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State-of-the-art AI at Alibaba is Powered by Xilinx


At XDF China in December 2019, Mr. Jiansong Zhang, Staff Engineer of Alibaba, gave a great talk about AI Platforms and Heterogenous Computing.

Alibaba developed a deep learning stack on top of Xilinx FPGAs including IP, shell, runtime, driver, compiler and models to enable various AI workloads.


This solution features –

  • Optimized and customized hardware design
    • On-chip streaming structure
    • 3D-systolic-array conv. engine which makes full use of DSP carry chain and supertile design @ 600MHz
    • Configurable dimensions of parallelism
  • Resource allocation & task scheduling using a runtime
  • Software-hardware co-optimization in compiler
  • Model parsers for ONNX and Tensorflow

Mr. Zhang also introduced the following 4 key use cases to demonstrate their excellent results.

Case 1: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in Public Cloud Services



Case 2: Edge solution for Smart Retail


Case 3: Private Cloud Service

~7x TCO saving achieved in replacement of CPU servers


Case 4: Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis is an iterative task in which 16,000 iterations are needed to generate one second of audio. NN-based TTS (Text-to-speech) can be indistinguishable from human speech. Alibaba developed a Xilinx FPGA-based solution for real-time WaveNet, a state-of-art NN model for TTS. With the customized autoregressive low-latency IP in hardware and customized on-chip loop implemented in a compiler, they achieved 150x speed-up compared to a GPU implementation!ali5.png


This is another great example of adaptable AI inference powered by Xilinx!

Source: https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/AI-and-Machine-Learning-Blog/State-of-the-art-AI-at-Alibaba-is-Powered-by-Xilinx/ba-p/1076280

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