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Stealth Power Launches Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) Solution Expanding the Company’s Offerings for Utilities Sector

By combining ePTO, together with idle mitigation capabilities, Stealth is able to offer the most compelling ePTO solution on the market. Stealth’s new ePTO and its current product line of idle mitigation vehicle power systems and mobile power products enable companies to transition to a more cost effective, sustainable fleet. 

“Stealth’s ePTO replaces the need to run an engine to drive existing inefficient hydraulic power take-off systems,” said Devin Scott, CEO, Stealth Power. “We are excited to offer this innovative and highly cost-effective solution for utilities across the country.” 

Battery-stored clean energy powers the Stealth solution, effectively cutting costs, maintenance needs and environmental impact by an impressive margin. Stealth’s ePTO system will vastly improve the efficiency of the vehicle, eliminate unnecessary idle time, save on fuel, and reduce engine and transmission maintenance. 

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About Stealth Power 

Stealth Power designs and builds idle mitigation and scalable mobile power systems that power complex fleet operations into the future. Manufactured in the USA, Stealth Vehicle and Mobile Power Systems are trusted by FDNY, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the FAA to power everything from life-saving medical equipment to remote towers equipped with intelligence sensors. Stealth Power keeps “no fail” equipment on with engines or generators turned off.

SOURCE Stealth Power

Stealth Power Launches Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) Solution Expanding the Company's Offerings for Utilities Sector

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