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Stake Donates 25 BTC Towards Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine


Stake, the cryptocurrency gambling site, has made a striking contribution to the people of Ukrainian with a 25.63 BTC ($1 million) donation. 

In a Tweet announcing the news, Stake commented: “Our hearts go out to all those innocently involved in this tragic conflict. We hope this contribution will go far to aid and support the brave and resilient Ukrainian people.”

The online casino also attached the Bitcoin transaction ID at Blockchain.com: bit.ly/3vN6jgP

Bitcoin Donations

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have played a marked part in the global support for Ukraine. Within the first week of war, over $10 million in Bitcoin donations had been made to Ukraine. The influx of crypto from around the world came after the Ukrainian government announced that they were accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT donations. 

Stake is not alone among cryptocurrency casinos uniting around the cause of humanitarian aid. Bitcasino.io launched a donations campaign at the start of March with the promise to double any donation made. Bitcasino.io’s contribution also went towards the major humanitarian situation developing in the war-torn country.

Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis

Two weeks after the invasion of Ukraine began, tens of thousands of civilians are trapped without food, water, or power. After a number of failed cease-fires, civilians stuck in the most precarious towns and cities surrounded by the conflict are struggling to escape. 

As of March 8, over 2 million refugees have left Ukraine, heading towards sanctuary in neighbouring countries. Poland alone has welcomed 1.8 million people feeling the war. It is Europe’s largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. 

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