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Spool launches its Smart Vault tool to radically simplify risk-managed yield portfolio creation

Created to alleviate DeFi investment obstacles, Spool’s flagship service empowers individuals and institutions to easily build diversified, risk-adjusted yield portfolios that are auto-compounding and...

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After Buying $500 Million Of Bitcoin, What Will Luna Do With It?

Luna has purchased more than 11,700 bitcoin, worth about $520 million, to build a reserve for its stablecoin UST. But what does that mean exactly?

Color Theory: Everything You Need to Know about Color Themes

Colors influence consumers’ shopping experiences, from what they purchase to how much they spend. Read on to understand the basics of color theory and how different colors affect potential consumers.

The post Color Theory: Everything You Need to Know about Color Themes first appeared on Ecwid | E-Commerce Shopping Cart.

DIY Cannabis Tea: It’ll Sooth What Ails You

Everyone wants their weed these days, with all different ways to consume the plant. Some want to smoke it, some want to eat it in edibles, some only want to vape it, some take their bong hits, some rub it on their skin, some put oil under their tongue, and some swallow down tinctures or […]

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GBP/USD Price Posts Gains Above 1.32 Ahead of UK Retail Sales

GBP/USD trades above intraday high and posts largest one-day gain in three days. On stable yields, the weak session in Asia triggered a market consolidation. The UK and US PMIs were mixed, while Ukraine’s earlier risk appetite favored the bears. The UK retail sales for February, Fedspeak, and Eurogroup meetings will be important for tracking … Continued

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Gold – Will it soon test record highs again?

Is there still great demand for safe havens and inflation hedges? After a period of consolidation, gold prices have been rising again in recent days, hitting a 10-day high in the process. This comes even as central banks signal an aggressive tightening cycle this year to combat soaring inflation and risk appetite remains healthy as […]

Open Book Extracts Announces Completion of Largest Randomized Controlled Trial of Rare Cannabinoids for Pain

ROXBORO, N.C. — Open Book Extracts (OBX), a cGMP-certified manufacturer and distributor of the industry’s most innovative and highest quality cannabinoid ingredients and finished products, today announced the completion of its first […]
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10 Ways Cannabis Can Enhance Your Day

10 Ways Cannabis Can Enhance Your Day

Cannabis isn't just for getting stoned. Here are 10 ways it can help you live your best life.

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Best Strains For Eating Out

There are some cannabis strains that don’t just give you the munchies but also focus the brain and enhance the senses. So here are some of the best fine dining strains. 

The post Best Strains For Eating Out first appeared on Cannabis Seeds News.

Rolaz Group Announces the Launch Date of their IEO and Listing

The team at Rolaz Group is pleased to announce to the financial community that it has set aside a date for its token IEO and listing on P2PB2B and Coinsbit. The IEO will kick-start from April 1 at 00.00 GMT and run until May 31 with a 30% discount on P2PB2B. The token listing will take place on June 1 on P2PB2B and COINSBIT exchanges. Rolaz Group is the world's leading asset management firm that uses digital technologies to create immersive experiences for traders and investors. 

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About Rolaz Group

Rolaz Group is an international holding company and asset management firm that's well established in Europe, the United States, and South America. They are known for leveraging the latest digital and Defi technologies to find the best available investment opportunities for maximizing returns on all stakeholder's investments—this is the key behind their success.

The Rolaz Hedge Fund

In a nutshell, the Rolaz Hedge fund is the first tokenized hedge fund that will be powered by its own blockchain decentralized investment protocol. It has introduced a tokenized product, Rolaz Gold (rGLD), which has each token backed by actual gold. This revolutionary step is expected to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry thanks to what it brings and its one-of-a-kind secure, 360° financial ecosystem.

rGLD aims to help users facilitate their access into the hedge fund industry. With the rGLD token, users can get early access to projects high on potential.

The Rolaz business model and protocol

The Rolaz business model is centered around a pretty simple idea: To introduce Defi technology to the world hedge funds to improve the performance rate for all involved investors.

As for their protocol, it's called the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol. It is currently under development and the Rolaz team plans to have it fully functional by the end of this year. This protocol will be essential for everything that works within the Rolaz Ecosystem. It will be designed and developed in a way that will allow it to orderly tokenize different investment assets to allow investors to navigate through different investment markets, including the gold market, real estate, fintech, and more.

The Rolaz project was born based on the idea to create an ecosystem that can protect the assets of the users. To help get the technological wheels rolling in the hedge fund industry, Rolaz introduced the revolutionary rGLD—the first asset issued by the Rolaz hedge fund, tokenizing the already operational gold mining projects.

The Rolaz Gold (rGLD) Token

rGLD is a token that's used to power the Rolaz Group ecosystem. This asset-backed token was developed in September 2021 to deepen Rolaz Group.

Gold NFT Marketplace

The team at Rolaz is also working towards the development of a Gold NFT Marketplace, it will be the FIRST of its kind and will open up various opportunities for the users.

The features of rGLD token

The Rolaz Group token comes with the following features:

ROI From Different Investments

Stakers, those who commit their tokens to a liquidity pool for a specific period, will generate revenue from multiple investments. rGLD offers several staking opportunities, including the ability to tailor their portfolios based on their risk appetite.

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/rolaz-gold/


P2PB2B: https://p2pb2b.com/token-sale/392


P2PB2B: https://p2pb2b.com

COINSBIT: https://coinsbit.io

Social links

Telegram: http://t.me/rgldcommunity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rolaz-Hedge-Fund-108899818093256
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/74515823/

Media contact

Company: Rolaz Group
E-mail: support@rolaz.io
Website: https://rolaz.io/

COVID Brought Attention To Early Childhood Education. Here’s How Investors Are Responding.

One thing the pandemic has made clear, many experts say, is that families with young children need more support than they’re getting. The shuttering of ...

Maple Finance Originates $1B of Loans in 10 Months

Maple Finance

The crypto lender's CEO reveals plans for a institution-sourced lending pool for crypto miners

The post Maple Finance Originates $1B of Loans in 10 Months appeared first on Blockworks.

Oil dips, gold consolidates

Oil slightly pares gains after Monday’s surge A 7% surge in oil prices on Monday was always going to be difficult to sustain and today’s modest declines are a reflection of that. Whether fueled by the prospect of an EU ban on Russian imports, Chinese lockdowns being less economically restrictive, or the dimming prospects for […]
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