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50 Call-to-Action Examples You Can’t Help But Click

Think about all the times you've signed up for things in your life. Did you once download Evernote? Dropbox? Spotify? Maybe you've even taken a class on General Assembly.

Each one of these signups is likely a result of an effective call-to-action (CTA).

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17 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make More Creative Slideshows [+ Templates]

Creating a great PowerPoint presentation is a skill that any professional can benefit from. The problem? It’s really easy to get it wrong. From poor color choices to confusing slides, a bad PowerPoint slideshow can distract from the fantastic content you’re sharing with stakeholders on your team.

DoD estimates $2.5 billion price tag for global constellation to track hypersonic missiles

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A $550 million congressional add-on in 2022 would only be a down payment to kickstart the deployment of a 28-satellite constellation of infrared space sensors in low Earth orbit

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Here’s How to Find if WhatsApp Web Code on Your Browser Has Been Hacked

Meta Platforms' WhatsApp and Cloudflare have banded together for a new initiative called Code Verify to validate the authenticity of the messaging service's web app on desktop computers. Available in the form of a Chrome and Edge browser extension, the open-source add-on is designed to "automatically verif[y] the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web code being served to your browser," Facebook said 

Just Flight is developing a solution to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s wonky traffic models

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Delta Tail A330Microsoft Flight Simulator boasted a variety of features back when it was initially revealed, like the inclusion of real-time, real-world air traffic data. And while the functionality is certainly present, its representation isn’t the greatest in its current state, with missing liveries and very basic traffic models that don’t represent the real flights they’re trying to emulate. Asobo has made promises to fix it, but that hasn’t quite happened yet. As more and more people flock to the sim, the calls for a more “authentic” looking experience are growing louder. Now, popular add-on maker Just Flight is currently in the process of cooking up a solution to the matter: a new add-on called FS Traffic.   Variety like a pack of candies According to a post, FS Traffic will “add tens of thousands of real-life commercial flight plans from different time periods, giving full worldwide coverage of commercial airline traffic sourced from the same su...

Best PS5 Headset 2022

Whether you're looking to experience Tempest 3D Audio or just get better surround sound on the PS5, check out these gaming headsets.

Muse Set to Launch a VR Compatible EEG Headband

The device is slated to arrive in Q2.
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Lost Judgment PS5, PS4 Expansion Adds Four Story Chapters

A new case.

Lost Judgment is about to find a four-chapter story expansion, as SEGA has announced the Kaito Files for release on PlayStation 5 and PS4 from 28th March. The pricey $29.99 add-on – which will be included with the Season Pass and, thus, the Ultimate Edition of the crime caper – will see you “play as the muscle of the Yagami Detective Agency, Masaharu Kaito, and take on a new case that ties up loose ends of his past”.

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Podcast: Meet the person putting wheelchairs in D&D

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It was during a lecture they probably should have been listening to that Sara Thompson doodled the Dungeons & Dragons Combat Wheelchair on the back of a textbook. They'd been talking about it for a while, the wheelchair, irked by a game that offered players limitless freedom to be whoever they wanted but still struggled to fully represent them. So they did something about it.

A few years later, that Combat Wheelchair add-on for Dungeons & Dragons is on a third edition, spans dozens of pages, and has reached right around the world. It got the attention of writers working for D&D maker Wizards of the Coast, inspired bespoke miniature models and was featured by mega-popular Critical Role host Matt Mercer.

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(Update) Netflix The Cuphead Show ‘renewed for second season’

Pour one out (Update: Well, I guess that explains the fast turnaround I mentioned. Numerous tweets allege that the “renewed...

The post (Update) Netflix The Cuphead Show ‘renewed for second season’ appeared first on Destructoid.

Services Help Buyers Make All-Cash Offers For Next Homes

As all-cash offers become more common, new services are sprouting to let regular home buyers dependent on mortgages to make their own offers exclusively in cash.

Farming Simulator 22’s Free Environmentally Focused DLC Will Launch on 19th April

Farm friendly.

It’s important for us all to shoulder the burden of climate change, and the agricultural industry is no exception. Initiated by farming manufacturer John Deere, and led by EIT Food and the European Union, new technological innovations in farming are helping the industry to reduce their overall impact on the planet. And you’ll be able to explore these yourself, as part of a free Precision Farming update for Farming Simulator 22 on the PlayStation 5 and PS4.

“The DLC will add crop sensors and variable seeding and drilling, variable weed control, as well as the variable rate application of organic fertilizer,” developer Giants Software explained. “The new environmental score helps players to increase the sustainability of farms and the yield of crops by choosing smart technology made available with the DLC.”

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Asobo releases the Beechcraft Model 17 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Beechcraft 17 Release 1Soaring in as the first release of Asobo’s new “Famous Fliers” collection of add-on aircrafts is the Beechcraft 17. Hailing all the way from the 1930’s, Asobo and the talented team over at Carenado faithfully recreated this sporty piston prop both inside and out for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also known as the “Staggerwing” due to the offset design of its wings, the Beechcraft Model 17 has the same pomp and pageantry as highly revered vintage cars. It was designed to look sleek and flashy while also being able to pump out some considerable performance and agility thanks to its powerful 450hp Pratt & Whitney engine. It’s essentially like a classic roadster, but with wings. It was even used as a race plane throughout the ’30s, with a special appearance at a race in 1970.   Vintage vanity With a top speed of 202mph and a service ceiling of 25,000ft, the Model 17 wasn’t only one of the fastest planes of its own era, but it ...
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