FOREVER emphasizes the importance of generating value through fun to attract players beyond the die-hard crypto trading industry.

An RPG-style game on the Binance Smart Chain, KING FOREVER is a standalone and innovative platform that delivers a gaming experience and top-notch interfaces that allow gamers to have fun while producing profits.

A community-driven, automatic yield generating hyper-deflationary token created on the Binance Smart Chain, don't confuse kingforever with other shit-coins/meme coins just because it is a hyper-deflationary token, the team behind the token loves the idea of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing games (MMORPG) and cryptocurrency as they both have the ability to disrupt barriers and build global communities. Kingforever implements multiple cutting-edge cryptocurrency mechanisms such as seamless yield generation through reflection, automatic liquidity pool, deflationary tokenomics, and more.


Kingforever strives to be the largest adventure role-playing game ever to be built on the Binance Smart Chain, to play the game you will need the $KFR, kingforever token- a solid utility token with manual highlights and burns. $KFR has been carefully designed to be an ideal investment that will grow exponentially in the upcoming years along with new utilities over time because of the continued development to make $KFR the perfect coin.


After a lot of extensive research, kingforever identified several issues with existing yield generation tokens and has come up with a solution for the same,

Centralized control?

The king believes in Decentralized governance: Most of the tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain are controlled by a small team of people. Investing in such projects requires you to put your trust in the team and most of the time you don't even know how they look, you only hear their voices on Voice sessions they host, all in all, their identities are anonymous to the public. Even if they do disclose their identities to the public, they hold the keys to the contract and can manipulate certain parameters or even drain the liquidity in turn rugging the project, leaving investors at the mercy of developers just doesn't sound right, so what's different with $KFR? First and foremost the team behind kingforever is doxxed, which means their identities are publicly known and secondly they have already released a roadmap that gives insight into how they plan to fully decentralize their protocol, they have developed their smart contract in such a manner that it is fully ready for decentralized governance.

Security threats are the least of your worries: Since most of the tokens launched in the Binance Smart Chain space require the investors to trust that the contract owners don't pose any malicious intent since BSC is known for most of the scams that happen in the crypto space.


With a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, $KFR is subjected to a total tax of 13 percent which further breaks down into 3 percent holder rewards, which means that 3 percent of every transaction is redistributed to the token holder. That means you can earn more $KFR just by holding them in your wallet, 2% percent will be used for manual buybacks, 4 percent will go to the marketing, and the rest of the 4 percent will be used to stabilize the liquidity pool, furthermore, the initial liquidity is locked for  3 years.


The team behind $KFR has planned it from the start that the kingforever will be undertaken by decentralized governance once the token is self-sustainable and fully developed. The team has implemented multiple safeguards, the owner of the contract that is the team is publicly doxxed, there are no pre-launch sales, and half of the liquidity is locked. The second half of the liquidity is not permanently locked due to upcoming near-future developments like a new decentralized exchange (DEX). Timed locking will allow the team to re-evaluate the landscape at timed intervals to see if any changes are required, any planned changes will be voted on for investor's approval. If no changes are required, the wallets will be locked again immediately. Other than that $KFR will be audited by Certik or Tech rate.


Website: https://kingforevertoken.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/kingforevrtoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kingforeverbsc

BSC Next Gem DogyRace will be listed in Hotbit on Dec 17

DogyRace was launched with the mission of bringing the world of betting to NFT games. Mixing the bets with the security and transparency of NFT and cryptocurrencies, in this way everything is easier and safer to everyone.

Next 17th at 10 am UTC + 1 DogyRace native token will be listed in hotbit.io. After raising almost 500k in its IDO, DogyRace will open the doors to its first CEX after the successful launch of its token ($DOR) on November 23rd

Hotbit is scheduled to list DOGYRACE (DogyRace) on Global Section. Deposit function launches at: 2021.12.17 07:00 AM UTC
Trading function launches at: 2021.12.17 09:00 AM UTC
Withdrawal function launches at: 2021.12.17 09:00 AM UTC


Since Hotbit has previously launched DOR, its token name is the same as this token name. In order to avoid confusion when users mention the transaction, Hotbit will name the DogyRace token DOGYRACE.

DogyRace consist of 3 parts:

*Dogs - Unique dogs that are different from other breeds, you can improve their strength, speed and even their appearance with cards.
*Bets- The players who do not participate in the race will be able to place their bets at the ticket offices depending on the performance of the dogs in the last races, the games will be public so that you can enjoy with the rest of the players that you can find in the telegram channel @dogyracenew.

*Canodromes-Dog races have always been host in canodromes, where dogs compete for the first place. We have implemented the option for players to buy these canodromes and be able to take a commission for each race.
Each canodrome will have its own rules that will be implemented by its owner and in this way the races will be much more customizable.

Web: https://dogyrace.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dogyrace 

Medium: https://dogyrace.medium.com/ 

Public Chat: https://t.me/dogyracechat

Announcements: https://t.me/dogyracenew

Sekuritance RegTech Ecosystem Completes its First IDO of Aimedis, an eHealth Platform to Upgrade the Healthcare System and User Satisfaction

-  Sekuritance (https://www.sekuritance.com/), the first multi-dimensional RegTech ecosystem delivering compliance-as-a-service, today announced the completion of a successful Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for Aimedis (https://aimedis.io/). Aimedis partnered with Sekuritance to launch their $AIMx token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on November 25th, 2021 via the Sekuritance portal, leading to an 3x oversubscription from its initial $200,000 USD raise amount.

Aimedis, the eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, plans to revolutionize the medical world by introducing the world's first healthcare platform with an integrated medical and scientific NFT marketplace. The platform will be complemented by the $AIMx native token, which will be launched with Sekuritance's blockchain regulatory solution support. The platform will ultimately guide and direct patients and caregivers into a medically approved social network, helping them avoid fake news by enclosing data in closed loops with hospitals, research facilities, pharma companies and AI companies for transparency and convenience. Additionally, it will offer a new revenue stream while transforming how medical data is gathered, distributed, evaluated and monetized. 

 “This was the first, but definitely not the last of IDO Public Sales for Aimedis that we helped promote to hundreds of participants, helping them reach their hard cap within just a couple of hours for the public sale of $AIMx,” said Jonathan Camilleri Bowman, CEO of Sekuritance. “I would say this was a foot in the right direction for Sekuritance's journey into the world of IDOs.” 

The $AIMx token will enable governance on future decisions within the platform, social and medical metaverse and the NFT Marketplace. Two percent of the total existing $AIMx tokens will be burned five years following the initial IDO via the Sekuritance platform. After five years, decentralized governance will decide about the continuation of the burning program. 

Aimedis concurrently completed an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) via ProBit Global, which similarly sold out in record time.

“We are proud, happy and thankful to announce that both the IDO and IEO closed successfully, selling out all rounds in no time; and the IDO with Sekuritance was oversubscribed multiple times,” said Michael J. Kaldasch, Founder and CEO of Aimedis. “We are glad to have such a dedicated and great community behind us.”

While Sekuritance delivers compliance, regulatory transactions monitoring and identity management to individuals and business corporations, it has only recently released its platform. Since then, its compliance-as-a-service solution has already helped launch 25+ public sales, 40+ private sales and has verified over $70M utilizing it's KYC/AML Sekur.Transact engine, the proprietary compliance technology working to integrate Sekuritance technology with third-party launchpads. The Aimedis (AIMx) launch was the first launchpad that Sekuritance aided solely, without a third-party launchpad, helping the token pretty much launch itself by utilizing their compliance ecosystem.

For more information regarding Sekuritance, please visit https://www.sekuritance.com/. To learn more about Aimedis please visit https://aimedis.io/.

About Sekuritance

The Sekuritance RegTech provides a single platform for every eGRC need, including end-to-end AML, KYB, KYC, Onchain Analysis, vendor management, beneficiary onboarding, investor check, card processing MFA checks, blockchain wallet checks, cyber-risk assessments, and other RegTech and Business Process Management requirements.

About Aimedis

Aimedis - an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, which has been developed since 2017 and released in the current version 2020 for web, iOS and Android. Aimedis combines all relevant eHealth applications such as health records, video chat with doctors, appointments, prescriptions, second opinions, wearables, medical social media communication, eLearning, a unique medical and scientific-pharmaceutical NFT marketplace, while displaying all relevant operations in a private blockchain, visible and transparent for the patient. The Aimedis platform also contains dedicated tools for professionals like the Aimedis Virtual Hospital information system and online rehab, integrating VR/AR into the process of rehabilitation.

Bogged Finance expand their DeFi tools offering to the Polygon Blockchain, beginning with BogSwap and BogCharts

Bogged Finance — the most actively used Decentralized Finance (DeFi) trading tools suite on Binance Smart Chain has announced the start of their cross-chain expansion today.

BogCharts and BogSwap, the core DeFi products of Bogged Finance, are now available for millions of Polygon blockchain traders and crypto enthusiasts.

Bogged Finance, which according to DappRadar has processed $249.5M of transactions in the past month, stated in their Medium post: 

“In true DeFi spirit, we wish to provide our tools on as many different chains as possible, to give cryptocurrency traders the ultimate freedom from centralized exchanges.” 

They then announced that to begin this process, they would be making BogSwap, and BogCharts available on Polygon.

BogSwap tool enables DeFi traders to exchange (swap) various tokens, similar to how one would trade cryptocurrencies on a traditional centralized exchange (CEX). However, BogSwap takes advantage of decentralized exchange platforms (DEX) to put the process in the trader's hands. For example, one could exchange BUSD, a pegged US Dollar token, for wrapped Ethereum, exactly the same as one could spend Dollars to buy Ethereum on a CEX, except the trade happens in a completely decentralized manner, ensuring that trader gets exactly what they pay for, without any trading fees. 

Drawn by the security and transparency, cryptocurrency traders have been flocking to DeFi trading, as shown by the explosion in usage of popular chains like the BSC and Polygon. However a common complaint, according to Bogged Finance, is the lack of availability of trading tools popularised by CEXes, like accurate price charting, limit orders, and stop-losses.

Bogged Finance have endeavored to bring these tools to traders, and successfully done so on the Binance Smart Chain. Today marks the start of their efforts to expand to other DeFi communities. Polygon blockchain users will now be able to use BogSwap to exchange their digital assets. The BogCharts, which currently attracts over 2 million monthly BSC visitors, will allow them to monitor and analyze the real-time price data of Polygon tokens.

According to their website, they forgo traditional methods of charging for services. While basic functionality, such as charting and trading, is free, users can hold the platform's native cryptocurrency token (BOG) to access more advanced features, such as portfolio tracking and trailing stop-losses. This unusual method of payment is being adapted by many DeFi platforms as native tokens can be used to give holders more control over a platform, through a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

For example, if Bogged Finance wanted to enact changes to how their platform worked, they could put this to a community governance vote. This makes the platform more suited to the needs of its users. Another benefit of the “hold to pay” model is that long-term the BOG holders can get compensated through a process called Staking.

Models such as these are a reason DeFi is truly breaking the mold on old notions of how a financial institution could operate. Whether this will revolutionize the financial world or not is for time to tell, but Bogged Finance certainly does their best to shake things up.

EternalDoge: The New Dogecoin-based Token on the Binance Smart Coin

EternalDoge becomes the newest Doge-based token to enter the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Its name originates from the basis that Dogecoin is eternal since it lies on BSC. The previous Doge token varieties to get into the market were the likes of babydoge and minidoge. 

EternalDoge Features 


Holders are rewarded 3% of EternalDoge on transactions to give back to their community. The project strongly hopes that the community will stay loyal and hold strong as the community grows.

Dev and Buybacks

The project uses a buyback mechanism. It uses 3% of the profits to buy back some tokens and burn them. The process will help support the growth and stability of the token. Ultimately, it will reduce the token supply making it more attractive to investors.

Eternal Reflections

EternalDoge transactions get charged a fee distributed among holders of the token. 3% of the transaction fees go into internal reflections.

Liquidity Pool

1% of the token goes into the eternal liquidity pool. The pool will allow users to buy and sell crypto on decentralized exchanges without the need for centralized market makers. Also, it will provide liquidity, speed, and convenience.


  • Total Supply (100%): 1,000,000,000

  • Presale: 35%

  • LP: 24.01%

  • Airdrop: 23%

  • Exchanges and Development: 10%

  • Team: 7.29%

  • Unicrypt Fees: 0.7%

What is Next?

EternalDoge is in the second phase of development. During the first phase, the presale marketing, contract deployment, listing on the Pinksale platform, and the official launch of the token have been successfully concluded. 

The second phase involves post-marketing, Twitter, and Telegram Growth in that order. The majority of the marketing will take place at this time. After all, marketing is the primary focal point of any crypto project to bring more investors to the platform. 

The third phase will involve an application for audit and listings. Also, there will be further EternalDoge growth. We can expect more details on what will happen from the announcements on their social media.

About EternalDoge

EternalDoge is a crypto with a fanciful side. The reason is, it is an offspring of its "father" Doge. The token rewards its users by distributing back 3% of the transaction fee to its holders. By holding, you can be sure to earn more EternalDoge over time. 

Notably, EternalDoge has an ample supply and low price. Over time, when the marketing is launched and fully operational, the price may grow. However, the token has a fixed supply, and a proportion will be bought and burnt to reduce the supply. Consequently, the value will increase over time. 

You can get more information on the token in their:

Latest and Biggest Metaverse GameFi— Spirit Land — debuts on Binance NFT

Recently, Spirit Land, a multiplayer on-chain Metaverse SLG game, made its debut on Binance NFT Marketplace. The first 1,000 unique collectible NFTs were sold out in 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

According to the official introduction, a total of 10,000 NFTs based on the Binance Smart Chain will be sold before the game launches. The issued NFTs will function as collectibles, along with NFT stake mining that will start in January 2022. In the future, these NFTs can be used for in-game battles. NFT holders can also share an extra 20% of the royalties of other players trading in the official NFT market.

The Spirit Land game consists of two parts, farming and card battling. Players could participate in farming by providing liquidity, and through taking care of the farm, the players are eligible to obtain the Spirit Functional Fruits which can be used to buy NFT mystery boxes. After a bunch of NFT battles, players who rank top in each season will get more advanced rewards.

The Spirit Land gitbook introduces the background of the game and plans for future versions. After version 1.0 is officially launched in the second quarter of next year, a brand-new version of Metaverse is expected to start testing in the third quarter of next year. In this Spirit Metaverse, players can join different camps, produce, build, fight, form alliances, socialize, and so on. Various new functions and gameplay will give players an immersive experience.

As a new game, many people in the industry say that spirit land has great potential, not only for its cute style of design, and rare spirit themes on the market, but also because it is a completely DAO-oriented game, and all revenue comes from play2earn. So it will show its talents in the field of Metaverse.

All details in https://spiritland.io

Hierocoin BAR to Empower the Hip-hop Industry with a DAO System

Hierocoin aims to create a platform whereby artists and the hip-hop community can leverage blockchain technology to secure their hard earned returns.

Why Heirocoin Is Banking on DAO

Hierocoin represents a digital token that targets to transform the music industry. It is an innovative platform built by Brooks Boyd. The project came to life in 2014 through Jonathan Owens as a beta version. It launched in December 2021 after years of research and tests.

Hierocoin's DAO will enable users to design policies which favor the entire platform. The DAO system implements the set rules where no third-party will become involved. 

The structure could also deal with power-related issues since there will be collective participation from the community. 

What Heirocoin Represents

Hierocoin borrows its name from the legendary music group known as Hieroglyphics. The platform, however, guarantees that it doesn't associate its milestones or failures with Hieroglyphics and Hieroglyphics LLC. 

The project's native asset is known as BAR and runs on the Binance Smart Chain. BAR's primary use case aims at building a DAO system that supports market scarcity of the token. 

Farming is the second use case that allows investors to stake coins and receive rewards in return. Besides, individuals can use BAR in the Hiero farms to generate more BAR tokens. The users' staking amount and the pool's staking rates will have an impact on their rewards. 

According to the platform, the Hierocoin Bar token's goal is to help embrace art and promote upcoming artistic projects.

Users can also spend their BAR tokens on Hierovr.com, the project's metaverse world. Hence, BAR acts as a regular currency that enables users to shop and encounter several experiences in the metaverse. 

It further supports a gaming network whereby players participate in completing quests for hidden tokens and is able to bridge virtual items with real-world purchasing.

BAR has a total supply of 93M and a circulating supply of 3,207,200 tokens. The initial liquidity amount accounts for 50M BAR together with another liquidity contribution of 33,810,000. 

The distribution chart also dedicates 9M tokens to the Hieroglyphics music group. Lastly, airdrops and Hierocoin use 300,000 BAR and 7,500 BAR tokens, respectively. 

Hierocoin's Recent Presale and Auditing Spells Success

The project successfully held its presale which began on 25th November to 8th December, 2021. BAR is currently available for purchase on  PancakeSwap. KYC and auditing procedures provide startups with security for their investors. 

Hierocoin therefore has two auditing reports from popular security firms known as SolidityFinance and OpenZeppelin. 

An additional KYC examination was done by SolidProof, a German-based firm offering blockchain security solutions. Carrying out both procedures gives users a sense of trust and security in their investments. 

NFTopia seeks to solve NFT’s gas problem

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have had a breakout year in 2021 as they went from relative obscurity to being a regular topic of conversation on investment news and barreling into household conversation as celebrities from Snoop Dogg and Grimes to Twitter's Jack Dorsey got in on the craze. However, along with the wild amounts of money being invested in digital art, there has occurred another conversation about the amount of energy utilized in minting, distributing and trading NFTs; a new venture seeks to bridge that divide. 

Designing a More-Ethical Marketplace

NFTopia, a new NFT marketplace set to launch on December 31st is set to reduce the emissions required to mint, or bring into existence, NFTs. As a cross-chain digital art exchange—set on Layer 2 on Ethereum—NFTopia also integrates NFTs of Solana, Cardano, and Binance Smart Chain in one, easy-to-use, (almost) gasless environment. NFTopia operates on Ethereum from a private node and layer-2 blockchain which reduces the amount of gas required for a transaction to nothing, just so long as the transaction is within the network. In addition to the transactions, the exchange will feature an array of tools for NFT creators, including a gasless minting function, the ability to transfer verification between networks, and API integration to make all transactions that much smoother.

To promote the launch of the new platform, the team is staging a presale season, wherein each prospective investor may buy up to 85k TOPIA tokens throughout the four periods. In addition, the developers are holding an airdrop contest for those of whom who would like to get in on the ground floor, but aren't quite ready to invest. These contests invite community members to bring new users into the fold, either by generating referrals or creating memes and short films. 

Making Dreams into Reality

As for after the launch, the development team was tight-lipped but could not completely hide their excitement, saying of future partnerships with artists: “we're not comfortable with dropping names right now, but we're in talks with the top artists across Solana and Ethereum right now. Every day our dream is coming closer to reality, and we will publicize when deals are cemented. Our plan for the year is to become the place for NFT-related activities across all networks. Whatever the market requires within the next year, we want to be there to provide it.”   

The presale period for NFTopia began on December 9th and is available for purchase through the Ethereum network.

To explore the launch schedule and whitepaper for NFTopia, please check out their website. To keep up with updates, follow them on Twitter or Reddit, or connect with the team on Telegram.

Disclaimer: All investment strategies and investments involve the risk of loss. Nothing contained in this article should be construed as investment advice. Any reference to an investment's past or potential performance is not, and should not be construed as, a recommendation or as a guarantee of any specific outcome or profit. 

OnlyCam set to revolutionise the online entertainment industry with an erotic NFT’s platform

December 2021 – As the first NSFW independent company that uses a unique utility token for payments - $ONLY, OnlyCam is changing the customer and creator experience for the better. This $ONLY token is designed to “empower the content creators and reward content consumers across the OnlyCam network.”  

“$ONLY is operating on the Binance Smart Chain; the transactions are fast to execute, have small gas fees, and are even environmentally friendly”

There are many benefits to using $ONLY. Not only for the content creators but also for consumers. OnlyCam will be the only online platform that allows its users to purchase adult content with a custom $ONLY token. Consumers will have the ability to buy exclusive NFTs with their tokens. Creators will be able to mint custom-tailored NFTs to users as per their request, which will enable a new and exciting way for fans and content makers to interact with each other. It will also allow a faster and more secure method of managing subscriptions and payments. By being a token holder, consumers will have their voice heard during the development of the OnlyCam project. They will be able to join discussions, submit ideas, and participate in the expansion of the OnlyCam network, as a thank you for participating, consumers will receive $ONLY tokens when engaging in some of these activities.

Content creators can also be paid using the $ONLY token. The main benefit of creators using $ONLY is that it cuts out all unnecessary transaction fees. Most major processing companies do not support adult content creators, and those who do offer support, often charge large fees for transactions within the NSFW industry. This in turn, directly affects the ability of other platforms to offer content creators better terms. OnlyCam has a very little gas fee on transactions on Binance Smart Chain, and transactions are instant which will mean that content can be sold without any difficulties. [BD2]  OnlyCam puts the creators in charge of their revenues by giving them control of their production, distribution, and connecting them directly with their consumers.

OnlyCam ensures that $ONLY is a functional, stable, and profitable utility. Each time a token holden makes a transaction on any of the OnlyCam platforms, every token holden on the network receives 3% of the transaction straight into their virtual wallet. As well as this, every token holder on the network receives part of the redistribution fee of 2% on every transaction that happens within the network straight into their wallet. As well as this, 2% will be added to the liquidity pool and 1% will be burned.

This will ensure that the value of the $ONLY token is kept as stable and as profitable as possible for all token holders.

About OnlyCam
OnlyCam is an online NFSW entertainment ecosystem that is revolutionizing the way content is consumed. OnlyCam aims to tackle the big issues faced by the adult industry by providing sustainable, and profitable solutions, for both content creators and consumers.

Find out more about the project: https://only.cam/ 

Join the community: https://bit.ly/3Gt6O1S

Binance Joins $200 Million Fund For Blockchain Gaming Projects

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has partnered with gaming software firm Animoca Brands to launch a $200 million fund to invest in the metaverse. As part of Binance Smart Chain’s $1 billion Growth Fund, each company will put forth $100 million to target early stage blockchain-based gaming projects on the BSC. “Gaming is one […]

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Rudolph Coin Goes Live and Delivers First Cashback Rewards

Rudolph Coin ($RUDOLPH) went live and started paying rewards to token holders. The event marks the release of the Christmas-themed token offering cashback in BUSD. The project had already paid $171,655 to its coin holders at the time of writing.

Additionally, Rudolph Coin aims to test the emerging NFT market. Soon, the team will announce plans for an NFT-minting feature and airdrops of rare non-fungible tokens. Until then, the project will donate to charity as part of its Christmas merchandise sale promotion.

Rudolph Coin in a Nutshell

$RUDOLPH is a hyper-deflationary token with the automatic distribution. Investors can purchase and hold onto it for up to 9% cashback rewards. The Rudolph platform pays these gains in BUSD, the native coin of Binance Smart Chain, directly into the holders' wallets.

The Rudolph Coin project was launched at the beginning of November 2021 as part of a wave of Christmas-themed tokens. And, while its development continues, the protocol went live on the last day of November. Recently, $RUDOLPH obtained successful listings on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, which rewarded it with a 2,500% value surge.

The coin features a taxing mechanism that takes 15% of each transaction and distributes it like this:

  • Holders Rewards - 9%

  • Liquidity Fees - 2%

  • Buy Back/Burn - 3%

  • Marketing Wallet - 1%

Every time the system registers a BUY, SELL, or TRANSFER transaction, it redistributes 9% of it to token holders. This way, users can earn passive income without extensive trading.

Additionally, the Rudolph team is offering milestone rewards as a bonus:

  • $2,500 will go to 1 lucky holder when the asset reaches $2.5 million in market cap. 

  • $5,000 will go to 1 lucky token holder when the asset reaches $5 million in market cap.

Charity Donations

Rudolph Coin celebrates the upcoming holidays by selling branded merchandise on its website. Next, it will donate all the revenue from the sales to the "Feed the Children" charity organization. Furthermore, the Rudolph team will match the amount generated from merchandise sales and donate the same amount.

Rudolph will reward all investors by doing a giveaway of 10 BNB in rewards to holders holding 0.5 BNB worth of tokens. 

Future Rudolph NFT Plans

The Rudolph team is working on a P2E (play-to-earn) game that will involve non-fungible tokens. The developers will work with artists to create rare NFTs and airdrop them to their most loyal token holders. Furthermore, players will mint their own NFTs within this game.

For now, $RUDOLPH holders can play Magic Forest, a P2P mobile game, which recently added Rudolph as a playable character. This collaboration between Rudolph Coin and Magic Forest should increase the token's popularity and attract more investors.

The Rudolph Team is available at:

Website: https://rudolphcoin.cash

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinRudolph

Telegram: https://t.me/rudolphcoinofficial

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