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How Apache Iceberg Works with Partitioning?

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction Apache Iceberg is an open-source spreadsheet format for storing large data sets. It is...

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Back up and restore Kafka topic data using Amazon MSK Connect

You can use Apache Kafka to run your streaming workloads. Kafka provides resiliency to failures and protects your data out of the box by replicating data across the brokers of the cluster. This makes sure that the data in the cluster is durable. You can achieve your durability SLAs by changing the replication factor of […]

Best practices for right-sizing your Apache Kafka clusters to optimize performance and cost

Apache Kafka is well known for its performance and tunability to optimize for various use cases. But sometimes it can be challenging to find the right infrastructure configuration that meets your specific performance requirements while minimizing the infrastructure cost. This post explains how the underlying infrastructure affects Apache Kafka performance. We discuss strategies on how […]

Run Your Own Server for Fun (and Zero Profit)

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It seems there’s a service for everything, but sometimes you simply learn more by doing it yourself. If you haven’t enjoyed the somewhat anachronistic pleasures of running your own server …read more

Load and transform data from Delta Lake using Amazon SageMaker Studio and Apache Spark

Data lakes have become the norm in the industry for storing critical business data. The primary rationale for a data lake is to land all types of data, from raw data to preprocessed and postprocessed data, and may include both structured and unstructured data formats. Having a centralized data store for all types of data […]

Make data available for analysis in seconds with Upsolver low-code data pipelines, Amazon Redshift Streaming Ingestion, and Amazon Redshift Serverless

Amazon Redshift is the most widely used cloud data warehouse. Amazon Redshift makes it easy and cost-effective to perform analytics on vast amounts of data. Amazon Redshift launched Streaming Ingestion for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, which enables you to load data into Amazon Redshift with low latency and without having to stage the data in […]

Log4j and Livestock Apps: APT41 Wages Persistent Cyberattack Campaign on US Government

The group's attack methods have included exploits for a zero-day vulnerability in a livestock-tracking apps as well as for the Apache Log4 flaw.
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Log4j and Livestock Apps: China’s APT41 Wages Persistent Cyberattack Campaign on US Government

The group's attack methods have included exploits for a zero-day vulnerability in a livestock-tracking apps as well as for the Apache Log4 flaw.

Build a serverless pipeline to analyze streaming data using AWS Glue, Apache Hudi, and Amazon S3

Organizations typically accumulate massive volumes of data and continue to generate ever-exceeding data volumes, ranging from terabytes to petabytes and at times to exabytes of data. Such data is usually generated in disparate systems and requires an aggregation into a single location for analysis and insight generation. A data lake architecture allows you to aggregate […]

Automate Amazon Redshift load testing with the AWS Analytics Automation Toolkit

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, widely popular cloud data warehouse that powers the modern data architecture that empowers you with fast and deep insights and machine learning (ML) predictions using SQL across your data warehouse, data lake, and operational databases. A key differentiating factor of Amazon Redshift is its native integration with other […]

CISA Adds Another 95 Flaws to its Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) this week added 95 more security flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, taking the total number of actively exploited vulnerabilities to 478. "These types of vulnerabilities are a frequent attack vector for malicious cyber actors and pose significant risk to the federal enterprise," the agency said in an advisory

After a Busy December, Attacks on Log4j Vulnerability Dropped

While attackers and researchers shift their attention to the next new vulnerability, security teams make sure they finish patching vulnerable Log4j versions in their applications and services.

Most Cybersecurity Vendors at Risk Due to Internet-Exposed IT Assets

Study shows more than 97% have exposed assets on AWS — among a wide range of other issues.
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