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Survey and Evaluation of Diopside Nanostructure (DSN) Bioactivity in Biomedical Application


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najafabad university,isfahan,iran



Diopside (DS) is a monoclinic pyroxene mineral with composition MgCaSi2O6. Lately,diopside (DS) has been introduced as a bioceramics due to its best bioactivity and biocompatibility. It has a good strength and toughness than those of hydroxyapatite (HT). In this project, bioactivity of diopside (DS) powder were evaluated and investigated. For synthesized of diopside (DS) powder, magnesium (Mg), calcite (CaCO3) and nano silicium (SiO2) powders was mechanically activate for different times. After that, the prepared powders were blended with ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) and put on various temperatures. In this part, for survey of bioactivity evaluation, the obtained dioside (DS) powders were pressed and immersed in Kukobo solution (SBF)The results indicated that nano-struacture diopside powder with crystalline size is 40 nm. The apatite formation ability,bioactivity and good mechanical behavior make it a good candidate in bone implant materials and open new insights in biomedical applications. In sum up, our findings indicated that nanostructure diopside (DS) bio-ceramic is bioactive and might make an good candidate for biomedical purposes.


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  • Source: http://jnanoanalysis.iautmu.ac.ir/article_541860.html

This Post was originally published on Journal of Nano Analysis

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