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Start Your Metaverse Journey by Minting a .METAVERSE Domain: Live Now on Quik.com


NFT domain names are causing a stir because of how they are used in web 3.0, a completely free internet where everyone enjoys freedom, privacy, and many other advantages. Web3 completely changes how the internet functions and how we view it. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, and many other cutting-edge technologies are all used in it.

So how does any of this connect to the metaverse? If such is the situation, then the metaverse is just a modification in the dissemination and consumption of knowledge. The metaverse will likely play a significant role in the web3 and offers you innovative ways to consume info employing modern technological applications. 

Here are the major rationales for registering a .METAVERSE web3 domain on Quik.com.

Quik.com makes it simple to create Metaverse domain names

You only need to go to Quik.com, which offers a straightforward procedure for creating your own .metaverse NFT domain name. To create an NFT domain name for yourself, go to Quik.com and register there. You may then quickly connect your trust wallet or metamask after that. After that, you must type your NFT domain name into the search window after locating the .metaverse TLD. You can easily check to see if it’s available after you’ve located it.

If so, you can mint the NFT domain name by using the mint button to initiate a transaction, which you can then confirm on your cryptocurrency wallet. You now possess your .metaverse domain name.

Metaverse is a new crypto asset class identified by the NFT domain name.

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, NFT domain names represent a new asset class. Crypto domains aren’t governed by a single entity, unlike traditional domains that the ICANN distributes. Under the minting process, they are linked to a single person and are registered on the blockchain. Since they are non-fungible, no one will ever duplicate them.

Until you decide to sell them, they are still yours. If you don’t want to do that, you can always store them in your cryptocurrency wallet alongside any other digital assets.

Decentralized websites on Web3 can be hosted on Metaverse domains

Decentralized webpages can be hosted on the web3 using metaverse domains. You will soon be able to use a Chrome plugin that is part of the Quik.com ecosystem to host a decentralized website on the web3 using the IPFS. Not only that, but you can use the chrome extension to browse the web3. This provides access to the massive online content creation market.

Metaverse domain name earnings even after you sell the domain

In contrast to traditional domain names, there will be no renewal fees for .metaverse domain names. You only need to purchase it once to secure the NFT domain name for your personal use. You will be entitled to a 5 percent royalty on each transaction that uses the specific NFT domain name for all times it is sold since you are the one who created it in the first place.

It is a definite win if you ever decide to sell your NFT domain name. Additionally, Quik.com makes selling your NFT domain name simple for you. To sell your NFT domain name for a set price or through an auction, you must list it on the Quik.com marketplace.

These are a few advantages and justifications for getting a metaverse domain name. As the Quik.com Ecosystem develops and a fantastic business is set to take off, there are several further applications for them to emerge. Why not now? Get your .metaverse NFTdomain name right away at Quik.com.

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  • Source: https://chaintimes.com/start-your-metaverse-journey-by-minting-a-metaverse-domain-live-now-on-quik-com/

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